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Gear went potless and 0 star tyrants

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whtbld Level 174 Khaini Phantom 4
My gear was fine.
Nov 30 2016
nesteasin101 Level 214 Scania Night Lord Studio Guild
Happened to all gears that were in a mushy before the maintenance.
Nov 30 2016
ixkwonjiyong Level 221 Bera Blade Master
all my items lost potential and stars. my range was like 150k range buffed...
Nov 30 2016
chuseyo Level 170 Scania Kaiser 4 See what games, anime & art chuseyo is intoChuseyo
THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME. IM FREAKING OUT. My 15% stat Superior Gollux Ring has no potential anymore...

EDIT: For those who didn't experience this, it's probably because your gears weren't in a shop? My item was in the Black Friday 7 day shop before the patch. After the patch, I retrieved the item from Freddrick and found that there wasn't a potential anymore...
Dec 01 2016
lehvahk Level 209 Yellonde Blade Master
They most likely will rollback to right before the patch started. I mean it would be logical if they backed everything up before they started a big update, but then again it is Nexon...
Dec 01 2016
pinyin Level 107 Zenith Beginner
hopefuly gms fm combined is still small, expecting at least 8 more hours
Dec 01 2016
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