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Fun with shadowers! Screen

By iLoveForHer

iLoveForHer Level 220 Scania Shadower
Nov 30 2010 Just a few of Scania's finest Shadowers after a rousing batter with Scarlion and Targa!

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iLoveForHer Level 220 Scania Shadower
Oops! Battle! Not batter! Lol!
Nov 30 2010
Herosgate Level 143 Windia Buccaneer

Epic name, only cause its in Chinese

and its funny
Nov 30 2010
It could be me but they remind me of DBS.
Nov 30 2010
JeebusSon Level 211 Bera Shadower
Almost did a run like that in Bera last night but of course it was badly organized and about 3-4 of us hadnt done the quests including myself. lmao.
Nov 30 2010
iLoveForHer Level 220 Scania Shadower

I spot a Mark of the Beta! o-o

I own one too! Some of us are just REALLY old >:3

We had a lot more, but some people couldnt make a second run and some died T.T I'd really like to smega for these things, but I'd hate for crashers to come by >:3
Nov 30 2010
I wish I was among the ranks of pro, but yet my CB in scania is too weak.

Btw iLoveForHer, what eyes are those? o_o
Nov 30 2010

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