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Favorite Leauge of Legends Champion

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wert1685 Level 158 Bera Buccaneer
Hey basil , whats your favorite Leauge Champion? Mines Kayle lol
Posted: March 2014 Permalink


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tsubasa128 Level 177 Scania Wild Hunter 4
Mar 23 2014
Kyo1135 Level 210 Scania Dark Knight Boundless Guild
Khazix forever, fell in love with him when i first started playing on release of him
Mar 23 2014
Imaqtpie because he is so sexy.
Mar 23 2014
Olympus Level 135 KradiaEMS Phantom 4
shyvana atm
Mar 23 2014
Ahri all day... don't you trust me?
Mar 25 2014
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