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For those planning on getting a 3DS

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[url=]Which games are you going to get first?[/url]
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Man, they should have a megaman 3D :[

Legend of Zelda and Star fox [:
Feb 16 2011
Ok why are they making multiple versions of the DS.
I mean DS light, ok I get that... but seriously what the -.[/quote]

The 3DS is an entirely new handheld...

Anyway, I'm getting Dead or Alive Dimensions and Street Fighter IV.
Why you copying? Lol.
Feb 16 2011
I wasn't too interested in the 3DS...
But once they announced the Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover game, they got me. Dx
Feb 16 2011
I myself am getting Cave Story 3D, and Zelda OoT 3D 100%, I'll have to look into the other games before I know what I'm getting exactly
Feb 16 2011
Colour Level 69 Bera Dark Knight
I thought this would be about the release line up, which sucks by the way. I'd get me some mods then get whatever.
Feb 16 2011
SilverFoxR Level 200 Bera Hero
Man, they should have a megaman 3D :[

Legend of Zelda and Star fox [:[/quote]

Um... Megaman Legends was in 3D...

And they're making a 3rd one for the DS apparently =D
Feb 16 2011
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