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Finally 200 at last! Screen

By sufian

sufian Level 202 Windia Kaiser 4 Waltz Guild
Feb 01 2012 Thanks to my awesome friends and especially to my guild Vibrant!

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sufian Level 202 Windia Kaiser 4 Waltz Guild
Congrats. Why'd you censor the ETC tab anyways? [/quote]

I didn't... o-o
it musta come out like that when i took the SS from the video!

And ty Scott and other person! XD
Feb 01 2012
Wooah, Inkburst also reached lvl200 almost the same time you did, he used to be leader of a Vibrant in Mardia.
Feb 01 2012
YasiiBabyy Level 204 Windia Night Lord
Gratz sufinesssss<3
Feb 03 2012
ElectrikFiSh Level 203 Bera Blade Master
Grats sufi! Haha so pro!
Feb 06 2012

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