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Beginning/Returning Mapler

This is a guide for the most common questions for new and returning players.

Basic Training Guide

Training, most people grind lower levels til you can PQ and PQing pretty much levels you fairly quickly to the major grinding phases at ~160. FM seems a little more empty now but there are a lot more shops around, especially in Scania. Since owls are now purchased through pot shops, you can easy pick some up and just search for the items you need[other than Perm NX items].

  • Starting from level 1-10, you pretty much just job advance as usual.
  • Once you're level 10, you can go to Golem Temple in Henesys in which you can level there until 25-30.
  • Alternative maps people like are Evil Eyes/Curse Eyes/Cold Eyes/Surgeon Eyes North of Ellinia until 25-30.
  • Once you're level 25-30, you can move to Gold Beach. Start on the left side map with the coconuts and work my way up to Shockwave Beach 1 then go to the far right map. Stay here until around maybe level 50-55 or so.
  • Alternative maps include Pantheon until 40, then Mummy dogs in Perion until about 60.
  • Starting at about 55-60, most people go to Drakes in Sleepywood and stay there until about 70.
  • At 60 you can do White Pangs in El Nath until 70 as well.
  • Once you are 70, do Romeo and Juliet PQ and stop and grind at the stage with the Roids. This stage is the best for exp even grinding outside of PQ best optimized with a Phantom/Priest with HS and a Kanna for Kishin. Other Alternatives are Sahel 2 in Ariant which I like if I didn't feel like partying. You can stay grinding in this PQ until 140-150, it's pretty much the fastest way to level IMO, unless you wanna try to grind in some maps in Magatia which is a bit slower.
  • If you don't want to PQ, at 70 you can train in Ariant at Desert Rabbits. You can move to Sandrats/Cube Slimes at about 80.
  • Alternative map for training while farming is Spiders in Verne Mine in Edelstein. The spider familiars dropped can be sold for quite a bit if you're starting from nothing. Owl them for current prices.
  • At 85-90ish you can go to Roids or Homonculus in Magatia
  • At ~100 or so you can do Monster Park Extreme/LudiPQ [at 110] or continue to do RnJ.
Note you can start doing your 2 daily Zakum boss runs here. 120 is the minimum requirement to do Easy Horntail and you should be running that as well. You can try Ranmaru and Hilla as well but they may be a tad bit difficult depending on your range and class.
  • At about 120-130 you could also go to Red Nose Den 2 in Herb Town to train at the Captains and Krus.
  • Once you hit 140 you can do a party for Dimension Invasion PQ if you can't solo it yourself, you can pretty much do your daily 5 PQs and then go grind at Mysterious Path 3 in Singapore or Star-force Skeles in Leafre[either map works, which ever is better for you]. Once you reach 165, you can now enter Stronghold. Note:[i]Honestly, It's not recommended unless you have friends to leech off of or unless you can do 1-3 hits. Otherwise, the EXP isn't as great and you're better off doing your daily DIPQs.[/i] You can pretty much farm the gloves in DIPQ and sell in a shop for a couple mil apiece, I'm not sure where the price stands right now.
  • Twilight Perion is also an option as an alternative because the HP is lower and the EXP is not necessarily bad. It's just a big map to navigate through.
  • At 160 when you can enter Future Henesys, you can do the same thing with farming familiars at Mutant Snails or Mutant Pigs for their familiars which are quite popular as well.

You can boss in-between and continue to do so for optimal experience. The default key for the boss tab is O, so you can check the requirements there. [You can NPC the drops and make a couple mil a day, more bosses, more money. Start with the easy and work your way up. Most bosses have 2 entry limits]

What should I get to gear my character for equipment?

End Game Items

This may prove to be expensive, but we'll look at affordable equips later.

  • Chaos Root Abyss Set [Hat, Top, Bottom, Weapon]
  • Tyrant [Glove, Shoes, Cape, Belt]
  • Sweet Water [Glasses(Eye), Tattoo(Face)]
[Some people choose to use the psok BlackGate set]
  • Superior/Reinforced Gollux Set [Ring, Pendant, Belt, Earring] (if you use Tyrant Belt, you would have to use NX to purchase a pendant slot to equip 2 pendants to get the full set bonus]
  • Rings [Since the Gollux Set takes up a ring slot and unique equips, you can pretty much get one of each Gollux RIng, if not Lightning God Ring for the best stats]
Note: This is the generally ideal set but by all means you do not need to chase this as this is VERY expensive.

Cheap but Efficient Equipment Guide

The CRA set is a couple hundred mil apiece but there may be some pieces out there depending on class for a couple mil. If you cannot get this, you can try to buy the empress set for the bonus effect stats. It's suggested to save your money and at around 140, you can grind at the higher leveled monsters in Leafre or the Pirates in Herb town. They drop the new level 130-140 set which gives a set bonus as well. If you take this process, you can save your money but slowly increase your damage. These level 130-140 sets are also tradeable so you don't need to purchase use SoK or pSoK to transfer them character to character. Next, try to purchase cheap solid/reinforced gollux pendant/belt for small range increase. If you hunt bosses, easy bosses around be Zak/Horntail/Hilla/Magnus/Ranmaru in the easy/regular modes(you can do these twice daily, bring a friend if you must). Harder modes are better for when you're geared and much stronger. The bosses drop accessories ([Eye,Face,Ring,Earring,Badge, etc.) though you won't be getting rich fast but patience is the key. Ranmaru also drops shoulder/gloves for ~150 however, you might want to use Black Metal Shoulder for the boss-set effect.

What do I do with my equipment to make it better?


  • The scrolling system has been semi-replaced with the Spell Trace system which you collect a required amount of traces to use a scroll. How it works is you double click the Spell Trace in your etc tab or the Pink Hammer in your inventory window and place the item in there. You can then see how many traces is required per scroll. If you're poor, use 70-100% scrolls on your items, except for weapons which should be scrolled with at least 70%.
  • The enhancement system is semi-replaced by the Star Force system, this system takes effect after you finish scrolling an item. Once the item does not have any slots left, you can add additional stats by enhancing it with Star Force which is done by the Pink Hammer. You should Star Force all your equips until 10 stars because it is fairly cheap to do so. This will also increase your range by a pretty fair amount.


There a certain tiers for items to have potential which has 4 different ranks. Don't worry about potential items unless they are above level 75 which is the 3rd tier.

First Tier: 1-30, items will generally have lines in multiples of 1%. (2%, 3%, 4%)
Second Tier: 31-74, items will generally have lines in multiples of 2%. (4%,6%,9%)
Third Tier: 75-159, items will generally have lines in multiples of 3%. (6%,9%,12%)
Fourth Tier: 160+, this one is a little unique because the lines are 4% (7%, 10%, 13%)

How it works:
if your item is Rare, you will generally have the lowest multiple.
if your item is Epic, you will get the maximum landing at 2nd multiple.
if your item is Unique you will get the maximum landing at 3rd multiple.
if your item is Legendary you will get the maximum landing at highest multiple.

So for example, your Legendary item unlocks the potential to have the maximum % but you can land any of the %s below it, such as rare, epic, unique. So if you get VERY lucky, your lines would all be of one stat but don't be so sure to expect to get that easily. You will be spending many, many, packs of cubes. The best time to cube is during miracle time when nexon does a 2x-like event for cubing, increasing the chances of rank up. Again, don't worry about cubing anything below the third tier.

Weapons and armors have different potentials. Weapons have additional stats such as ATK/M.ATK whereas armor is generally stat based. You can make cubes but farming the materials and leveling the skill level takes time. It's recommended to pick up professions as soon as possible to start leveling it up. Sometimes when you make equipment, such as earrings, you can get epic/unique items which you can sell for a fair amount, meaning you can make money this way. When you mine mysterious rocks you also have a chance to find cubes(other way would be bossing)!!


You don't really get to see this much but people generally applies this to weapons. Select few rich players have acquired a lot of Nebulites for their armor as well. [Not really needed until you're pretty much end-game and finished scrolling/potentialling your items. Otherwise, you're just pouring money where it could be spent better]

How it works

You can purchase a Nebulite socket opener thing from the pot shop and apply it to your item. You can then apply your Nebulite of choice depending what you have.

  • Weapon: put on a Boss %, PDR % or ATK % Nebulite for endgame weapons. If you can't afford it, you can use an ATK or Critical Nebulite. Think wisely because removing a Nebulite costs NX.

  • Armor: Stat % Nebulite is ideal, but if you're poor, again you may choose to use simple Stat+ Nebulite.

There are some useful but expensive skill Nebulite with skills such as Hyper Body for pants and Sharp Eyes for gloves meaning that regardless of class you can use both those skills but at a nerfed rate. The stats only apply to yourself however.

If you use a Nebulite on an item, you can remove it via cash shop and the original Nebulite is lost forever.

Souls for Weapons

This is a newer system where you can even more stats to your weapons.

How it works

You use a soul enchanter on your weapon, these drop from monsters and some bosses. Once your item is a soul weapon, you equip your weapon and apply the soul. If you do not have a soul, you would have to hunt bosses which drop soul shards. Collect 10 shards to trade for a random stat soul in which you can apply to your weapon. Some souls are attacks, some are summons. You get a random stat soul upon trading in 10 shards. The soul you apply on the weapon is changeable for another soul in the future but the original soul is lost forever.

How do I make money?

Take advantage of all events with a coin shop. Invest in a pet because looting with a pet is much more helpful and it helps you when you train with the auto hp/mp skills too. Things that sell all the time are spell traces, collect them. Potions and other things from bossing can be NPCed for mesos but they can also be extracted and broken down for Monster Crystals used for crafting, extract them in Ardentmill to farm monster crystals that also sell for a pretty decent amount.

I also noted 2-3 Familiar farming options that are quite popular and sold quite fast.

Learn your profession skills and start mining/crafting as soon as you can to get those levels up. High level potions, accessories, and even equips can be sold at a pretty decent amount. Work for it. If you're not willing to put in the effort, don't expect to be as rich as everyone else. Every little bit counts.

Another thing is to keep note of prices. Spell traces generally go up during fever time so it's possible to do some reselling here but don't depend on that.

Things to look out for

Take advantage and read the notes on the website, there are many events that cubing and scrolling are listed on the main page. It's not hard to find and don't spam around asking for it, you'll easily see it there with flashing colors and you are told way ahead of time to prepare. Training during 2x times doesn't hurt but grab a map a head of time by a few hours because they get packed in the higher level areas. Don't fret, you may choose alternative training areas.