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GM Message at Mp3

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I've gotten a GM message a few times at mp3...... I hasn't banned me, but it still scares me, has ANYONE else had this problem?

EDIT: A GM message comes up saying "You have been disconnected for HACK reason."
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ObeyWonton Level 30 Broa Thunder Breaker 2
Well what are they saying?
Oct 14 2011
GoDual Level 126 Bellocan Demon Slayer 4
Well what are they saying? [/quote]

I think she means "you have been disconnected for HACK reasons"
Oct 14 2011
"You have been disconnected for a HACK reason." It comes out of no where.... and I don't hack.
Oct 14 2011
it happens bunch of times to me... it doesn't matter
Oct 14 2011
I was just training there on my priest 2 hours ago I didn't get that message.If you're scared, you shouldn't because it only DISCONNECTS you, not ban you

EDIT: I've gotten it before on other accounts, it only disconnects.It happens when the monster lags and you kill them.Which makes them think that you're lagging the monsters.
Oct 14 2011
it happens to me when im on a plane making me re fly then it works and i get kicked again.....
Oct 14 2011
Gutanaclone Level 148 Windia Bow Master
It happens a lot. A guy i know kept getting it, and was lagging quite a bit. And ended up getting perm banned. So i'd advise that if you get that alot, be careful.
Oct 14 2011
they forgot to fix it, ignore it
Oct 14 2011
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