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Furry 5th job

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pilox Level 207 KradiaEMS Beast Tamer Shared
Since Beast Tamers actually are decent mobbers, storing up some EXP for my EXP Potion doesn't take a lot of effort.

But I heard that some of the Beast Tamer and Night Lord 5th skills were bugged, are they still?

(ps to anyone who's doing 5th job, no need to do the Magnus questline, just kill the simulator one)
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peachtime Level 210 Bellocan Paladin
The only thing that was bugged about Beast Tamer's 5th job was the fact that we couldn't use common skills (Mana Overload, Rope Lift, etc.), but that got fixed forever ago. NL was never bugged, NW however had a lot of issues with theirs.
Apr 09 2017
yiffyfurry Level 213 Bera Beast Tamer Shared TwoAmores Guild yiffyfurry
Congrats on 200! 5th job isn't bugged anymore so you should be fine

Some things to note: While there are no nodes specifically for furious strikes, apparently the node for paw swipe affects furious strikes. Also, our 5th job skill is a combo skill. Some people were confused about our 5th job skill but basically u press a directional key for the animal u want and then u keep pressing the skill key to complete the combo.
Apr 10 2017
pilox Level 207 KradiaEMS Beast Tamer Shared
@yiffyfurry: Is it true that you get Champ Charge with 1 point to begin with? No idea how 5th job works, I'm waiting for my last Arcane stone to finish its countdown.

I'm excited about 5th job, fully aware of the 1min cool down on the main attack. I just want to have something more to build on and get back to training (job advancement slowed that down)

Also, I might be wrong, but its possible to get a 5 second cooldown thing on potential?
Apr 10 2017
yiffyfurry Level 213 Bera Beast Tamer Shared TwoAmores Guild yiffyfurry
@pilox: uhh, i know i got a skill neb when i advanced that gave me champ change, so i assume you would get it too. It's not the 1m cooldown that kills it, it's the fact that you have to combo it to get the last attack, the first attack isn't very good, the combo is slow, and the damage isn't that great. you can get potentials that lower cooldown, but they made it cap at 5 seconds. I think our 5th job would be better if you could just have the last attack tbh.
Apr 10 2017

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