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GMS[Bera] - Kaiser Solo Horntail Video

By DeMoonZhang

DeMoonZhang Level 214 Bera Wind Archer 4
Feb 25 2013 Yeah again..... Title says it all.

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Its refreshing to see actual "Normal" Kaisers bossing. This shows that you don't need to cap max to be able to boss, Great job uploading!
Feb 26 2013
iGGDeep Level 140 Windia Paladin
Mind I ask what your range is? and any boss%/pdr? I might look into doing this as well. Eventually haha
Feb 26 2013
DeMoonZhang Level 214 Bera Wind Archer 4
I only have around 90k range in final form i think. and i only have 30% boss from full empress. Plus you should, it isnt hard to kill horntail. i was scared at first then i was like meh, middle of the run >.<
Feb 27 2013

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