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GMS Yellonde TheOne Zakum Speed Run: Time 0:54 Ft. MizuBlue Video

By Varsitykart

Varsitykart Level 200 Yellonde Hero
Apr 22 2011 This zakum run was recorded right after the Pink Bean run on April 17th, 2011
All members who attended this run were on Pink Bean buff only (35att) and no apples or anything else this time again !

Another mentioning goes to the leader of the guild MizuBlue, speck1231, thanks for him for tagging along and witnessed this amazing run =D

Attended members list:
ilovexiaodu -- Lv 200 Dark Knight
IuckCSin (iuckCsin) -- Lv 200 Nightlord
lEpiCenterl -- Lv 200 Hero
Yooo - Lv 200 Paladin
GhoulKai -- Lv 187 Marksman
JuStLiKelt -- Lv 176 Buccaneer
TeryakiFish -- Lv 175 NightLord
DKF90 -- Lv 174 Bowmaster
XnAssin -- Lv 171 NightLord
MikuOyasumi -- Lv 155 BattleMage
o0dragon0o7 -- Lv 152 Dark Knight
Featuring: speck1231 -- Lv 162 Shadower

I hope you enjoy the video =]

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i spot a pb buff
edit: forgot to read the description
Apr 23 2011
I haven't haha ^^
Apr 23 2011
the chat was more interesting than the actual bossing o-o
Apr 23 2011
Very nice! But i must say ive seen 3minutes solo before, so 12 people 1minute isnt that great. again, nice video ^_^
Apr 23 2011
dragonizer1000 Level 114 Yellonde Dragon Knight
Did you guys kill pb?
Apr 23 2011

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