Sad Mask
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Finally shadower Screen

By PiggyOinkz0r

Aug 06 2010 Yay! Started this character in Oct. 28, 2006

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I want to be the very best...


Aug 07 2010
to train them is my call
Aug 07 2010
PieceOfSteel Level 21 Renegades
Congratulations on the achievement (: I bet the quantity of time it took, was merely foreshadowed by the quality of hitting 4th job (=
Aug 07 2010
Webbs Level 90 Scania Hermit
Pokemon gotta catch em all
Aug 07 2010
what have you become?
oh my god, the anticipation is killing meh!
Aug 07 2010
to train them is my call[/quote]
I will travel across the land
Aug 07 2010
hardballer Level 201 Broa Bow Master
sorry you got replaced right as you hit 120 =/ -points at 16x 17x 18x DBs running around this game already-
Aug 07 2010
I will travel across the land[/quote]

Searching far and wide...
Aug 07 2010

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