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GMS Battle Mage vs Pap Video

By Servuus

Feb 04 2011 4minute pap solo
Most effective method for a stanceless battle mage is to attack from top two right platforms

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i think i only have like 60-70% int :-/
Feb 06 2011
Thanks for this video - helped me finish my first pap solo decently, without a crap ton of stun.
Feb 06 2011
More like 71k lol

And yeah, I made it to show BaMs how to pap without stance
I've seen a few with them attacking from the bottom and they pin <<< but then they are missing and getting stunned and dispelled -.-
Feb 06 2011
how much att on ur weapon? ur damage is awesome xD
Feb 06 2011
157 6 slots u/h
i'm trying to perfect scroll it
Feb 07 2011

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