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Freezing glitch Screen

By dragon332211

dragon332211 Level 50 Mardia Bandit
May 24 2011 How to do the glitch:
1.Alt+tab(So your character freezes)
2.Have someone use a weather thing from the cs or wait for someone.
3.When they are use it,go back into maplestory so your character unfreezes.
4.Now the weather cs thing is stuck on your screen until you log off .
I also think that with glitch you can be invincible in boss runs.(Useful for the looters?)

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Avatar Level 32 Windia Mercedes 1
Lv. 49 Wind Archer from 'dragonite1' Guild invite
May 24 2011
epikdeath Level 200 Windia Cannoneer 4
it is horrible for boss run looters
it sometimes lags the monsters
and if you kill that monster, you get the " you have been disconnected by the gmmpolice for the hack reason"
also, you experience lag upon coming back from alt tab . .which may dc you
staying alt tab for too long dcs you (from what i know . .?)
and yeaaaa
good for a short afk to go to the restroom if you're soloing a boss or something however
May 24 2011
MeerCats Level 183 Scania Demon Avenger 4
It's raining donuts!Alleluia!
May 24 2011
iDarkImpale Level 207 Scania Night Lord
Doesnt work for me.
Jul 25 2012

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