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GMS v173 Kaiser Attack Speed Test

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simfel Level 224 Scania Kaiser 4 Studio Guild

TLDR: Stay in Final Form, kids; both now and later.

TrueDelay = BaseDelay*(10+WeaponSpeed-SpeedBoosts)/16
(Rounded up to the nearest multiple of 30ms)

  1. Used Battle Anaylsis to collect the number of hits done in 30s
  2. Calculated hit/s for different combinations of speed boosts
  3. Calculated corresponding skill delay, "Delay", for each hit/s
  4. Compared "Delay" values with varying "Base Delay" values.

Table of results:

Untransformed tests:

-Final Form is affected by attack speed boosts
-Transfiguration Gauge's boost is ignored in Final Form
-Gigas Wave has a Base Delay of 780ms in Final Form

What it means for Kaisers (Taking Wing Beat and Tempest Blades into account):
-It is always better to be in Final Form, regardless of Ryude or attack speed; you'll hit both more line/s and damage/line
-If you can get one speed boost in addition to IA+DSI+MPE, Final Form will be significantly better
-Final Form will still be better when normal Gigas becomes 330% and our final damage multipliers are lowered
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