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awesomecake Level 141 Bellocan Night Lord
Where's the best place to farm ilbis/hwabis?
Posted: April 2014 Permalink


Greendream Level 172 Demethos Shade 4
You can find Hwabi in the Monster Park. Specifically from the Zebra door, in the Robot Factory stage... Hwabi and Steely's both drop there.
Apr 17 2014
zeroorhero9x Level 125 Scania Night Lord
Hwabi - 1 drops every minute in Crimsonwood.
Apr 17 2014
FlushPhantom Level 133 Chaos Night Lord
Hwabis are easy to get in monster park, the last level for the zebra stripe room. As for ilbis, the orange mushmom drops them, but its painfully rare. Other monsters drop ilbis, but hwabis are more common and easier to get.
Apr 17 2014
nc4228 Level 205 Kradia Bishop
I recommend u farm hwabis. They have 1000 per set compared to 800 for ilbis and are much more common. Lvl 70 isn't too hard to reach nowadays.
Apr 17 2014
AlanNgyn93 Level 151 Scania Bishop
Also in Ellin forest, the Primal boars
Apr 18 2014

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