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First lvl 70 adventurer :d Screen

By geoduty

geoduty Level 117 Renegades Chief Bandit
Oct 02 2010 3rd job quest in progress :o

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Yea i died like 9 times from 66-70 [/quote]

Trust me, 9 times is nothing ... Anyways... Grats! I myself have never reached 70 on a "proper" adventurer but I want a f/p mage one day... . Enjoy 3rd job and insane leveling speed.
Oct 02 2010
Nice choice of adventurer
Oct 02 2010
Someone has trouble spelling a word they spelled right the first time?
Oct 02 2010
Pretty much. I've only ever got my Evan (got to 72 before I came to Europe and the account got blocked) and my Dual Blade higher than 70. It's sad, I know.
Oct 02 2010
Magic Armor....*shudders*

Gratz though, my first level 70 was on a mage too.
Oct 02 2010

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