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First level 100 for lasorbeams Screen

By Lasorbeams

Lasorbeams Level 94 Arcania Mercedes 3
Mar 06 2011 My first level 100. And of course I'm using fenrir to level up.

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chao195 Level 160 Bera Marksman
hey thats where i got to lvl 100 . Also gratz
Mar 07 2011
guyOFguy Level 72 Windia Mechanic 3
Gratz you litte self supresive kid that only thinks life is fun when you maple or basil =D

OT: J/k, gratz dude.
Mar 07 2011
Lasorbeams Level 94 Arcania Mercedes 3
lol the fenir coverd you in a ball shaped aura
did you just evolve?[/quote]

It happens when you level, my timing is just good. And I'm at the portal, look at my foot

Thanks guys!
Mar 07 2011
Lasorbeams Level 94 Arcania Mercedes 3
Grats. Thought you quit MS lol[/quote]

No, I still play. I just lurk around the general section and comment in the chat section.
Mar 07 2011
0.24% seems alot more [/quote]
I assume it's because when you level the bar quickly changes from 100% to 0%, and he must have taken the screenshot while it was still going down.
Mar 12 2011

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