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Beginner Damage Ranges

Welcome to the Beginner Damage Ranges Thread!

Let's get a few things down:
  • Please submit your UNBUFFED damage range. Keep the upper right corner of your screen clear. Unbuffed means any buffs or potions are not active. Exceptions are made for buffs related to equips (like dark angelic blessing buff) or pets.

  • Please submit a direct image link through iamgeshack, tinypic, or imgur.

  • Please make sure to keep your ign and level clear in your screenshot. You may highlight your weapon if you like. You may include %stat and other information in a chat bubble if you prefer, just make sure we can see all relevant information. Your stat window MUST be displayed clearly, however.

  • This thread will not make different sections for different types of beginners (beginners, noblesse, legends, ect), however, these will be noted. Unorthodox AP builds (HP beginners/Dex beginners) will also not be noted separately, however, they will be indicated to the side.

  • This thread is NOT for oddjobs (dagger warriors, permarogues, str mages, ect)


  • Level 53 | Noblesse | Slyph | [url=]1436~6862[/url]
  • Level 130 | Beginner | EmptyKatara | [url=]5631~27374[/url]
  • Level 159 | Hayato-ginner | CyberCider | [url=]10266~50378[/url]
  • Level 192 | Beginner | LittleTLK | [url=]23095~115474[/url]
  • Level 242 | Beginner | laughatmydmg [url=]28747~142285[/url]