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Farms with A rank or higher monsters

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bevvbs Level 112 Bera Dragon Knight
post in this thread if your farm has A rank or higher monsters. we can use this thread to help ourselves with combining to get higher ranked monsters.
my farm "jommeez" has a bunch of A rank dragons atm.
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Niernen has 15A+ birds, working on an S
May 28 2013
Azzamok Level 214 Scania Bishop
Blarb - 4 A rank slimes/snails, 1 A+
May 28 2013
shot Level 192 Scania Corsair
Farm name: Yoitsu
B, B+, and A Birds.
May 28 2013
Devotchka Level 153 Khaini Blaze Wizard 4
Are farms actually worth doing? Do they benefit you in any way dmg/gameplay wise?
May 28 2013
Ithink some of them can but it expires, so to me that's wasting my time lol.[/quote]

All monsters provide in game stat boosts. You can see the boosts by hovering over the card. Not sure what you're talking about that expires, because Monster Life is a permanent addition to the game.

OT: If you click the book while on your farm it opens a codex that tells you what two cards to combine to create particular monster cards.
May 28 2013
nhan1st Level 167 Nova Marksman

Yeah that's what I thought, so monster life remains useless to me lol.[/quote]

Is it that hard to fuse an A rank with another A rank after 30 days?
May 28 2013
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