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First thing you ate in 2012?

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cocobenz Level 249 Scania Phantom 1 Studio Guild
Third year I've made this thread now
Anyways, as the title says, what was the first thing you ate?
I ate cauliflower, and it was tastey
Posted: January 2012 Permalink


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Now I want to eat something, even though it's just past midnight and it would be kind of weird to eat something at this hour, and I'm not even hungry.
It'll probably be the same thing I had for breakfast yesterday morning. Starting the new year off with a bang.
Jan 01 2012
Um, I think it was an apple or something. I cannot quite remember...
Jan 01 2012
Tiger shrimps and pasta
Jan 01 2012
Crusades Level 209 Chaos Battle Mage 4
Cup Noodles, Salsa with Chips and Rice.<3
Jan 01 2012
does it count if i was eating it before new years hit and is still eating it?
if so, rold gold pretzels
Jan 01 2012
icalvin123 Level 44 Broa Bandit
Jan 01 2012
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