Character Cards

##Brief explanation
  • One character card will be created for each character you have that is at least Lv.30.
  • Each card has unique attributes based on character type and job, and card grade.
  • Place the character cards on the card deck and their effects will be applied on all characters in the same world within the account.
  • Each deck has 3 card slots. A total of 3 decks are provided.
  • Combine 3 cards in a deck to trigger special deck effects.
  • Cards cannot be shared with your characters in other worlds.
  • The grade of each card is determined based on character level.
  • Click the "Character Card" button on the top-right of the login screen to begin.
  • Card properties listed below are based on the grade of a card. For example, a card for a Lv.40 Fighter will grant 2% Weapon DEF, but further up this job branch, a card for a Lv.160 Hero will grant 4% Weapon DEF.
  • Grade B = levels 30-60. Grace A = levels 61-100. Grade S = levels 101-199. Grade SS = level 200.

Character Card Bonuses

JobBonusGrade BGrade AGrade SGrade SS
Angelic BusterDEX+10+20+40+80
Aran+70% chance to restore HP on hit+2%+4%+6%+8%
Battle MageDamage when hit-2%-3%-4%-5%
BishopMP Potion Effect+5%+10%+15%+20%
Blaze WizardMagic damager per level+.5+1
Bow MasterACC+2%+4%+6%+8%
BuccaneerBonus damage per level+2+3+4+5
CannoneerEXP loss-2%-3%-4%-5%
CorsairSummon duration+4%+6%+8%+10%
Dark KnightHP+2%+3%+4%+5%
Dawn WarriorDEF+2%+3%+4%+5%
Demon AvengerBoss damager+1%+2%+3%+4%
Demon SlayerAbnormal Stat Resist+1%+2%+3%+4%
Dual BladeAvoid+2%+3%+4%+5%
Evan+70% chance to restore MP on hit+2%+4%+6%+8%
HayatoMin. Critical+2%+4%+6%+8%
Ice/LightningMagic damager per level+.5+1+1.5+2
JettSummon creature's duration+2%+4%+8%+10%
KannaBoss damage+1%+2%+3%+4%
MarksmanCritical chance+1%+2%+3%+4%
MechanicBuff duration+5%+10%+15%+20%
MercedesSkill cooldown-2%-3%-4%-5%
Night LordJump+2%+3%+4%+5%
Night WalkerAvoid+2%+3%
PaladinATK per level+.5+11.52
PhantomMeso acquisition+1%+2%+3%+4%
Thunder BreakerBonus damage per level+2+3+4+5
Wild HunterChance to instant kill.5%+1%+1.5%+2%
Wind ArcherACC+2%+4%+6%+8%
XenonSTR, DEX, LUK+5+10+15+20

Three-of-a-kind Bonus

DeckRequirementBonusGrade BGrade AGrade SGrade SS
Warrior's First Step3 Rank B CardsHP and MP+300
Warrior's Growth3 Rank A CardsATK, HP, MPM/ATK +1, HP/MP +500
Warrior's Feat3 Rank S CardsATK, HP, MPM/ATK +3, Boss ATK +3%, HP/MP +700
Completed Warrior3 Rank SS CardsATK, HP, MPM/ATK +5, Boss ATK +5%, HP/MP +1000
Powerful Charge3 Warrior CardsHP bonus damage+4%+6%+8%+10%
Magical Storm3 Magician CardsMP bonus damage+4%+6%+8%+10%
Pinpoint Aim3 Bowman CardsFinal Attack damage+1%+2%+3%+4%
Weak Point Targeting3 Thief CardsMax Critical damage+1%+2%+3%+4%
Pirate's Way3 Pirate CardsIgnore DEF+2%+4%+6%+8%
Free Spirit3 Explorer CardsAll Stats+2+5+7+10
Honor of Cygnus3 Cygnus CardsAll Stats+2+5+7+10
The Glorious Return3 Hero CardsAll Stats+2+5+7+10
Blaze of Resistance3 Resistance CardsAll Stats+2+5+7+10

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