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Fizz Build Question?

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davidpilat13 Level 114 Windia Dark Knight
What do I rush on Fizz now since lich bane has changed? and is lich bane worth building on him since people i see people building trinity on Fizz. Thanks
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Lichbane > Dcap/Zhonya > Void > Defensive Item
Jun 27 2014
LlamaBanana Level 200 Bellocan Beginner
Iceborne fizz is best fizz. Trust me I'm diamond.
Jun 27 2014
Pn0yBo1 Level 154 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
DFG > Sheen > Zhonyas > Lich > Rab/Void

Build sheen first if the other person is buying chalice then build dfg.
Jun 27 2014
RanmaruStyle Level 181 Bellocan Zero Transcendent
lol this thread

1. You max E -> Q -> W. E because the cdr and the damage gets higher, not to mention the slow is like 50% and its your bread and butter. Like, there's absolutely no reason to not max E always. It's an escape, untargetable, and has short cd. Literally no contest. Q because it's a god damned gap closer and it also has cdr. You seriously should not be maxing W lol that's awful.

2. You 150% always rush sheen. I usually get a 2nd dorans ring if I'm losing or I grab a flask in unfavorable match ups. Sheen rush always then build dfg if ahead or Lich Bane if behind. The rest depends on how the game is going. DFG helps because you seriously need to get rid of their banshee's.

these comments are literally awful lmao
Jun 27 2014
davidpilat13 Level 114 Windia Dark Knight
Thanks for the help
Jun 27 2014
Amped Level 108 Bera Hero
i thought lich bane was bad to rush because you need ap items first[/quote]

It is. You just get sheen and move onto another item. You finish the lich bane later.
Jun 27 2014
I go boots whenever I have enough for it - > sheen - > dfg - > lich bane - > dcap or void - > zhonyas -> rylais/warmogs/randuins/banshee.
Jun 28 2014
marioluigi52 Level 166 Windia Buccaneer
Start with W, E, then Q (Unless you are aggressive, then switch Q and E for the first 3 levels) then max your E first because it costs a lot of mana. W is maxed 2nd because it adds insane DoT, Q is saved for last because although it lowers cooldowns, the W power is better.
On my first back I always try to get sheen but if I can't I go double dorans, some wards and pots. I rush lichbane unless I'm against someone who counters fizz, then I go zhonya's.
Also if you know who you're playing against in lane, make the smart call of either going Doran's/2HpPots, Flask/3HpPots, or Cloth/5hp pots (I think) so then you don't get destroyed early.
In late game I end up with LichBane, Zhonya's, Rabadon's, Void staff, and other stuff depending on the situation.
Jun 28 2014
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