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Fast charm exp?

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deadangel13 Level 224 Windia Marksman
+1 -2 czhelms a day for 140 exp (used to be 4 but it got nerfed post Reboot)
-2 or 3 gollux belts and pendants a day for about 200+ exp
-2 cht pendants a day for I dont remember how much
Jan 09 2016
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
I used to get 3 czhelms per czak but now it's only one, same with cHTP. however, you can still get more than 1 zhelms, and each is 50 charm so one run usually gets at least 2 for me so already better than czak, but the exp is a lot worse
Jan 09 2016
icefrappe Level 216 Broa Luminous 4
+1 As most people have stated already, czhelms and chtp have been nerfed to 1 per kill. That said, if you don't care about actual exp too much and just charm, then go do normal zak for up to 2 zhelms per kill and normal ht for up to 2 pendants per kill. Pendants will have to be dropped in horntail's map after equipping before you can pick up another one. On the other hand, you can hold more than 1 normal zhelm in your inventory (unlike czhelms) and I suggest you hold on to them. By learning Alchemy, fuse normal zhelms together for another 50 charm.

As stated above, gollux, perm nx, C/RA, and empress can all yield you charm as well but I think out of that list the most cost efficient method is doing daily gollux runs and RA. There are chances for gollux pendant/belts to drop when you kill gollux's head, and there are chances for the RA bosses to drop their respective hats. Not to mention, cracked and solid gollux pendants, belts and the RA hats are probably the cheapest items with charm to buy from the FM AND you can hold more than one in your inventory which means you can fuse them after they have been equipped to get even more charm.
Jan 09 2016
icefrappe Level 216 Broa Luminous 4
@helpingly: That stinks I usually make all my secondary characters that I think I may play long term, an alchemist to start. Practically speeds up the process of getting to level 30 charm for the pocket slot 1.5x faster. That aside, I think Ranmaru's equips also give charm as well, so just buy out your class ones in FM whenever you see them if they're cheap
Jan 09 2016
hopelessworld Level 188 Mardia Evan 10th Growth
Red Leaf high, whenever it gets here, also sells a pocket slot in the shop. It unlocks your pocket slot without having to go through lvl30 charm and rose clipping.
Jan 09 2016
pinyin Level 107 Zenith Beginner
I do this:
And normal Von Leon once
I exchange the VL coins for gloves and then fuse them. (Collecting the Purification totems is boring af)
Took me a week or so To reach lv 30 charm doing this...
Jan 09 2016
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