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Fearless Katara vs Fafnir Rapid Edge

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xxyobixxx Level 191 Broa Hayato 4
So I just made a DB and I acquired a Fearless Katara with 67 att clean (6 above average), 8 slots, and has growth levels. I was wondering if it would be better to perfect this katara as opposed to a clean 81 att Rapid Edge assuming that I'm not going for the RA set effect.
Posted: May 2014 Permalink


Serenoss Level 202 KradiaEMS Night Lord
Shouldn't you scroll the one with the best clean atk?
May 31 2014
xterryxxbuix Level 207 Bera Blade Master
are you planning to go all the way with your db funding wise?
things to consider: fearless cant be transposed to sw, fafnir can, if you plan to not go sw, ignore the little voice in your head because you will end up going sw katara no matter what anyways (assuming you can afford one)
May 31 2014
ArchBlade Level 162 Bera Blade Master
SW katara is the best sw weapon in the entire game and if your going to main a db your going to end up with one. Fafnir would be better since you can transpose it, unlike a fearless katara. However, that being said you should go for an EMP katara since its the cheapest katara you can transpose to an sw.
May 31 2014
TheWaldoITA Level 212 Broa
Im kind of in a similar situation because I want to be able to trade my items (especially a weapon) when Im either done with the character or quitting the game.
Jun 01 2014

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