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Favorite animal/Hated animal

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ExBoomZero Level 117 Khaini Jett 4
Whats your favorite OR hated animal?
Reason is optional
Posted: February 2013 Permalink


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White tiger, Reason: Super smexy af.
Feb 08 2013
Favourite: unicorn
Hated: Human
Feb 08 2013
wolfexe Level 155 Broa Kinesis 4
Favorite: Pegasus, majestic.
Disliked: Anything that smells or doesn't know then to buck off and leave me alone.
Feb 08 2013
bleachedguy Level 201 Zenith Zero Transcendent
Favorite animal: Sloth, because its a sloth.
Least favorite animal: Dunno, I guess Rats. Because they're irritating.
Feb 08 2013
Uteki Level 136 Windia Aran 4
favorite : tigers !
not so favorite : crows ...
Feb 08 2013
Wanton Level 197 Bera Shadower See what games, anime & art Wanton is intoWanton
I like wolves and dislike humans I want to be like that lion guy except be a wolf guy.
Feb 08 2013
jasontrn Level 200 Broa Evan 10th Growth
Favorite: Dwarf Rabbits
Hated: Large spiders... when I see a big one in my room I stare with fear and do nothing...fml
Feb 08 2013
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