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Finalized Evan Changes

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juarmo Level 218 Bera Evan 4th Growth SixHeroes Guild
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Looks like we got some buffs/denerfs
For starters, they boosted Magic Amplification's damage back up to 30%
Second, Dragon Master is GODLY now.
Before, it was 200% x 4 hits x 8 targets every 0.5 seconds
Now, it's 450% x 7 hits x 10 targets every 0.3 seconds
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sorlilly Level 182 Scania Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art sorlilly is intoSorLilly
@imtewo Did you mean by the skill called Understanding which gives Evan 20% damage when using together with any Mir's skill. I'm not sure if it adds 20% damage to all Evans skill or 20% damage to our range. I hope it will add to our range though cause we need more skill that buff range since we lose a bit in Magic Amplification and Elemental Reset.
Dec 28 2015
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