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Few questions relating to Orchidroid and Heart

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devdill Level 161 Scania Mercedes 4
I really wanted Orchidroid my self so although I knew the heart was not perm I still got it. *No regrets whatsoever*
Just wondering if I can just purchase a perm heart and attach it to the android.
If its possible, what kinds of heart is available? Is it just Lidium or are there more options?
Also, if I get a Lidium heart recipe and create it my self, would it expire or will it stay perm?
And last but not least, what is the difference between a Lidium heart with "(permanent)" and the one without it but still does not have time limit?

That's a lot of questions at once... sorry bout that
Thanks ahead for anyone who answers it!
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Turnnn Level 203 Bera Night Lord
youre welcome for answering
Jul 19 2015
shadowind7 Level 202 Yellonde Battle Mage 4
Can confirm Beryl works for lotusroid, so it 99% probably works with orchidroid
Jul 20 2015

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