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Fusion Anvil Question

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necron1636 Level 204 Bera F/P Arch Mage
So the fusion anvil transfers stats.
So if I take an Empress Thief Overall and the Blizzard Armor Overall and put them together
Does the Blizzard Armour Overall have the Empress Overall's stats but is still for level 30s?

Would it be like I could have a level 30 Overall with like 16 Luk 16 Dex and 2 Att? with the slots the overall has left?
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So, 1) Is it an NX item or one you can get normally (from NPCs)
and 2) Unless 4 of these cost more than 20k NX, why would I buy the Crimson Phantom set other than for the special effect (because I could make my current equips look like the artwork ones you get for creating Phantom)[/quote]

They won't cost that much. Adding a little more to KMS, I'd say around 2.5k ish
Sep 24 2012
MinishDude Level 187 Windia Kaiser 4
Okay, sweet. Now I just wish that they made perm NX equips available (as an option for each one, rather than selling specific ones), so I could get invisible goggles and gloves (maybe a mask).
Then my guy will *pretty* much look like artwork Phantom, except for different eyes.
Sep 24 2012
Wait could I take lets say an empress mage helm, fuse it with a white bandana and equip it on a thief? or does it stay class specific?
Sep 24 2012
oakmontowls Level 210 Galicia Demon Slayer 4
So you guys are sure that you don't lose the item that you want the other item to look like?
Sep 24 2012
Wait could I take lets say an empress mage helm, fuse it with a white bandana and equip it on a thief? or does it stay class specific?[/quote]

Yes. Essentially, you would have a White Bandana that looks like an empress mage helm.
Again, the ONLY thing that changes is the appearance of the equip. The class requirement, level requirement, stats, etc, all stay the same.
Sep 24 2012
So, unless 4 of these cost more than 20k NX, I'd probably be wasting my time buying the NX Phantom equips (when I can simply transfer the appearance of the noob artwork ones onto my higher level equips)[/quote]

I should do this but I never got the hat
I'll just have to beg a buddy to clone their hat's look for me.

also, second question- can you ever return you equip to normal without another identical item?

edit @jthomassen thanks!
Sep 24 2012
jotun973 Level 161 Bera Bishop
So you can have 1 set of empress look like a different set of empress?
Sep 24 2012
toad Level 200 Bera Battle Mage 4
Jesus...check out the oficial website..they have pictures step-by-step of it -.-
Sep 25 2012
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