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Evolution World Guide

I didn't pay attention to the storyline, so if anybody would like to contribute that, then thanks! I also don't have link6 unlocked, so if anybody could PM me a link to a screenshot of the minimap, then that would be appreciated!


I decided to make this because I got bored and really enjoy the new event. If you guys enjoy this guide, then go ahead and comment and like this guide! If you have any suggestions, pm me on basil or comment!

What is evolution world

Evolution world is a new PERMANENT addon to maplestory. It is a training and questing ground that you can customize to your preferences. You can go in solo 5 times a day or bring friends with you as long as they are in your party. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Evolution world is made of links known as stages that are each designed differently with different quests in them. For example link 3 has flying monsters that you have to kill for the quest while link 6 is a jumpquest that you must complete for the quest in that link


April 7th 2013 - Guide posted!
April 7th through April 9th - Small changes done. Small changes to neatness has been made.
April 10th - Added each core and what they do. Added Changelog. Added Table of Contents. Added Tips and strategies second. Added tips for link 9. Added more information about the quests. Added more information about the stages. Made neater
April 11th - Small changes such as a change in the party EXP core
April 15th - Make a guide!

Table of Contents

[s=/guide/453#coins]Evolving Coin Info[/s]
[s=/guide/453#link]Links or Stages[/s]
[s=/guide/453#core]Core information[/s]
[s=/guide/453#tipstrat]Tips and strategies[/s]
[s=/guide/453#medal]Evolution Medal[/s]
[s=/guide/453#box]Evolution box(event)[/s]
[s=/guide/453#Thanks]Thanks to[/s]



  • To enter, go to the dimensional mirror
  • Level 100+
  • Finish the short quest line. This can be started by pressing the cylinder symbol on the left side of your screen

Pros and Cons

  • Very good exp
  • Party zone
  • Drops level 100-120 equips
  • Drops boxes that give tempest items and more (Event)

  • You can only enter 5 times a day
  • You get kicked out if dying
  • Each run only lasts 30minutes
  • The Core expires after 1 use if it's not a Link core
  • If evo world is full, then you can't go in! To get in, just sit there for a few minutes and constantly press "start"


If you know an answer to an un-resolved question, then just comment!

@Aeronomx Q:. Do links 6-8 quest unlock the 3 round cores? Or how do I go on about that?
A:You go to the vendor with 150 coins and buy the first core titled "Mission Added - Evolution System." Then equip that core, and start your evolution world. Then complete the quest and hand it in and you will have the 3 extra slots. This is similar to the way you unlock the "Accelerator Core slot."

@Aeronomx Q: Can doing the quests for more core slots be done with a party so they can unlock them at the same time as well?
A: As long as you each get 50 of the drops, then sure!

@Destiny01 Q:.Does equipping party exp still take effect if you solo?
A: As long as you're in a party, I believe so

@Hungry Q:. Does empress and her minions drop their monster card?
A: According to @Darkstar764 : No.


You can get coins from killing monsters or completing quests inside of the evolution world. You can get many things including, but not being limited to:
60 percent scrolls
Secondary equipment
Pot scrolls
Equipment enhancement scrolls
Adv potential slot carver
Mystery mastery books


Links are the stages inside of your evolution world. Each stage has a quest specific to it and a monster
These quests don't HAVE to be completed, and are not recommended to be completed.
Each quest gives 1 or more evolving coins when you finish it.

Green = Recommended Training/hunting
Red = Not recommended
Blue = Average training/hunting

Link 1: Warm-up. Talk to the ESS, then the monster generator, and kill 20 of the monsters that spawn. These monsters are very easy, and should be no problem for anybody that isn't even funded to kill.Report back to the ESS

Link 2: Report to the ESS. Collect 20 memory chip from killing monsters. These monsters are fairly easy and once again, shouldn't be a problem Return to the ESS and you will become a golem. Then go to the bottom of the map and talk to the control device. (You wont know the password so just press enter.) Then go back to the ESS

Link 3: Talk to the ESS and defeat 50 monsters. This is very easy because the monsters all gather in the center every 30 seconds or so. Then return to the ESS.
I recommend training here and hunting for equips here due to the monsters gathering in the center. The monsters gathering allows high mobbing and extreme amounts of EXP

Link 4: Talk to the ESS and defeat 20 of the pink monsters in 60 seconds. These monsters are easy, but there is always only 1 on the map at a time. They spawn in the center platform, and once you kill one, another respawns immediately. Then return to the ESS

Link 5: Talk to the ESS and defeat 4 normal monsters, and 1 transformed monster. To make the monsters transform, you must kill the monster, then kill the 4 that spawn by killing that, and then a transformed one will spawn. Be careful, because these transformed monsters can deal a lot of magic damage. Then return to the ESS

For stages 6 through 9, you must find a core by killing monsters, then when in the evolution world, you have to hunt for 50 drops and turn in the quest.Then you must restart your evolution world to get into the new link.

Link 6: Talk to the ESS, then complete the jumpquest and talk to all 4 npcs along the way. Then report back to the ESS.
No picture available... If you would like to contribute one, then PM me over basil

Link 7: Talk to the ESS and defeat 30 monsters. If a Protectron appears, kill it. This is a very easy quest, due to the spawn rate. The protectron is just a machine, and you can kill it with normal attacks or skills

Link 8: Talk to the ESS and defeat 2 Divisions. This monster will spawn by killing other monsters in the map. Be fast, because the division will disappear!

Link 9: Talk to the ESS and defeat 20 monsters. Warning: These monsters are powerful, and can kill you in 1-3 hits if you are a class with low HP, while also having high hp themselves.
This is the stage where empress, and all of the Cygnus instructors will spawn you have the core in.


Cores are items that you can buy using mesos, using coins, or by finding them in the evolution world. They can do anything from changing the background to giving more exp. Once a core is used, it disappears from your core inventory. These cores can be equipped before you press the "start" button after talking to the ESS. The cores that you have are listed in the bottom of the menu. Each core must fit into the spaces above with the proper shapes, and you can only have a limited amount of cores on at once.

Warning, you cannot equip 2 of the same core types. So you cannot equip drop rate +10% and drop rate +5% at the same time, but you CAN equip a drop rate +10% and a 20% drop rate special core, which are shaped like an octagon and purple, at the same time.

Heres the types

  • Mission Add - Evolving System/Accelerator
These cores will add a quest to the ESS when you enter evolution world. If you complete the quest, you will either unlock 3 more normal core slots,
Or 1 special core slot.

  • Mission Add - Error Connecting to Link 6/7/8/9
These cores will add a quest the ESS when you enter evolution world. If you complete the quest and restart your evolution world, you will be able to enter the link
that corresponds to the core name. You can enter this link as many times as you want.

  • Mission Add - Hard Difficulty Challenge!/Aim Gap/Strains of Anti-Virus/Temporary Energy Supply/Strengthen Monsters Mode
These cores change your experience in the evolution world. Read the description of the core to know more.

  • Mission Add - Shadow Monster
This core costs 600 coins, and spawns empress in link 9. She has the same health and damage, but is considered "easier" because she doesn't heal as much.
Be careful, because if you try to solo it at a low level or funding, you ARE going to die

Warning, don't equip this core unless you have link 9 unlocked, because it will expire after you use it and empress spawns in link 9

  • Monster add - Mikhail/Oz/Irena/Eckhart/Hawkeye
These cores spawn an empress minion in link 9, but you cannot have 2 different minions equiped at the same time. You also cannot have this equiped at the same
time as the cloned Pianus/Griffey/Manon cores

  • Monster Add - Cloned Pianus/Griffey/Manon
These cores spawn the boss that corresponds to the name of the core. Read the core description to see where they spawn

  • Monster's Level +3/4/5/7/9/10
This does exactly what it says. It raises the monster level. This is good because higher levels = more health = more exp

  • Monster's HP x 1.2/1.5/5/10/20
This raises the monsters max health. Like previously stated, more health = more exp

  • Monster's Spawn Rate +20%/30/70/100
This raises the monster spawn rate. This is good because there will be more monsters to kill, so you get more exp and more drops

  • Monster's Skin - Classic/Fairy/Ghost/Plant/Thieves/bigSize
These cores change the way that the monsters look

  • Background Music - Darkness/SnowDrop/DancingWithTheMoon/WindAndFlower/DragonDream/Cygnus/RisingStar/Opening
These cores change the BGM(background music) that plays while you're in the evolution world

  • Background Skin - Ereve/Pantheon/Elluel/LionHeartCastle/ForbiddenTime
These cores change what the background of the map looks like

  • Party Play Zone +5%/10%/15% EXP
Evolution world is a party zone. This means that for every person that you bring with you, 50% more exp is gained. These cores just raise the party zone EXP rate. Please note that these cores DO NOT raise the EXP that you gain from the monsters alone.

  • Drop Rate +5%/10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
These cores raise your item drop rate while inside evo world

  • Herb Drop Rate +10%/20%/30%/40%/50%/100%
These cores raise the drop rate of your herbs. These can only be used if you have herb core equiped.

  • Specific Herb Drop
These cores allow herbs to rop that wouldn't normally drop

  • Ore Drop Rate +10%/20%/30%/40%/50%/100% and Specific Ore Drop
These work the same as the herb cores, but for ores

  • Armor Drop - Level 100/110 Armor for Warrior/Mage/Bowman/Thief/Pirate
Raises the drop rate of armor

  • Rare Equipment Drop
This core makes every equip that you pick up AUTOMATICALLY POTENTIAL!

  • Weapon Drop - Level 100/105/110
Raises the drop rate of weapons

  • (Special Core) Monster's Spawn Rate +50%/ Party Play zone +5% EXP/ Drop Rate +20%
These are cores that can only be equipped after using the "Mission Add Accelerator" core. You can only have 1 equipped at a time.

Recommendations from me and others

If you have an recommendations, then leave them in the comments
@iamfull 1. Don't buy the cores that unlock new stages, you can find those as drops inside the Evol System.
  1. If you get the 300 Coin Core (I forget the name, I'll check in a bit) from the shop that unlocks the final octagonal core, make sure you have Link 9 unlocked. It requires you to hunt monsters there for the drops. If try to do the quest before Link 9 is unlocked, you're going to waste 300 coins because you just can't do the quest, and it expires after you get kicked out.
  2. From what I can tell, using a 1.2x HP core gives monsters about 10% more EXP per kill, 5x HP Core gives about 2x exp, and 20x HP core gives around 5.5x exp.

Tips and strategies

If you have anything to add, then feel free to comment or PM me over basil

From me: Train and hunt in link 3. This is because every about 30 seconds, all the monsters gather to the center for about a minute. This allows easy mobbing. If you are going to hunt for something, I suggest using a luminous, because they can hit everything even when the monsters aren't gathered in the center. Also, their teleport goes very long distance.
When hunting for boxes(event), I first unlocked all 6 circle slots(through the vendor for 150 cores) and equip:

Drop rate increase
Mob population increase
3 Armor or weapon drop cores
Rare equipment drop

When training:

Party exp increase
Mob population increase
Mob hp increase which make the monsters give more exp
Mob Lv increase which make the monsters give more exp
2 More cores of your choice

From me: If you are a ranged job and are hunting in link 9, Try to find the perfect range to not be hit where you can still attack them. On my jett, I hit every monster on the upper platform so that they aggro me. Then I head to the portal, and keep walking left to the edge of the map. From there, I find the perfect spot where I can attack them but they can't attack me, I kill the monsters, and then repeat.

Destiny01: one tip on farming the boxes. theres this pendant that drops from a special boss in Monster Park Extreme and it adds 20% drop rate

Evolution master medal

You can get the evolution master medal if you met these requirements:

  • Get invited 35 times
  • Invite 35 people
  • Use 500 cores

@Business Thanks!

Box event

This event ends on the 23rd of April, 2013
Right now, boxes drop from every monster in the evolution world. From these boxes you can unlock:
  • Confusion fragments
  • Philo stones
  • Primal essence
  • Scrolls
  • Enhancement scrolls
  • Book, scroll, and jewel synergizers
  • Clean slates
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Chaos scrolls
  • 50% Golden Hammers
  • Former nx items that have been changed into weapons
  • Level 10 tree branches
  • Tempest belts, rings, pendants, and shoulders that are auto epic

Thanks to

All proof-readers or people that added things: @DragonSlots @Akuhano @adalzon @XXjumpstar1299X @SkyBreak @Business @iamfull @Destiny01 @Hydroxiide
Answered questions: @happyshrimp

If I forgot you, then just comment and remind me!

Thanks for reading! If you guys enjoy this guide, then go ahead and comment and like!