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Finally broke the 100k barrier

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xcaliburx23 Level 152 Windia Paladin
So today I finally broke the 6 figure mark fully buffed on my lv. 155 paladin. Not that amazing of an accomplishment, but I don't buy NX. Should I recube my secondary? It's what got me to 101k buffed, but 9% total damage doesn't seem to be that good.
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xlabyrinth Level 204 Khaini Demon Slayer 4
It's a big accomplishment and congratulations! It just keeps getting easier from here on out.
Aug 15 2015
carnitasloco Level 194 Windia Xenon 4
You know all of us from Impeccable moved to Mythical because the leader went missing, right?

Otherwise 9% total damage isn't the best but it's ok until you get yourself full CRA and reinf/superior Gollux.
Aug 15 2015
shini Level 120 Mardia Mechanic 4
Good. I'm personally proud of you. NEVER buy Nexon Cash just to fund yourself. I always thought spending real life money JUST to increase random generating stats/numbers in a video game, just to kill monsters/bosses, especially an online mmorpg was absurd. Even more so with how the prices in the cash shop is. 2 dollars and 20 cents for ONE try at a black cube. Come on really? lol
Nexon's standards for funding, especially with real life money is beyond unreasonable.

You're on the right track.
You're using in-game methods to increase your range, and seem to be playing at your own pace. That's how it SHOULD be. I hope you're having fun doing that aswell

However, since you're only level 155... You still have a way to go. By the time you're level 200, your stats and damage should increase a little beyond what you're at now.
Aug 15 2015
hacame Level 208 Kradia Night Lord Sanctuary Guild
congrats! i just broke the 100k barrier a few months ago as well and from personal experience i can say it does get a lot easier. just try to go for sw accessories/gollux stuff next and you'll see your range doubling ^^
Aug 15 2015
bosnie1996 Level 202 Scania Blade Master
Not to be an ass, im just wondering. Isnt 100k 6 figures? Or am i missing something?

Also, congratz. I remember how fun it was to reach 100k for the first time my self!
Aug 15 2015
roflthrower Level 204 Scania Xenon 4
Congratz it's makes players that spend money happy to see others who don't pay seeing people happy to accomplish task like this! Especially paladin ever since the update I don't think I've seen many, so keep it going!
Aug 15 2015
xcaliburx23 Level 152 Windia Paladin
Not to be an ass, im just wondering. Isnt 100k 6 figures? Or am i missing something?[/quote]

You are correct. It is 6 figures. I've fixed it.
Aug 15 2015
sleepything Level 181 Scania Phantom 4
Nice dude, I myself just recently broke 200k, so good luck with reaching that.
Aug 15 2015
hopeslash Level 166 Scania Hero
keep up the good work bro. i find it satisfying to up your range without using nx too
Aug 15 2015
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