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lilaa02 Level 174 Renegades Mercedes 1
OK so, I understand that Mercs are really hard to fund, and if you fund them enough, it is pretty rewarding. I'm lvl 202 right now with 550k clean ( 1.2m buffed ), all my pots are garbage, ranging from 3% to 12% dex on each equips. I'm on the verge of spending $ on cubes and gets some tier ups. So my question is, approximately how much $ (CAD) do i need to reach a goal of hitting around +1M clean range.
Posted: February 2017 Permalink


polypoly Level 200 Bera Night Lord
The hard part is over. I highly recommend you just wait for the next double miracle time. You'll save $$ on cubes and get the double tier up rate. In mean time, keep farming cubes from bosses and try to get all your equips to unique to prep for it.

If I were to put a number on it... ~$130 CAD.
Feb 01 2017
lilaa02 Level 174 Renegades Mercedes 1
+1 @polypoly: Thanks a lot dude! I'll follow your suggestion. Btw, do you think I should invest on some of the Bpot's during miracle time, or should I focus on tiering up my main potentials first on my core equips?
Feb 02 2017
maxxfield Level 212 Galicia Mercedes 4
My question to you is how did u get 1,2m buffed? when i had that i wasnt even on 1m with the buffs.
Are you including non-merc buffs?
Feb 02 2017
lilaa02 Level 174 Renegades Mercedes 1
@maxxfield: Umm, i dont have any non-merc buffs besides Sharp eyes but when i buff my self i can reach 900k. But with the ignis roar stacks (10 stacks), i easily pass 1m. The 1.2m also doesn't include any buff potions as well. Lol, how's the merc life going for you, especially after the Vth job came out?
Feb 02 2017

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