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FangBlade, what will become of him?

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4evers1n Level 190 Broa Paladin
Well this is another tread about fangblade, but i just wana talk about it cuz w8ing for the update will take ages.

I played maple when Tiger was hacking and when people yelled "J>pq lvl 25, have steelies" in King Slime pq, and since Fangblade hit lvl 200 and was on #1 of Maple, I though of him as cool character in general; no one knew how he looked like and the maple flag was rather symbolic but now in a couple of hours his memories will most likely fade which is kinda saddening for me. Back when i was around 8 years old, i tried to meet fangblade by tracking but that never worked out lol.
Also people like Korywn, the one who started the biggest family in broa with over 40,000 members will wiped from the top 5 rankings.
Just abit of Nostalgia kicking in but im gonna miss the Top 5 maplers, though its not gonna matter to most people i just though i should mention it.

So how do you guys feel about this?
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how do i feel about this?
i feel like people should let this thread topic die
Jun 20 2013
Old rankings and new rankings
Jun 20 2013
hirrho Level 177 Scania Hayato 4 Revive Guild
Who cares? People will finally stop complanobraging about reaching the current capped level and damage too easily. I haven't achieved either and it's getting increased before I even reach. I'm okay with this because the game has never been just for those two purposes for me anyways. I just want a successful guild and alliance.
Jun 20 2013
CloudKnight Level 114 Bera Xenon 4
There will be two rankings.
Jun 20 2013
ghettobuddha96 Level 60 Windia Marauder
He'll be like tiger, a forgotten legend
Jun 20 2013
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