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Cygnus Knight Quests


Welcome to the Cygnus Knight Quest Guide, the complete guide to every Cygnus Knight exclusive quest in GMS. And very likely the first complete English one to arrive on the Internet.

Pre-Reading Notes

Remember where Shinsoo is! A lot of quests involve the people in his map, and it just wouldn't do for Cygnus' knights to get lost in their own home.

Comments and suggestions welcome unless you choose not to present them politely. =p

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Ereve (levels 1~15)

This section deals with all of the quests up to, and including, your first job advancement.

Pre-Knight (level 1+)

The quests in this section reward your Noblesse outfit, potions, and plenty of exp. They also help you get accustomed to being a Cygnus Knight. By the time you finish them all you should be ready for the next section right away. Raising the Three Snails skill to the max level is highly recommended, since it makes your questing on Ereve a great deal easier and Nexon has kindly removed the need to actually have snail shells to use it.

Greetings from the Young Queen - Level 1+
Involves: [url=][Cygnus][/url]
Requires: No requirements
Rewards: 20 exp
Process: Just read what she says, and you're done. Easy first quest, huh?

Neinheart the Strategist - Level 1+ Cygnus only
Involves: [url=][Neinheart][/url]
Requires: Greetings from the Young Queen completed
Rewards: 40 exp, Noblesse medal, Noblesse robe
Process: Just read what he says, and you're done.

Kiku the Knight Trainer - Level 1+ Cygnus only
Involved: [url=][Kiku][/url]
Requires: Neinheart the Strategist completed
Rewards: 60 exp, 10 Noblesse Red Potion, 10 Noblesse Blue Potion, Noblesse hat
Process: Locate Kiku by continuing through the westernmost portal of each map until you find Training Forest 1. Just read what he says, and you're done.

Note: All of the below enemies can be located in the main Training Forest maps. The maps I list are just maps with those monsters exclusively.

Kiku's First Training Session - Level 1+ Cygnus only
Involved: Kiku, [url=][Tino][/url]
Requires: Kiku the Knight Trainer completed
Rewards: 80 exp
Process: Defeat 5 Tinos and return to Kiku. From Kiku, go through the northeast portal and you will find Tino's Forest, where there are plenty of Tinos to hunt for the quest.

Kiku's Second Training Session - Level 1+ Cygnus only
Involved: Kiku, [url=][Tiv][/url]
Requires: Kiku's First Training Session completed
Rewards: 100 exp, 15 Noblesse Red Potion, 15 Noblesse Blue Potion
Process: Defeat 10 Tivs and return to Kiku. From Kiku, go through the northwest portal and you will find Tiv's Forest, where there are plenty of Tivs to hunt for the quest.

Kiku's Third Training Session - Level 1+ Cygnus only
Involved: Kiku, [url=][Timu][/url]
Requires: Kiku's Second Training Session completed
Rewards: 250 exp
Process: Defeat 15 Timus and return to Kiku. From Kiku, go through the southwest portal. Then, go through the northeast portal to find Timu's Forest, where there lots of Timus to hunt.

Kiku's Fourth Training Session - Level 1+ Cygnus only
Involved: Kiku, [url=][Tiru][/url]
Requires: Kiku's Third Training Session completed
Rewards: 500 exp, 25 Noblesse Red Potion, 25 Noblesse Blue Potion
Process: Defeat 20 Tirus and return to Kiku. From Kiku, go through the southwest portal. Then, go through the northwest portal to find Tiru's Forest. There are a lot of Tirus here for you to hunt.

Kiku's Last Training Session - Level 1+ Cygnus only
Involved: Kiku, [url=][Tiguru][/url]
Requires: Kiku's Fourth Training Session completed
Rewards: 750 exp
Process: Defeat 3 Tigurus and return to Kiku. From Kiku, go through the southwest portal. Then, go through the southwest portal again. Finally, go through the northeast portal to find Tiguru's Forest, where Tigirus are plentiful.

Becoming a Knight (Level 1~10+)

The quests in this section deal with advancing from Noblesse to Cygnus Knight, while giving you some exp in the process. You must be level 10 for most of the quests in this section, which involve talking with different NPCs on Ereve and a short quiz.

The Path of a Knight - Level 1+ Cygnus only
Involved: Kiku
Requires: Kiku's Last Training Session completed
Rewards: 1,000 exp
NPC: Kiku
Process: Talk to Kiku and and answer his questions. There are only two answers to each question, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Time to Choose - Level 10+ Cygnus only
Involved: Neinheart
Process: Talk to Neinheart, who will tell you to choose a job, and the quest will be completed.

Path of a {Cygnus Knight} - Level 10+ Cygnus only
Involved: The Knight Instructors on the far left of Shinsoo's map.
Requires: Time to Choose completed
Rewards: Knight in Training medal, Beginner weapon for your chosen class
Process: From Shinsoo, simply head to the far west side of the map to where all of the Cygnus representatives are lounging on a big structure. Talk to any one of them twice to accept the advancement to their Cygnus class and complete this quest.

Post-Knight (Level 10-15)

You cannot leave Ereve until level 13, even though you make your first advancement at level 10. This section deals with getting you to level 13 quickly so you can leave Ereve.

Are You Sure You Can Leave? - Level 10-15 Cygnus only
Involved: Neinheart, Kiku
Requires: Path of a {Cygnus Knight} completed
Rewards: Nothing
Process: Accept from Neinheart, then revisit Kiku again to finish this quest.

First Monster Acclimation Training - Level 10-15 Cygnus only
Involved: Kiku, [url=][Drill Hall][/url], Slime For Training
Requires: Are You Sure You Can Leave? completed
Rewards: 1,450 exp, 30 Noblesse Red Potion, 30 Noblesse Blue Potion
Process: From Kiku, continue west until you reach the Drill Hall. Enter through the ground floor portal, defeat 30 Slime For Training, and return to Kiku. Training monsters all have the same stats as the real monsters.

Second Monster Acclimation Training - Level 10-15 Cygnus only
Involved: Kiku, Drill Hall, Orange Mushroom For Training
Requires: First Monster Acclimation Training completed
Rewards: 2,000 exp, 40 Noblesse Red Potion, 40 Noblesse Blue Potion
Process: Exactly the same as the previous quest. The Drill Hall will now contain the new monster you need to defeat.

Third Monster Acclimation Training - Level 10-15 Cygnus only
Involved: Drill Hall, Kiku, Pig For Training
Requires: Second Monster Acclimation Training completed
Rewards: 2,800 exp, 50 Noblesse Red Potion, 50 Noblesse Blue Potion
Process: Exactly the same as the previous quest.

Leaving Ereve (Level 13+)

This section just explains how to leave Ereve, in case you don't know how. You'll be leaving soon, so it would be a good idea to know.

Involved: [url=][Ferry Map Entrance][/url]
To leave Ereve, go back to town and there should be a set of stairs near the portal toward Shinsoo. Climb up them, enter the portal, climb the stairs inside, and talk to the NPCs there to leave Ereve. The left one sends you on a 2 minute trip to Ellinia, the right on an 8 minute trip to Orbis, both for 1K mesos.

Once in Ellinia, make note of where the entrance back to the Ereve ferry is. It's on the other side of the map from the ferry to Orbis, so don't get confused!

Returning to Ereve from Orbis Station is like traveling to any other main town. Talk to the Platform Manager and ask her to send you to Ereve, then continue right and talk to the NPC inside.


During the time up to your first job advancement, there are many quests related to each town on Victoria Island. They reward mostly experience to help you get to level 30 quickly, and involve getting to know a lot of new NPCs and hunting monsters. There are no prerequisites for these quests other than level, so you can start them at any time.

Henesys (Level: 13-14+)

These quests all take place in and around Henesys. You must be at least level 13 to start the first one, and should be at or around level 16 by the time you finish.

Sent to Henesys - Level 13+ Cygnus only
Involved: Neinheart, [url=][Roca][/url]
Requires: No prerequisites
Process: Accept the quest from Neinheart, then take the ferry from Ereve to Ellinia, and either walk or take the taxi to Henesys. Locate Roca, a short distance east of the Mushroom Park entrance, and speak with him to complete the quest.

A Cynical Orange Mushroom - Level 13+ Cygnus only
Involved: Roca, Cynical Orange Mushroom, [url=][Suspicious Hill][/url]
Requires: Sent to Henesys completed
Rewards: 1,000 exp
Process: Defeat 50 Cynical Orange Mushrooms and collect 1 Orange Mushroom Doll. Take the southeast portal from Henesys after talking to Roca. From here, exit through the northeast portal. Inside you will find a whole bunch of Cynical Orange Mushrooms. They have the same stats as a regular Orange Mushroom, so if you did the Second Monster Acclimation Training quest this should be about the same for difficulty. They occasionally drop Orange Mushroom Dolls, so keep an eye on what your Mushrooms drop and make sure to pick up the doll (you should find it before 50 kills). Report back to Roca when you're done.

A Black Shadow in the Pig Farm - Level 14+ Cygnus only
Involved: Roca, [url=][A Tree][/url]
Requires: A Cynical Orange Mushroom completed
Rewards: 1,000 exp
Process: From Roca, make your way two maps east from Henesys to Rain Forest East of Henesys. Once there, click on the tree shown in the Involved section for this quest. Head back to town and tell Roca about the shadow.

Pigs Revolt - Level 14+ Cygnus only
Involved: Roca
Requires: A Black Shadow in the Pig Farm completed
Rewards: 1,500 exp
Process: Defeat 100 Pigs and 50 Ribbon Pigs and collect 1 Pig Doll. A good place to do this is inside the Henesys Pig Farm, which can be accessed through the northeast portal in the Rain Forest East of Henesys, where you investigated the shadows. Make sure to pick up the Pig Doll when it drops, which should happen before or shortly after you finish killing all the monsters you need.

Done with Henesys - Level 14+ Cygnus only
Involved: Roca, Neinheart
Requires: Pigs Revolt completed
Rewards: 1,700 exp
Process: Talk to Roca in Henesys, then take his report and the Pig Doll to Neinheart in Ereve.

Kerning City (Level: 16-17+)

These quests all take place in and around Kerning City. You must be at least level 16 to start the first one, and should be at or around level 18 by the time you finish.

Sent to Kerning City - Level 16+ Cygnus only
Involved: Neinheart, [url=][Matthias][/url]
Requires: Done With Henesys completed
Process: Talk with Neinheart in Ereve, then go talk to Matthias in Kerning City. Matthias can be found on the western side of Kerning City, on the bottom level.

Hidden Inside the Trash Can - Level 16+ Cygnus only
Involved: Matthias, [url=][Trash Can][/url]
Requires: Sent to Kerning City completed
Rewards: 800 exp
Process: Head to the east side of Kerning City and go in the door on the big blue Subway building on the bottom level. Then head out through the portal on the southeast side of the map you're in to one full of Bubblings (they look like blue Slimes). Locate and click on the trash cans to rummage through the garbage for a Bubbling Doll. Once you have it, go visit Matthias again.

Fake Doll - Level 16+ Cygnus only
Involved: Matthias, Bubblings
Requires: Hidden Inside the Trash Can completed
Rewards: 2,200 exp
Process: Defeat 100 Bubblings, collect 30 more Bubbling Dolls. Go back to the map with Bubblings, and proceed to kill off any Bubbling in sight until you have 100 kills. Make sure to pick up the dolls they drop while you're at it, you need 30 for this quest too. You should find your 30th drop right around the time you make your 100th kill - they aren't too rare.

I Shall Pick 'Em All - Level 17+ Cygnus only
involved: Matthias, [url=][Mr. Pickall][/url]
Requires: Fake Doll completed
Rewards: 2,000 exp
Process: Complete A Deal With Mr. Pickall and then return to Matthias.

A Deal With Mr. Pickall - Level 17+ Cygnus only
Involved: Mr. Pickall, Bubblings
Requires: I Shall Pick 'Em All in progress
Rewards: Required for I Shall Pick 'Em All quest
Process: Collect 10 Old Keys from Bubblings. You might go through up to 200 Bubblings before you find all ten, but it shouldn't take terribly long anyway. Return to Mr. Pickall once you have all ten keys, then return to Matthias to complete the previous quest.

Done with Kerning City - Level 17+ Cygnus only
Involved: Matthias, Neinheart
Requires: I Shall Pick 'Em All completed
Reward: 3,500 exp
Process: Return to Ereve again and speak with Neinheart.

Ellinia (Level: 18-19+)

These quests all take place in and around Ellinia. You must be at least level 18 to start the first one, and should be at or around level 20 by the time you finish.

Sent to Ellinia - Level 18+ Cygnus only
Involved: Neinheart, [url=][Hersha][/url]
Requires: Done with Kerning City completed
Process: Locate Hersha about midway up the east side of Ellinia and speak with him to complete the quest.

Maybe It's Arwen! - Level 18+ Cygnus only
Involved: Hersha, [url=][Stump][/url], [url=][Arwen][/url]
Requires: Sent to Ellinia completed
Reward: 2,500 exp and unknown item(s) (item's existence possibly a typo on Nexon's part)
Process: Go two maps northwest of Ellinia, and then press up in front of the dark spot on the left tree. Keep pressing up in front of the dark spots until you reach the top of The Tree That Grew III. Climb up the rope to get to the northwest portal. Once inside, click the stump and then visit Arwen midway up the west side of town in Ellinia.

The Plants Are Suspicious! - Level 18+ Cygnus only
Involved: Hersha, [url=][Plant][/url]
Requires: Maybe It's Arwen completed
Reward: 3,500 exp
Process: Head out of Ellinia in any direction and look around for the plants in the picture. Every outdoor map outside of town has ten or so. Simply whack the plants until they drop a fruit. Once you have them all, take them back to Hersha and the quest will be counted as completed.

Maybe It's Grendel! - Level 19+ Cygnus only
Involved: Hersha, [url=][Grendel's House][/url], [url=][Inside Grendel's House][/url]
Requires: Maybe it's the Plants! completed
Reward: 4,000 exp
Process: First thing first, make sure you have a bunch of potions, because you'll be fighting a mob of around 30 Blue Mushrooms all at once for this quest. Once you're ready, head to Grendel's house and try to go in. Only a small handful of people are allowed in at a time, so if it says that Grendel is still inside, either wait for someone to finish and come out or try changing channels. Once inside, it would be a good idea to climb up the ladder onto the shelves marked in green and black on the right. This is so that you have a moment to measure what you're up against before it runs you over. Once you're properly settled, click on the books outlined in red and black on the left. A mob of Blue Mushrooms will spawn and scatter all over the ground floor, and escaping requires that you take them all down. Once they're dead, head back to Hersha and the quest is over.
Tip: Ranged classes can stand on the box outlined in blue and black on the lower right to attack (or the barrels on top in the case of Wind Archers) to avoid the mobs, but you should still be careful since the mushrooms can and probably will jump up to meet you.
Tip: Xetrina discovered that allowing the timer inside Grendel's house to expire will teleport you out of the house. This means that if you can't defeat all the mushrooms in ten minutes, you will be safely teleported out anyway, and you can still complete the quest by talking to Hersha again. So if you just can't kill them, there's still hope for escape.
Tip: If you get impatient and want to leave without killing the Blue Mushrooms or waiting, OuroKishi has discovered that logging out and back in again will remove you from the house and allow you to complete the quest without killing all the mushrooms.
Note: Grendel's house is a "protected" map. So if you accidentally die, you only lose 1% of your current exp rather than 5% or 10%. So if you die, it won't be as bad as it normally is. (thank you to uglylonersin and dahlia123 for testing this)

Done With Ellinia - Level 19+ Cygnus only
Involved: Hersha, Neinheart
Requires: Maybe it's Grendel! completed
Reward: 5,000 exp
Process: Head back to Ereve, talk with Neinheart, and you're done.

Perion (Level: 25-26+)

These quests all take place in and around Perion. You must be at least level 25 to start the first one, and should be at or around level 27~28 by the time you finish. Note the high level requirement compared to the previous quests - you'll most likely have to train some without quests before attempting these.

Before Heading to Perion - Level 25+ Cygnus only
Involved: A lightbulb, Neinheart
Requires: Done With Ellinia completed
Process: This quest will appear via a little light bulb over your head. Once you accept it, go visit Neinheart in Ereve and talk to him.

Sent to Perion - Level 25+ Cygnus only
Involved: Neinheart, [url=]10 Boogies[/url]
Requires: Before Heading to Perion completed
Reward: 600 exp
Process: Look for 10 Boogies (yes, her name really starts with a number) on the east side of Perion, about midway up in height. Speak with her to complete this quest.

Wooden Mask - Level 25+ Cygnus only
Involved: 10 Boogies, Wooden Mask
Requires: Sent to Perion completed
Reward: 5,000 exp
Process: Defeat 200 Wooden Masks. The best place to hunt for wooden masks is east from Perion. Continue east until you reach Rocky Road III, then go north from there to Excavation Site I. Here you will find Ghost Stumps and a few Wooden Masks. Continue one more map north to Excavation Site II, where there are a lot of Wooden Masks and a few Rocky Masks. Hunt the Wooden Masks here, then return to 10 Boogies.

Stone Mask - Level 26+ Cygnus only
Involved: 10 Boogies, Stone Mask
Requires: Wooden Mask completed
Reward: 6,500 exp
Process: Defeat 200 Stone Mask. Follow the directions to Excavation Site II from the Wooden Mask quest, but continue one more map north to Excavation Site III. This is the best map to hunt for Stone Masks in. Once you have 200 defeated, return to 10 Boogies for your reward.

Done with Perion - Level 26+ Cygnus only
Involved: 10 Boogies, Neinheart
Requires: Stone Mask completed
Reward: 7,500 exp
Process: Accept the quest from 10 Boogies, then go back to Neinheart in Ereve again. Quest complete, bye-bye Perion.

Sleepywood (Level: 28+)

These quests all take place in and around Sleepywood and the Ant Tunnel. You must be at least level 28 to start the first one, and should be at or around level 30 by the time you finish. Depending on how well you did on the previous quests, you may need to level on your own again before you can attempt these quests.

Sent to Sleepywood - Level 28+ Cygnus only
Involved: Neinheart
Requires: Done with Perion completed
Process: Finally a change of pace. This time, you get to be the agent stationed in Sleepywood. This quest will be completed automatically after the next four are.

Note: The next three quests can be accepted and worked on together. So stocking up on potions and doing all of them at once could save you some time. =)

The Rememberer's Information - Level 28+ Cygnus only
Involved: [url=][The Rememberer][/url], [url=][Mushroom Cave Entrance][/url], Zombie Mushrooms
Requires: Sent to Sleepywood in progress.
Reward: 4,500 exp
Process: Defeat 250 Zombie Mushrooms. The best place to do this is in the Ant Tunnel, which can be accessed through the east portal in Sleepywood. In Ant Tunnel I, head out the southeast portal. Then go into the southeast portal in Ant Tunnel II into Cave of Mushrooms. With lots of Zombie Mushrooms and a handful of Horned Mushrooms, this place is perfect. Make sure to collect Horned Mushroom caps while you're at it, you'll need 100 of them for the next quest.

Chrishrama's Information - Level 28+ Cygnus only
Involved: [url=][Chrishrama][/url]
Requires: Sent to Sleepywood in progress.
Reward: 4,500 exp
Process: Collect 100 Horned Mushroom Caps. If you didn't pick them up while you were hunting Zombie Mushrooms for The Rememberer's Information then you could hunt in the Cave of Mushrooms anyway, or try hunting on the first platform you encounter after entering Ant Tunnel I from Sleepywood.

Sabitrama's Information - Level 28+ Cygnus only
Involved: [url=][Sabitrama][/url], [url=][Entrance to the Cave of Evil Eye][/url], Evil Eye
Requires: Sent to Sleepywood in progress
Reward: 6,500 exp
Process: Defeat 200 Evil Eyes. The best map to do this in is probably the one directly west from Sleepywood. It's nearby and it has decent mobs for melee classes and plenty of snipable locations for ranged classes.

Note: The above is the last of the group of quests that can be accepted all at once. The next one can only be completed after Chrishrama's Information is completed.

Mysterious Statue's Information
Involved: [url=][Mysterious Statue][/url]
Requires: Chrishrama's Information completed
Reward: 1,000 exp
Process: Click on the Mysterious Statue. The quest will be considered complete, but you must talk to Neinheart in Ereve to turn it in.

Find the Puppeteer! - Level 28+ Cygnus only
Involved: [url=][Puppeteer Entrance][/url], [url=][Puppeteer][/url]
Requires: Sent to Sleepywood completed
Reward: 12,000 exp
Process: First off, stock up on your potions again since you'll be fighting a fairly tough monster for your level. Bring some Holy Water from the Ellinia Potion Shop too, since you'll be dealing with being sealed. Once you're ready, either ride the black VIP Cab in Ellinia or travel through the Ant Tunnel to Ant Tunnel Park. Go back into the Cave of Evil Eye, and continue south to the Cave of Evil Eye III. On the east side of the map will be a large stump. Stand in front of the hole in it and press up. You will be prompted for a password to enter, and then allowed inside once you get it correct. Once inside, click on the Puppeteer to begin the battle. After the Puppeteer has been defeated, return to Neinheart on Ereve again.
Tip: Look up the four Sleepywood quests for The Rememberer, Sabitrama, Chrishrama, and the Mysterious Statue in your quest window. The notes inside should provide enough information for you to figure out what the password is. Talking to Neinheart in Ereve may help as well.
Solution: If you can't figure it out (or can't think, or are just lazy) then click the spoiler below. If you've done Cassandra's Speed Quiz before, then you ought to know that spelling, proper spacing, capitals, and punctuation all count. And the tiniest mistake means the whole thing is wrong. Luckily, there's no penalty for this - if you mess up, just try to go back into the portal and you can try again. [spoiler=1]Francis is a genius Puppeteer![/spoiler]

Ereve (level 120)

Story Quests

Level 120 - Congratulations on such an achievement! Unlike previous quests, the ones for level 120 are a little vague. Good luck!

All these quests require a minimum level of 120, and you must be a Cygnus Knight. There is no prerequisite for this section, so you can start the moment you're level 120.

Chasing the Knight's Target
Involved: The familiar old light bulb over your head
Process: You know the drill by now. Click the lightbulb, accept, and find the NPC for the next quest.

Hunting the Zombies
Involved: [url=][Jade][/url], Forest of Dead Trees, [url=][Coolie Zombie][/url], [url=][Black Scale - Ground][/url], [url=][Black Scale - Inventory][/url]
Requires: Chasing the Knight's Target accepted
Process: Unlike previous quests, you do not need to visit Neinheart after the lightbulb quest appears. Instead, make a visit to El Nath, and look for Jade on the east side of town. She will give you the rather vague hint that the knight you are looking for was hunting zombies. And that's it - the quest is over.

Black Scale
Involved: Lightbulb!, Black Scale, [url=][Spiruna's House - Map][/url], [url=][Spiruna's House - Entrance][/url], [url=][Spiruna][/url]
Requires: Hunting the Zombies completed, Black Scale in possession
Process: This quest is a bit unusual, since you can actually begin the first part of it before the quest is started. In fact, you have to start the first part before the quest is started.

Jade will have informed you from the previous quest that the knight was hunting zombies. This is your clue: You need to hunt zombies too. Which ones? It doesn't matter - both Coolie Zombies and Miner Zombies work. I recommend Coolie Zombies in the Forest of Dead Trees, however, because they have a much better spawn. Both of them can be located by leaving Elnath to the east of town and continuing north and east until you see the zombies. Optionally, you can pay 45K mesos to the black VIP Cab on the east side of town to skip the first half of the climb (it's a really long one), or buy a Dead Mine scroll in the free market and skip the entire climb. If you use a Dead Mine scroll, I recommend backtracking a map or three into the Coolie Zombie fields rather than staying in the Miner Zombie area. Once you find the zombies, defeat as many as needed to locate a Black Scale.

Note: From my experience, I usually find about 100 to 700 Zombie's Lost Tooth before finding a scale, so it may take a lot of zombies to find the scale. The scale is also tradable, so you can buy it in the free market if you get tired of hunting zombies and find someone selling one. You can also enlist the help of friends more easily if you happen to know any nice people.

Update: Post Big Bang, the scale is untradable. However, it drops like once every two to three kills (Thanks Reborn1337 for reminding me). It should not be hard to find one. However, now the zombies are level 13x, making them difficult to hit for a Cygnus Knight. It can be done, but asking a higher level friend to lend a hand for a few minutes may be a good idea.

Once you locate the scale, a lightbulb will appear over your head. Clicking on it will give you a message from (surprise!) Spiruna! Bet you weren't expecting that, huh? After some chatter with Spiruna, this quest will officially begin! The second leg of the journey is actually very simple. All you have to do is go back to Orbis at the top of Orbis Tower to the west of Elnath and find Spiruna. I recommend going down Orbis Tower, exiting the tower, using a Nearest Town scroll to Aqua Road, taking the Dolphin Taxi to Herb Town, have Crane send you to Mu Lung, and then talk to Crane again and have him send you to Orbis. This route, though not as fast as using an Orbis Tower scroll, is faster (and easier) than climbing all the way up Orbis Tower.

In Orbis, leave through the middle height, east portal to Cloud Park. Use the south portal and continue south and east until you reach Cloud Park IV. Spiruna resides in the house on the bottom center of this map. Simply go inside, talk to her, and you're done.

Weird, isn't it, how you did most of the work for this quest before you could even start it?

Dragon Outcasts
Involved: [url=][Chief Tatamo][/url], [url=][Manon's Forest - Map][/url], [url=][Manon's Forest - Entrance][/url], [url=][Nix][/url]
Requires: Black Scale completed
Process: Accept this quest from Chief Tatamo near the center of town in Leafre. Then, locate and talk to Nix, who can be found in Isolated Forest which can be accessed through either Manon's Forest or Griffey's Forest. See the maps in the Involved section for help.

The Stolen Egg
Involved: Nix, Griffey, Manon
Requires: Dragon Outcasts completed
Process: Leave the Isolated Forest through either side. One direction goes to Griffey's Forest, the other to Manon's Forest. You must find the boss monster that spawns in each one and defeat it. They are much harder than the level 110 skill bosses and only spawn once every six hours. You may need to check each channel or even wait in order to find one. I recommend bringing friends along as well. Once you have defeated each boss at least once, return to Nix.

The Cave of the Black Witch
Involved: [url=][Nest of a Dead Dragon - Map][/url], [url=][Cave of Black Witches - Entrance][/url], [url=][Frightening Marble][/url]
Process: Locate Nest of a Dead Dragon in Leafre (way out in the middle of nowhere by the skelegons) and enter the cave there. Talk to the Frightening Marble NPC inside to accept and finish this quest at the same time.

The Knight That Disappeared
Involved: Neinheart, Cave of Black Witches, [url=][Fallen Knight][/url]
Process: Accept this quest from Neinheart, then stock up on potions. You will be dealing with Darkness (non mages may want to bring eyedrops from the potion store in Ereve to counter the reduction of accuracy) and Zombify (all classes may want to bring potions that recover double their usual amount to counter the 50% decrease in potion recovery). Chances are you will die a few times too. Makes you glad you don't need to level any more, huh? After preparations are done, visit the Cave of Black Witches again and talk to the Fallen Knight NPC there that you "missed" last time (actually, he wasn't even there!). You will be teleported back to Ereve, where the next quest will begin right away. Again, make sure to bring potions before you turn in this quest!

The Curse of the Black Witch
Involved: Shinsoo, [url=][Black Witch][/url], [url=][Black Witch Attack][/url], [url=][Black Witch Buff][/url]
Process: Talk to Shinsoo, then head west a short way and talk to the Black Witch. If you're paying attention to the text, you'll notice that the Black Witch wants you to surrender! No way is that going to happen, decline right away and get ready for a fight. The Black Witch will get annoyed and turn into a boss monster, which you now must defeat. Once you defeat her, talk to Shinsoo again and then leave the map through the portal on the left.
Watch those skill animations, or you may end up dead!
  • Bluish-white pillar of light (Black Witch Attack link above): Moderately dangerous. Deals around 3K damage and knocks you across the screen at a 100% rate.
  • Black circle on top of her (no link): Mildly annoying. Inflicts Zombify at a fairly low rate. Potions temporarily recover 50% of what they normally do on success (not guaranteed - this may fail). Recommend bringing some potions that recover more than normal to counter this.
  • Blue rings rising around her (Black Witch Buff link above): Mildly annoying to very dangerous. Has a chance to cast darkness (severely reduces accuracy temporarily) at a fairly low rate (not guaranteed - this may fail). Bring eyedrops to counter. May also be...
  • Blue rings rising around her (Black Witch Buff link above): Very hazardous. May cast damage reflect, denoted by a purple icon over her head. I highly recommend you stop attacking as soon as she begins this animation, until you can be sure that the purple icon is either absent, or worn off.

  • She has quite a lot of hit points and a very high knockback amount (15K damage).
  • Summons can safely hit her even with damage reflect on, although it only does 1 damage. Can be useful for identifying whether it is on or not.
  • Damage reflect is only cast after 50% of her hit points are gone. Until the health bar no longer passes the right edge of the timer, you're safe.
  • If you die, you'll have to repeat the previous quest to get back in. Make sure to bring potions again, cuz you'll still need them.

Chief Knight of the Empress
Involved: Empress Cygnus
Requires: The Curse of the Black Witch completed
Rewards: [url=][Captain Knight Medal][/url], [url=][Echo of Hero][/url]
Process: Simply talk to Cygnus and you will be immediately rewarded.


Cygnus Knights receive a total of three mounts on their journey to level 120. Note that quests for mounts do not rely on quests for skills, quests for advancements, or storyline quests being completed in order for you to accept them. They require only that you be at least the minimum level and have completed the previous mount quests (if any) unless otherwise noted. Noblesse characters can also acquire mounts, unlike Adventurer beginners.

Level 50 Mount

All quests in this section require a mimimum level of 50 and that you are a Cygnus Knight or Noblesse.
This section is dedicated to acquiring your very first Cygnus Knight mount, the Mimiana. The quests all require a minimum level of 50. You will need to pay 10,000,000 (ten million) mesos, and do some traveling to to talk to various NPCs to complete these quests and get your mount. It has the same stats as a level 70 hog for adventurers (140 speed, 120 jump) and apparently looks like a Chocobo from Final Fantasy. You can see for yourself if you like:
[url=][Chocobo][/url] [url=][Mimiana][/url]

Knight's Dignity
Process: Click the lightbult over your head, and accept.

Mounts for Knights
Involved: Neinheart, [url=][Hatchery Entrance][/url], [url=][Kiridu][/url]
Requires: Knight's Dignity completed
Process: From Neinheart where you accept the quest, head west until you find the familiar map with Kiku in it. Then travel through the southwest portal twice until you reach Training Forest III. From here, go through the northwest portal and talk to Kiridu.

Raising Mimiana
Involved: [url=][Kiridu][/url], ?
Requires: Mounts for Knights completed
Reward: 37,600 exp
Process: Talk to Kiridu to accept this quest. Once it has been accepted, your goal is to hatch the egg and then return to Kiridu with it.
To hatch your egg, gain experience until the feet come out. Then return to Kiridu. You can see if the feet are out yet by double clicking on the egg to open the egg's own special window, which will give you updates on the egg's state. The amount of experience you need to gain varies, but is usually less than you need to level.
As of the Big Bang patch, this quest has been "un-glitched." You can no longer turn in your egg when only Mimiana's feet are out. You must hunt until Mimiana is completely hatched before you can turn it in (feet out -> head out -> completely out -> turn in)

Riding Mimiana
Involved: Kiridu
Requires: Raising Mimiana completed
Reward: Tamed Monster Saddle, Mimiana, Monster Rider Skill
Process: Complete Mimiana's Supplements quest and return to Kiridu.

Mimiana's Supplements
Involved: [url=][Aquarium Entrance][/url], Kenta
Requires: Mounting Mimiana in progress
Reward: Mimiana's Supplements
Process: Visit Kenta in Aquarium and buy some supplements for your Mimiana.

From Kiridu, go to the Sky Ferry, but take it to Orbis this time instead of Victoria Island. Once in Orbis Station, head to the station guide on the east side and request to go to Mu Lung. Go out the far right portal and talk to the bird NPC inside. He will charge you 1,500 mesos to ride to Mu Lung. Stand on the bridge on the far west side of the map you arrive in and press up to be teleported to the top of the bridge. Follow the raised platforms east and you will soon encounter the same NPC that brought you to Mu Lung from Orbis. Talk to him again and request to go to Herb Town. This will cost 1,000 mesos. Once in Herb Town, exit through the southwest portal, where you will find a small pond with a dolphin NPC. Talk to him and request to go to Aquarium for 10,000 mesos. Then find the opening shown in the Aquarium Entrance link above and go in. Talk to Kenta to accept this quest, then talk to him again to pay him 10,000,000 mesos and receive the supplements for your Mimiana. The quest will now be counted as complete.

To return to Ereve, locate the Dolphin Taxi NPC outside in town. Request to go to Herb Town for 10,000 mesos. Slightly west of the center of Herb Town, on the top level, you will find the bird NPC from Orbis again. Request to return to Mu Lung for 1,000 mesos. Then, stand under the west bridge, press up, and travel east along the top to find the bird NPC again. Request to ride back to Orbis for 1,500 mesos. In Orbis Station, travel west until you reach the platform assistant again. Request to go to the platform to Ereve. Talk to the NPC here, pay 1,000 mesos, and you'll be on your way back to Ereve right away.

Making the Saddle - Quest Not Acquired, Quest Incomplete
Involved: Kiridu, ?
Requires: Riding Mimiana completed
Reward: ? (monster saddle?)
Process: ?
Note: This quest is not required to acquire or ride your Mimiana, and is likely activated only if you lose your Mimiana (in other words, drop it). Thank you to Nightwind90 for pointing this out.

Re-Raising Mimiana - Quest Not Acquired, Quest Incomplete
Involved: Kiridu, ?
Requires: Raising Mimiana completed
Reward: ? (Monster Riding skill?)
Process: ?
Note: Apparently this is a repeat of the original Raising Mimiana quest. You shouldn't need to complete this quest unless you toss your Mimiana for some reason.

Level 100 Mount

In order to obtain this mount, you must already have the Mimiana mount in your possession. I'm unsure, but you may also have to level your Mimiana to level 3 before you can do these quests.

A Knight's Pride
Involved: The lightbulb over your head, Kiridu, Kiridu's Hatchery
Process: Click the lightbulb. Accept the quest.

Raising Mimio
Involved: Kiridu, Pam
Requires: A Knight's Pride completed
Reward: Mimio
Process: This one may take a while to do, and it is expensive too. All together you will need 810 drops from monsters around Leafre and 27 million mesos (at least). So, let's begin.
First thing's first, talk to Kiridu in his hatchery on Ereve to accept the quest. Once you've done that, head to Leafre to start collecting items to improve your mount. You will need to acquire three each of Step 1, 2, and 3 Concentrated Formula from Pam, who can be found in the right house on the top left platform in town in Leafre. You can talk to her (click the "Concocting the Concentrated Formula" option if you have quests from her still) to see what you'll need. Or you can read them here as well.
  • Step 1 Concentrated Formula: 30 Beetle's Horn, 30 Dual Beetle's Horn, 30 Harp's Tail Feather, 2 million mesos.
  • Step 2 Concentrated Formula: 30 Blood Harp's Crown, 30 Birk's Chewed Grass, 30 Dual Birk's Tiny Tail, 3 million mesos.
  • Step 3 Concentrated Formula: 30 Cracked Shell, 30 Red Shell, 30 Strange Egg, 4 million mesos.
You need three of each step, so all together you will need a grand total of...
90 Beetle's Horn, 90 Dual Beetle's Horns, 90 Harp's Tail Feathers, 90 Blood Harp's Crowns, 90 Birk's Chewed Grasses, 90 Dual Birk's Tiny Tails, 90 Cracked Shells, 90 Red Shells, 90 Strange Eggs, and 27 million mesos. Once you have enough items, take them to Pam to make some Concentrated Formula for your mount, and once you have all nine formulas (three of each) take them back to Kiridu for your new mount.
Finding the ingredients:
  • Beetle's Horn can be acquired from Beetle. There are plenty of them one map east from Leafre in East Forest.
  • Dual Beetle's Horn can be acquired from Dual Beetle. You can find them two maps east from Leafre in East Border.
  • Harp's Tail Feather can be acquired from Harps. You can find them four maps east from Leafre in Entrance to Sky Nest. I recommend hunting the Blood Harps here as well since you need their drops too.
  • Blood Harp's Crown can be acquired from Blood Harps. You can find them in Entrance to Sky Nest with regular Harps. It's a good idea to do Harps and Blood Harps at once since they're in the same map.
  • Birk's Chewed Grass can be acquired from Birks. Crossroads or the Valley of the Antelope is a good place for these (check your map - they're at the end of the circle of roads from Leafre). I strongly recommend you collect the tails of the Dual Birks that spawn in these maps while you're at it, since they spawn more slowly than regular Birks and coming back will be a real pain.
  • Dual Birk's Tiny Tail can be acquired from Dual Birks. They are found in the same maps as regular Birks, but less common at Crossroads. It's a good idea to hunt both types of Birks at the same time.
  • Cracked Shell can be acquired from Blue Dragon Turtles. Entrance to Dragon Forest is just after Crossroads (or you can take the black taxi in town) and has both kinds of Dragon Turtles. I recommend the map just afterward though, Dragon Forest 1, as it contains a fairly even mix of Red and Blue Dragon Turtles, and you need equal amounts of drops from both.
  • Red Shell can be acquired from Red Dragon Turtles, which are best found in Dragon Forest 1 mixed with the Blue Dragon Turtles. It's a good idea to hunt here for both types of turtles since they're fairly evenly mixed.
  • Strange Eggs can be acquired from Brextons. Leave Dragon Forest 1 through the middle height portal on the east side, and continue east to Dragon Forest 3 for the best place to hunt for Brextons.
  • Mesos can be acquired by hunting monsters and selling their drops, [url=]MTS Merchanting[/url] and selling items you can now afford in the MTS, [url=]regular merchanting[/url], or [url=]some quests[/url].

Level 120 Mount

Note: This mount requires that you finish all level 120 storyline quests before you can acquire it, and also requires that you already have obtained the Mimio mount. I am unsure, but you may have to have leveled your Mimio up to level 3 before you can obtain this mount as well.

Kiridu's Calling
Involved: Neinheart, Kiridu
Requires: Chief Knight of the Empress completed
Process: Go visit Kiridu again. He's the mount trainer where you got your two previous mounts.

The Mount in Danger
Involved: Kiridu, lots of money
Requires: Kiridu's Calling completed, Mimio mount in posession
Process: Talk to Kiridu again and pay him fifty million (50,000,000) mesos.

The Birth of Shinjo
Involved: Kiridu, Shinsoo
Requires: The Mount in Danger completed
Rewards: [url=][Shinjou][/url]
Process: Visit Shinsoo and answer his questions correctly after unequipping your Mimio. He will take your Mimio and return it as a Shinjou.

Job Advancements

Please note that Cygnus Knight job advancements (unlike Aran job advancements) do not rely on previous storyline or skill quests being completed. All of these can be done at the appropriate level regardless of whether you have actually done any previous quest, as long as you have already finished all the previous job advancements.

Level 10

See the section, [link=ereve2]Becoming a Knight[/link]

Level 30

This section deals with your second job advancement. Hooray! Don't be too worried, it's not hard at all. In fact, it would probably be easier for normal adventurers than the usual level 30 advancement. And you're a Cygnus Knight, with more power too. You'll probably want some potions, but it's still easy. Please note that you may not begin these quests until you have completed the level 10 job advancement.

The End of Knight-in-Training - Level 30+ Cygnus only
Involved: Neinheart, your Cygnus class representative in Shinsoo's map
Requires: First job Cygnus class
Reward: Job Advancement, Official Knight medal
Process: Speak with Neinheart to begin the quest. He will send you to visit your job instructor, who will send you back to the Drill Hall. Remember where you hunted Slimes, Pigs, and Orange Mushrooms For training? Go back there, but this time go in the portal on the second floor instead. Take down monsters until you have 30 of their drops, then return to your job instructor and then Neinheart to become a second job Cygnus Knight.

Level 70

All quests in this section require a minimum level of 70 and the second job advancement as a Cygnus Knight completed.
Congratulations on reaching level 70! This section deals with everything you need to know about making that all-important advancement to unlock your next skill book. They're pretty easy compared to what you have to do for normal advancements, so don't be too concerned.

The Lost Treasure
Involved: A lightbulb over your head, Neinheart
Process: Simply head to Ereve and talk to Neinheart. Quest complete.

The Master of Disguise (part 1)
Involved: The Cygnus Knight job instructor for your class
Requires: The Lost Treasure completed
Process: Accept and complete Ereve Investigation Permit

Ereve Investigation Permit
Involved: Neinheart
Requires: The Master of Disguise in progress
Process: Talk to Neinheart again. He will ask you to give him a Dark Crystal in order to create a Search Warrant. Once you have the search warrant, this quest is done.
Notice: If you do not complete your job advancement within 24 hours of finishing this quest, you will have to start over and provide another Dark Crystal. It's plenty of time, but just be forewarned that it's a bad idea to take a long break midway through.

The Master of Disguise (part 2)
Involved: [url=][This guy[/url], The Cygnus Knight job instructor for your class
Requires: Ereve Investigation Permit completed
Process: First off, make sure to stock up on potions! You'll be fighting a rather dangerous boss, with a mess of annoying abilities. To plan accordingly, you will be dealing with...
  • Damage nearly as high as a wind raider (600 per hit to me, windraiders hit for 750~850)
  • An attack range approximately half your screen in size (I am at the very edge of his attack range in the image) - jump to avoid
  • Super knock-back ability (every hit sends you to the edge of the map)
  • ~30% chance of dispel per attack (magicians beware - dispel cancels magic guard)
  • Seal - bring Holy Water from the Ellinia Potion Shop or All-Cure potions to counter Seal
  • Zombify - Reduces effectiveness of potions by 50% (ex. 1,000 HP potions only recover 500 HP). Only known cure: Waiting it out.

Locating the boss: To locate this boss, leave Ereve to the west into Training Forest I. From here...
Wind Archers: Exit Training Forest I into Tino's Forest (top right portal) and talk to Irena inside.
Thunder Breakers: Exit Training Forest I into Tiv's Forest (top left portal) and talk to Hawkeye inside.
All others go into Training Forest II (bottom left portal)
Dawn Warriors: Exit Training Forest II into Timu's Forest (top right portal) and talk to Mihile inside.
Night Walkers: Exit Training Forest II into Tiru's Forest (top left portal) and talk to Eckheart inside.
Blaze Wizards: Exit Training Forest II into Training Forest II (bottom left portal). Then enter the Drill Hall (bottom left portal again) and talk to Oz inside.

Defeating the boss: Ranged classes should do their best to stay away to avoid damage. Melee characters might be able to attract the boss into a corner so that you can keep attacking it after being knocked back, or else try jumping to avoid the attack. Once it is dead, pick up the drop from it and exit the map.
Completing the quest: Take the treasure you recovered from the boss back to your job instructor near Neinheart to complete this quest.
Tip: You won't lose any exp if you die, so don't be too concerned if you do.
Tip: If you happen to die, the boss will still be in the same map, but will be at full HP again.
Notice!: Leaving the map (or using the teleport arrows in the Drill Hall) will cause the boss to reset to full health. It will remain in the same map, however.
Tip: Nobody can steal your kill, so don't be concerned about that.
Tip: You can try to stay on top of the boss and get behind his back as he raises his hands to avoid the knockback. (PepperCrab)

Shinsoo's Teardrop
Involved: The Cygnus Knight job instructor for your class
Requires: The Master of Disguise (parts 1 and 2) completed
Reward: Level 70 skill book, Advanced Knight Medal
Process: Talk to your job instructor, who will tell you what the treasure was, then ask if you would like to advance further. Click yes to complete the advancement and receive your level 70 skill book. You will also get an Advanced Knight medal, which gives +1 str, dex, int, and luk and 150 HP and MP.

Skill Quests

Adventurers are required to complete quests for some of their most powerful skills, and so are Cygnus Knights. Unlike Adventurers, however, Cygnus Knight skill quests unlock the skill at level 30 instead of level 10, so skill books are not needed.

Level 100 Skill

Congratulations on making it all the way to level 100, your first triple digit level! Most of the quests for this level are pretty straightforward, but in case you wanted to know about them, here you go. Note that the rewards for these quests differ based on your job, and if you haven't completed the third job advancement at level 70 yet, you won't be able to begin these quests.

Training Never Ends
Involved: The lightbulb over your head
Requires: Level 100 or higher, level 70 job advancement completed
Process: Click on the lightbulb that appears over your head, read what Neinheart has to say, accept the quest, and just like that, you're done.

A New Skill for (Cygnus Class)
Involved: Your Knight Instructor on Ereve, the Drill Hall
Requires: Training Never Ends completed.
Reward: Your level 100 skill

Blaze Wizard: Ifrit skill
Dawn Warrior: Brandish skill
Nightwalker: Triple Throw skill
Thunder Breaker: Barrage skill
Wind Archer: Hurricane skill

Process: Talk to your Cygnus Knight instructor on Ereve and chose the first option, then accept the quest. Make sure you have potions and an empty etc. slot, and go to the Drill Hall out at the westernmost part of Ereve. Once there, take the portal on the third floor and you should find yourself in a small map with a five minute timer. A boss monster will spawn on the right and move toward you, and you must kill it to acquire the Proof of Qualification that it drops. It took me 45 seconds as a Blaze Wizard. How hard can it be? Ha! Once you have the Proof of Qualification, take it back to your job instructor for your reward.
Note: I battled Snowman on my Blaze Wizard. He was easy.

Level 110 Skill

Congratulations on making it to level 110. The level 110 quest section is actually pretty quick and easy. All quests here are only available to level 110 Cygnus Knights who have finished their third job advancement, and I believe you also must have acquired your level 100 skill as well.

Training Still Never Ends
Involved: Another lightbulb
Process: This is another click-the-lightbulb-and-accept quest. Easy, huh?

Another New Skill for [Cygnus Class]
Involved: Your Knight Instructor, the Drill Hall
Requires: Training Still Never Ends completed
Reward: Dependent on your class.
Process: After accepting the previous lightbulb quest, go over to Ereve and talk to your Knight Instructor. He or she will ask you to go get another Proof of Qualification, and not to come back until you have it. You may want to take a few Tonics along with you if you're worried about losing your ability to jump during a boss battle (Kiriwing in Ereve sells them, so no need to go far). Once you have your potions ready, go over to the Drill Hall and walk on in to the portal on the fourth and final level. Defeat the boss monster that spawns in side, pick up his Proof of Qualification, and take it back to your Knight Instructor for your reward.
The battle:
  • I went in three times since I died a lot. I saw Manon twice and Leviathan once. Both of them are far weaker than the real versions though.
  • Manon can hit your HP and MP to 1, and stuns you a lot!
  • Leviathan casts weaken and summons two to three wyverns at a time.
  • To avoid stuns from Manon, I would recommend staying close to Manon so you can keep behind him when he turns around if possible. Ranged classes' best defense is to stay as far away as possible.
  • Leviathan's weaken probably won't bother anybody, and by this level two or three wyverns should be fairly easy to take out.
  • If either boss is too tough to take on, you can let it kill you and come back again. The game chooses your boss randomly, and you may get the other one if you try again.
  • Manon does not dispel like the real version does, so standing on top of it to avoid the 1/1 and stuns is safe to do if you rely on buffs to keep you alive.
The reward:
Blaze Wizards will get their Meteor Shower skill.
Wind Archers will get their Bow Expertise skill.
Dawn Warriors will get their Advanced Combo skill.
Thunder Breakers will get Booster (I think...).
Nightwalkers will get their Venomous Star skill.


Extra information on quests and the guide itself.


I skipped a quest by accident, how do I finish my job advancement now?!?
The exact same way you would if you hadn't finished that quest.
  • Job advancements - Rely on being the right level, and having finished all previous (if any) job advancements.
  • Skill quests - Rely on being the right level, and having completed the level 70 job advancement.
  • Mount quests - Rely on being the right level, and having completed all previous mount quests (except Shinjou, which requires the level 120 storyline quests to be completed too)
  • Storyline quests - Rely on being the right level, and having completed all previous storyline quests in that section.

I used Echo and logged out for the night, but it says I still can't use it yet the next day. Why is that?
Echo has a two hour cooldown time, but time only marches on while your character is online. You must be online for two hours before the skill can be reused.

How do I make a Cygnus Knight?
On the Character Select screen, select New Character. You will be given a screen with some different choices of character types. Cygnus Knights should be one of them. Keep in mind that this is a permanent choice - you can't change your mind and make your character not a Cygnus Knight later unless you start over.

Are Cygnus Knights faster levelers? Is training faster?
Cygnus Knights do seem to be able to train more easily than most other classes. They receive more AP when they level (up to level 70), have moderately better skills for their job, and tend to get higher level skills earlier. This tends to make other people dislike Cygnus Knights, however, because they are inherently stronger than most other classes until the later levels, making them apparently "unbalanced."

If Cygnus Knights are more powerful than Adventurers, why make an Adventurer?
Freedom. Yes, that's right. Freedom. Cygnus Knights are completely denied access to some party quests (Ellin Forest and Crimsonwood Keep in GMS, currently), and participating in high level boss battles and even some training is difficult because they are hampered by an early level cap. Cygnus Knights are rarely invited to Zakum runs due to their low damage compared to what an Adventurer can do, almost never invited to Horntail runs due to their very low survivability rate, and never invited to Pink Bean runs because, well, the prequests require you to be beyond their level cap.

Will Cygnus Knights be removed from the game?
This is up to Nexon to decide, but the evidence seems to suggest that Nexon is about as likely to remove Cygnus Knights as they are to remove Henesys.

Will my Cygnus Knight expire?
Yes, its expiration date is "when you delete it."

What do the quests give you?
Mostly, the quests give you experience and the chance to look at a new storyline. The Ereve quests often reward potions, and some of them reward your Noblesse clothes. Some quests also reward medals, your mounts, and skills at the appropriate levels. Mostly though, it's just for experience and storyline.

Do any quests have a maximum level?
Aside from some of the ones on Ereve, no quests appear to have a maximum level.

Are the quests only for an event?
All Quests listed in this guide are permanent, with the exception of the ones in Ereve, which were recently altered and have not yet been updated.

Do I have to do {quest} to unlock {other quest}?
Near the top of each quest entry will be a Requires field. If it is present, you need to meet that requirement before you can unlock the quest. If it is not present, then the quest only requires you to meet the minimum level.

Do I have to do all these quests?
No. Other than the job advancement and skill quests, which don't require any quests to be done other than the previous advancement and skill quests, skipping these quests will not significantly affect your being able to enjoy your Cygnus Knight. The mount quests, however, would probably be nice to do anyway for the speed boost.

I can't complete a quest! Does that mean it's game over?
You can skip over any quest you want, but you may be kept from finishing other quests that depend on it until you complete it. You can look at the Requires section on any quest to see if unlocking that quest will require the one you want to skip.

The mushroom doll, I can't loot it! Help!
Some players have recommended restarting your system or even reinstalling MapleStory to remedy this problem. Currently, I think that sending a ticket to Nexon and hoping they fix it soon is the best you can do. Skipping this quest will prevent you from finishing the other Victoria Island ones, but you can still level and get your skills and mounts without it.

I'm working on hatching my Mimiana egg. How long will it take?
The exact amount seems to be randomly decided, and ranges from about 50% of a level to 250%.

If I die, will my Mimiana egg lose experience?
It doesn't appear that Mimiana eggs lose experience when you die, but this is so far unproven.

Does Mimiana expire?
Only if you delete your character.

How do you level up your mount?
You can view your Mimiana's status by double clicking on your character while on your mount, and then clicking the orange Taming Mob button on the bottom of the window. To level it up, it must gain experience - just like you. Your mount can't kill monsters like you can though, so instead you have to feed it Revitalizer when its Tiredness stat is at least 1. Recovering 30 Tiredness will give you more experience than recovering 1, however, so it's a good idea to wait until 30+ Tiredness so as to not waste your Revitalizers.

Can Cygnus Knights get Adventurer mounts?
Cygnus Knights receive their own mounts, and so they are unable to acquire the quests needed for the Adventurer mounts.

When KMS released Platinum Scissors of Karma, a glitch in the code allowed them to make literally any item in the game tradable. That included all mounts, medals, even wedding rings (pretend to be married, only 5K NX!). KMS quickly patched the glitch, and when GMS received the new scissors, they had already been patched.

So Cygnus Knights are back to only having their own mounts, unable to get Adventurer ones.

How many mesos will I have to pay total for mounts?
Ignoring the costs of traveling, potions, and (optionally) buying drops, you need:

  • 10m for nothing => Mimiana
  • 37m for nothing => Mimio
  • 87m for nothing => Shinjou

  • 27m for Mimiana => Mimio
  • 77m for Mimiana => Shinjou

  • 50m for Mimio => Shinjou

Do I really have to pay all those mesos for my mount?
You could probably get around it... But that would be a bannable offense.

Will you tell me how to get around it?
  1. I dislike cheating and hacking
  2. I'd get suspended and/or banned if I told you
  3. I don't even know how

Conclusion: No.

How do I make an Ultimate Adventurer/Explorer with my Cygnus Knight?
At level 120 on your Cygnus Knight, after acquiring the Captain Knight medal, Empress Cygnus will give you a short quest line to make an Ultimate Adventurer/Explorer. I don't currently have much information on the quests, other than that they require some drops which Nexon intentionally drop very rarely.

Will I lose my Cygnus Knight when I make an Ultimate Explorer/Adventurer?
No, you will not lose your Cygnus Knight. A new character will be made, leaving your Cygnus Knight untouched.

Do I have to get any of the mounts to make an Ultimate Explorer/Adventurer?
You only need the Captain Knight medal, which is acquired through the level 120 story quests. You can complete these quests without a mount and without completing any earlier story quests (not sure about skipping advancements and skill quests though).

How Can I Help?

Note: If you're in a bad mood when you're helping please take a few minutes (or hours, or however long you need, no need to feel rushed) to calm down and come post when you're in a better mood again.

If you've finished getting help on a quest and want to give a little help in return, you can help by doing any of the following.

  • Post a comment, suggestion, or thank you note here.
  • PM a comment, suggestion, or thank you note - all of which are welcome if constructive.
  • Check my information as you do your quests to make sure it's right.
  • Let me know if you see any missing or unclear information.
  • Be nitpicky about my spelling, grammar, and punctuation... constructively.
  • Help with any of the below information:

Help section:

Other than checking for correctness, no known help is needed unless you want to provide info on how the quests have changed from the Big Bang patch (which I'm still kind of behind on).

Thank you for reading!

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