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Games becoming digital only

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tyrantblade Level 186 Chaos Battle Mage 4
Who else besides me will hate when all games eventually get released in digital only format?

I like being able to sell games when im done with them, as well as being able to have a physical collection of games that hold value.

Speaking of which; what is it about games that leads to very few games (seems to be primarly Nintendo system games) actually holding value long term?

And im not talking about strictly Mario or Legend of Zelda; or any other typical Nintendo exclusive games

A typical game for Sony/Xbox starts at $60; can usually be bought for $30ish in about 6 months on eBay, and then usually in 2 years most of these Sony/Xbox games start dropping until they are nearly worthless.
Posted: September 2017 Permalink


I don't sell my games, but much like how one would collect vinyls or CDs, I would rather have physical copies of my games too.

I haven't read much into the scenario you describe, so this is just what I think: A game that has initial hype - let's say the newest COD, or some game that came out from the past year or two like the DOOM or Prey reboot (both games which have already dropped in price massively) - will initially be priced at that high price ($60 - 70). Then the hype dies down because people either find out that the game wasn't as good as they thought it would be (it could be a good game, but not necessarily a GREAT one), and so not as many people will talk about it long after the game has been released and eventually the game gets forgotten, or later games not too much later will eventually come to supersede it in terms of graphics, gameplay, or other qualities, or just because it's newer, in the case of sequels. When that happens, that is when you see the price drop. Of course, all games will drop in price eventually anyways - a hype cycle for a game and discussion of it isn't going to last forever.

Now, the value of a game later on will depend on the impact the game has had over time, the demand for that old game and the supply that is there. Some games are in higher demand, but there aren't a whole lot of copies out there currently, which will raise the value of that game. For example, you can probably find a Sonic game from the Sega Genesis for a few bucks at minimum - those games have had impact, but there's a lot of copies of them out there, so it's cheaper to buy - whereas some game like Shining Force II or Shinobi 3 will probably cost you a lot more than that.
Sep 16 2017
andreaverilia Level 209 Windia Evan 10th Growth
Omg at some point table games will dissapear and monopoly and everything will be come invaluable at some point
Sep 16 2017
burning Level 200 Khaini F/P Arch Mage

I feel, tabletop games overall are doing fine. I've played a number of newer games that cater to adult players such as Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, and Pandemic. There was one year of my college life when I was really into the popular Settlers of Catan.

For card games, Magic the Gathering and surprisingly Pokemon TCG have healthy competitive circuits.

Expanding to digital, a number of "couch multiplayer" games are popular. Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., and Just Dance remain to be party staples. Jack Box is getting a rise in attention and joins some other decently known indie games like Starwhal, Nidhogg, and Gang Beasts.
Sep 17 2017

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