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dr4g0ns1ay3r Level 205 Bera Xenon 4
Can be real life actors, drawing, waifus, watever you feel like choosing.

I Just discovered [url=]Tiny Tina[/url].

My god I love her. She's so adorable.

She's like the Insane ver of Toph from Avatar
Posted: July 2015 Permalink


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dragonvard22 Level 162 Bera Blade Master
Katara is bae
Jul 28 2015
dennisb0t Level 13 Scania Kanna 1
Manse Minguk and Daehan.
Jul 28 2015
xdoutcast Level 190 Scania Xenon 4
Tiny tina is pretty great
"Lady got a gut like dynamite and a booty like POW"
OT: My cat
Jul 28 2015
juiceboxes Level 208 Broa Aran 4
Jul 28 2015
tranquil Level 30 Scania Fighter
Dexter from Dexter
Jul 28 2015
dirtymouth Level 180 Bera Dark Knight
Lucy from Fairytail
Jul 28 2015
ilikeanime Level 80 Scania Chief Bandit
Leonardo Dicaprio
Jul 28 2015
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