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Falling in love with this class

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Decided to start leveling up my DS for the link skills but didn't realize how fun and amazing this class was and decided to make this my 2nd main. Just wondering if bossing (when the unlimited skill ran out and in cooldown), do we just use d.thresh to regain our demon soul? What is the most effective way to maintain the d.soul without using d.thresh?
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e1994010 Level 183 Scania Phantom 4
U DI the whole time and use cerberus i doubt u need to lash that much
Dec 19 2013
kalesko Level 190 Windia Demon Slayer 4
Unfortunately until you recieve your 170 skill and get that hyper for df, you're stuck with spamming demon lash for df. I find the most entertaining way to be simply spamming di while occasionally using that boundless rage when it's off cd. But remember to always debuff mobs with cry for that exp bonus
p.s. if you love ds now, just wait for blue blood.
Dec 19 2013
jhbhan Level 117 Scania Demon Slayer 3
yay another ds! after you put point on max df hyper skill, you can spam di for a loooooong time without it running out
Dec 19 2013
iNaNo Level 205 Reboot Shadower
Its nice to see another Demon Slayer.
OT: As all the people above me said, you will be stuck using Demon Trash until lvl 170, after that when you need to recover DF you will use Cerberus.
Dec 19 2013
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
I don't like classes that can't use any skill any time...
Dec 19 2013
UrHedsOnFire Level 203 Scania Zero Transcendent
DSes are the best. They are one of the few classes that keeps rewarding you until 200. And while my avatar is indeed my Xenon, I have a level 200 Demon Slayer with an inappropriate name that I can't put on Basil. So, Demon slayer wins.
Dec 19 2013
goatman0079 Level 152 Arcania Night Walker 4
Unfortuneately, you must spam ctrl untill you cet the proper hypers. Then all you have to do is use Cereberus CHomp every 5 secs and spam Demon Impact all day. Oh, and always cast blue blood whenever you can. It will knock your socks off!
Dec 19 2013
oakmontowls Level 210 Galicia Demon Slayer 4
or just get a potion pot from the cash shop as they can recover df
Dec 19 2013
or just get a potion pot from the cash shop as they can recover df[/quote]

Sounds great, I will do that for now! And enjoying the class alot.
Dec 19 2013
UnrealAran Level 125 Windia Aran 4
if u like it so much why dont u go marry it
Dec 19 2013
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