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Fighting The Black Mage

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Seatillite Level 202 Broa Bow Master
I really hope Maplestory continues the plot towards the Black Mage's downfall. I really hope we get a TRULY EPIC fight against the Black Mage. I Imagine him to be a boss that comes in multiple stages, each one taking WEEKS to complete. Breaking seals on the Maple World, defeating his new commanders (special interactions with the Demon classes?), defeating super-buffed Chaos Bosses with multi-trillions of HP each (Dorothy x20). Finally, after weeks, possibly months of everyone fighting together, we face the Black Mage himself. For this would be enormous...taking months, if not a year to fight. Give him a Dorothy HP bar (best reference point since it's hard to know what the highest number calculation the program can handle, like how it used to be 2.147b) then give him 100,000...heck, maybe a million of those bars. Make the map a cross world place, where everyone can meet up, and have no time limit on it, and make the map a "Come and go as you please". What if job instructors were there for the fight? Would it be cool to fight along Lady Syl? The Dark Lord? Irena? Mihile and Eckhart? The Empress (we've seen the potential of her power...) may even be present. Fighting fit NPCs may show up (Chunji, Manji) as well as some of the NPCs who take up arms (Utah charging in headlong in makeshift armor and his farming pitchfork). What if monsters who wanted to be free from the black mage's corruption joined the cause? What if Pink Bean (he seems happy go lucky) doesn't want to be controlled by the darkness?

Let your imaginations run wild! I want to see the fight of the black mage to feel like an epic battlefield, where you feel both impactful, but just a part of a bigger cause.
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xtripled Level 33 Scania Fighter
I just want this boss to require a party to kill it and is mathematically impossible to solo within the time frame.
Nov 20 2014
Tampons Level 210 Elnido Evan 10th Growth
i think they abandon the black mage plot sheet a long time ago.
Nov 20 2014
Lecarde Level 161 Windia Beginner Herbs Guild
I just really want to fight alongside the job instructors and Empress. It could be something where if too many of them are killed you lose the fight so you have to "take bullets" for them and such. That would be way cooler than just another meat shield
Nov 20 2014
Lykasei Level 200 Broa Xenon 4
This would be awesome....Black Mage finally shows up and when he does finally get defeated a blue notice in chatbox comes up, "Congrats to the brave heroes who conquered the Black Mage and saved the Maple World. MapleStory will now be concluding!" and we never see this game again.
Nov 20 2014
kevin64811 Level 205 Broa Night Walker 4 Emcy Guild
The Black Mage is actually a representation of our addiction to this game. We'll never be able to defeat it (don't lie, even if you say you quit you are always interested / comes back to check out game).
Nov 20 2014
Nicolas28 Level 40 Broa Assassin
New Black Mage boss with 99999 trillons of HP, get NX for the new bonus bonus pontential for your new lvl 190 set.
Nov 20 2014
kaxi Level 210 Renegades Zero Transcendent
I bet Black Mage Boss will be 100x harder than Oz huhue
Nov 20 2014

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