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Flash Jump Into Dysphoria : Song of Truth Video

By FrozenFlameO

FrozenFlameO Level 120 Bera Wind Archer 3
Nov 24 2010 I did not make this video. All credits go to katt5u. I wonder if you still play....I uploaded this video for you all to see. This used to be one of my favorite Maplestory videos. I came across it yesterday and decided to upload it onto facebook So here it is!

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This song is fami... INUYASHA!( how ever it's spelled)
Nov 24 2010
I love Do As Infinity
Nov 24 2010
zxafreak Level 193 Bera Blade Master
saw this loooooong time ago.
its got to be one of the best maple video ever
Nov 25 2010
tis song match tis vid and i lov tis song woot!
Nov 26 2010

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