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Foxiez Screen

By XxNana23xX

XxNana23xX Level 210 Bera Mercedes 3
Aug 19 2012 Bday present for my friend Foxiez

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the red spots on her joints look like boobs
Aug 19 2012
fastricky Level 200 Bera Shadower See what games, anime & art fastricky is intofastricky
i see her atleast once whenever i log on, she never stops playing..
Aug 19 2012
nopaycheck Level 177 Bera Mercedes 4
The joints..
Still nice drawing
Aug 19 2012
GentleRain Level 9 Windia
the red spots on her joints look like boobs[/quote]

Uhh not at all...
They look like overly shined peaches to me. Or just badly sunburnt joints haha
Aug 19 2012
omgggg nana ily thank you so much for drawing this its soooooooooo adorable brb running around screaming
Aug 19 2012

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