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GMS TheOne Pink Bean run Ft. Demigod + Lunar Video

By Varsitykart Pink Bean run

Varsitykart Level 200 Yellonde Hero
May 12 2011 This Pink Bean run was recorded on May 6th 2011 midnight (May 7th actually XD) by GhoulKai, thanks to everyone who participated the run, Demigod and Auragin members. It was absolutely fun and exciting~~

Attended members list:
ilovexiaodu -- Lv 200 Dark Knight
IuckCSin (iuckCsin) -- Lv 200 Nightlord
lEpiCenterl -- Lv 200 Hero
Yooo - Lv 200 Paladin
GhoulKai -- Lv 190 Marksman
JuStLiKelt -- Lv 180 Buccaneer
TeryakiFish -- Lv 175 NightLord
XnAssin -- Lv 177 NightLord

NicoWolfwood -- Lv 180 Mechanic
BaconSquared -- Lv 200 NightLord

Auragin -- Lv 186 BattleMage

I hope you enjoy the video =]

Red Sign -- O2jam
Fantazindy -- O2jam

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jojoisgeexp Level 153 Windia Aran 4
dude the mech looks hilarious when he dies... and nice run! :O
May 13 2011
FIREINMYLazar lolz so funny
May 13 2011
Pink bean is nothing compare to the Olympian gods. or Zeus Alone..

they should be coming out with 8 of the 12 Olympian gods as new bosses
if they do, make these new divine bosses
which would be an Olympian patch' should be made, but will never be made


this is where the lvl 170 equips come in,
Olympian set
4 female armor sets, and 4 male armor set
with god-like weapons too

i'd love to fight these Gods. i'd be fun
but we'll never kill them.[/quote]

LOL, nice one dude.! that would be nice if nx really gonna make something like this.
May 13 2011
I don't get why you guys just plain stopped at 2:10ish.
Was that thing Wep Def?
May 13 2011

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