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From 198 to 200

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SharkyMikey Level 201 Galicia Buccaneer
I've suddenly got this urge to get to 200 and finally started training again at HoH. Just leveled from 197 to 198 after months, haha. Want to know how long it would take from 198-200 at HoH without any additional exp buffs (except HS) or 2x exp event. And how much time by leeching? o3o
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SharkyMikey Level 201 Galicia Buccaneer
@marimois Haha, it's obvious leeching would take longer but I tend to leech sometimes as I'm kinda busy with school. Just want an approximate figure.
Sep 17 2013
SharkyMikey Level 201 Galicia Buccaneer
@BoredAF Wow, you make it sound so simple.
Sep 17 2013
Kazera Level 200 Scania Dark Knight
if you have 150k range or more , go to golems and solo.

At 193+ you will also get exp from party kills.

You will level quickly there , there is a small prequest to get there , it starts in henesys ruins. You will need alot of HP pots. If your range is less than 150k self buffed no hypers, then stay at HoH.
Sep 17 2013
A couple hours at most if you have good funding and a hood party. Hs, kanna.[/quote]

Them hood parties.

O.T. :199-200 took me around 6 hours, but it wasn't anywhere close to optimum exp. Take it from there.
Sep 17 2013

It is simple, look at my lvl I obv know what I'm talking about..[/quote]

Have I said you don't?
You're also not the only one with 200's... o_O
Sep 17 2013

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