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trueatheist Level 63 Bera Crossbow Man Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art trueatheist is intoTrueAtheist
Hey everyone, firstly I'd like to start off by saying I know this isn't, so if bodybuilding, powerlifting, and/or general fitness doesn't interest you then please hit the back button and go back to the Anime section. There use to be a pretty big fitness community on Basil back when I would post (My last post on this account was exactly 1 year ago, October 2015). I thought that I would start a thread to see if anyone around is still lifting, hitting their macros, and making sick gains. Feel free to post your stats & goals in a similar format, I'd love to hear what other people's lifts are and what you're trying to achieve.

I'm now 25 years old, I've been lifting for about 6 years now. I consider myself more of a powerlifter than a bodybuilder since my main goal during training is strength rather than muscle growth, however I do supplement my workouts with a lot of hypertrophy as well.

At 185 lb bodyweight my big 3 are:

315 Benchpress
435 Squat
515 Deadlift

This is my current physique:

Now it's your turn! Stay safe & stay strong Basil.

EDIT: (Can a mod please fix the title to say "and" lol)
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tiesandbowties Level 50 Broa Assassin
havent been regularly going to the gym as of late cuz ive been so busy with a crap ton of stuff but about 4 months ago:

bench max: 230
max squat: 330
deadlift: 435
Oct 25 2016
rixworkwix Level 210 Bera Shade 4
@upcomingnerd: if you want appetite suppressing i can pm some things that can help. unless you somewhat fat i see no reason in trying to eat less when lifting heavier/more often
Oct 25 2016
upcomingnerd Level 102 Scania Beast Tamer Shared
@rixworkwix: In the past, when I lifted for pure power I didn't mind adding the extra weight as it allowed me to lift heavier. However, now that I'm back in college I really don't want to get back up to 220lbs+ I'd like to maintain my current bw as overall I feel much more fit. My big 3 lifts are sad compared to then but overall I feel way better. If anything I'd prefer a hybrid build now.

Since this a fitness thread, maybe you can share the suppressing ideas here. So others may learn as well. Thanks.
Oct 25 2016
rixworkwix Level 210 Bera Shade 4

coffee is a good appetite seppresant, if you dont like coffee then go to any nutrition store and tell them to point you too where the caffein pills and ephedrine is. if you live in the states then you do not have ephedrine. go to a drug store and buy bronkaid. it has ephedrine in it and does the same thing. take 1 cap of caffein pills (200mg) and 25mg of ephedrine. that is considered 1 dose. do not go above 3 dosages a day. honestly play with 1 dose a day for for 2 weeks and see how you like it. if you want take a 2nd dose several hours apart but take it 4-6hrs before bed because thats the caffeine life time in your blood stream and if you take too late you wont sleep
Oct 25 2016
imaclubyou Level 216 Khaini Aran 4 See what games, anime & art imaclubyou is intoImaClubYou
+2 Just hit 225 for 5 reps on the bench after 5 sets of 205 for 6 reps.

Best I've ever done and I was actually happy. I don't smile to often in the gym unless I'm with people haha
Nov 02 2016
colour Level 69 Bera Dark Knight
what is this bear doin on basilmaratjk
Nov 03 2016
upcomingnerd Level 102 Scania Beast Tamer Shared
Mixed it up today, instead of taking a day off I hit forearms hard. People look at the 10lbs I use and think it's super light but the burn is real. Squats, DL, Bp, to me nothing burns as much as forearms. I feel like a cripple after my sets.

Threw in some heavy negatives for the big 4 movements. 3 sets of 1 rep each. Thank God for spotters.
Nov 03 2016
rixworkwix Level 210 Bera Shade 4

best my back has looked in a bit. have not deadlifted regular in months (injured). mostly weighted pullups and hypertrophy work
Nov 04 2016
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