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GMST Mercedes 2nd Job with Daboki Video

By fishsticks23

fishsticks23 Level 143 Khaini Blade Lord
Dec 02 2011 2nd job Mercedes

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Riisukun Level 193 Mardia Wind Archer 4
Uhh no homo here but your voice is sexy

OT. Your playthrough makes me want to play Mercedes even more, the KMS vids I always see makes me want to play it but not OH MY GOD gimme gimme.

Oh forgot to mention getting strless merc is easy if you don't want to level 140 gear

Czak 21str
Kenta's Goggles 5str
Rising sun face 3str?
Overall 8str?
Shoes 3str
HTP 22str
Gloves 5str
BBrings 14str
Angelic Bless 1str
Physical Training 30 str
Crusade Shoulder 5str
Codex:Silent Crusade 6str?

Total 127 str.

I may be missing a few things so really it should be easy to get most of the str already anyways. You should be able to get all that by 120 anyway.

Dec 03 2011
mercedes are out on gms already![/quote]

No, they're out in tespia.
Dec 03 2011
shosen123 Level 135 Scania Corsair
If you added Mmkay after every sentence, I swear you would sound like Mr Mackey
Dec 04 2011
shinZ Level 191 Windia Kanna 4
pretty sure they are luk base with a little bit str.[/quote]

i was thinking int with a little bit of luk
Dec 05 2011

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