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Finally lv 120 Screen

By TrEe367

TrEe367 Level 123 Windia Battle Mage 4
Aug 02 2010 My second fourth jobber and my favorite, i just love arans and i hope i can encourage more arans to keep on leveling. Anyway i thought this was a funny level up nonetheless. Enjoy. Oh and btw if anyone here is selling final blow 10 contact me.
Oh and by the way why did Nexon make fourth job advancement so easy for us arans?

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Edatron Level 220 Kradia Kaiser 4
grtz to you, question is it possible that I can go to skele my atk range is 17xx-48xx[/quote]

I find it possible to go if your job is warrior. I went there when i was 115+ and my range was lower than yours.
Aug 04 2010
BanditDuo Level 126 Mardia Buccaneer
I want to train my Aran(72) but I lost my motivation after I dropped my zhelm accidentaly
Aug 05 2010

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