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toxiphobia Level 100 Scania Hayato 1
So I decided to create a fresh new account that I would fund, I chose Hayato as my new main. So far I'm lvl 190, with full Fafnir, Gollux gear and half of the Tyrants. My range right now unbuffed is 450k and ~750k fully buffed with potions. Both my %Boss and %ied are over 100%. And all my gear's pots, ranges from 6% - 15%. One thing I haven't done, are my link skills, but I'm planning on doing them once I reach 5th job. So to any pro funded players, I just wanna hear some suggestion or criticism if I'm in the right path so far. THank ya!
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readers Level 131 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art readers is intoReaders
I don't think anyone knows what the "right path" means, since everyone has a different way of playing the game, and I don't think there is one "right" way to do it. If you have a specific goal in mind that you'd like to achieve in the game regarding range (like killing a certain boss or etc.), then do say so here.
Besides that, without further information, there can't be anything else to suggest. If you want end-game gear in order to compare where you're at, a list of that is here.
Sep 10 2017

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