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Various formulas and calculations.

Defense Ignore - PDR (%ID)

Commonly abbreviated as PDR, which also stands for Physical Damage Reduction (a Monster status) and is incorrect.

%ID = a + (1-a)*b + (1- (a + (1-(1-a)*b)) )*c + ...

where a, b, c, .. ,n is the individual %ID on your equips or other sources. Please note that each potential line is considered a separate source. a, b, c, .., n are assigned from the largest line of %ID first.

Damage Calculation

Your damage before Monster defenses are considered is based on four main components for most characters.

Raw Damage Range x Skill Damage% x Damage Reinforcements x (Individual Damage Multipliers) x Critical Damage

Raw Damage Range

Please note this is not what you see on your Character Info window. Your damage range is generally affected by %Total Damage (%TD) multipliers such as Kanna and Demon Avenger's link skills, Weapon Potentials and your own buffs. Most of these are actually considered as Damage Reinforcements and gives you a false indication of your damage capabilities with your damage range.

i.e. Damage Range = Raw Damage Range x Little bits of Damage Reinforcements that shouldn't belong here x (Some Individual Damage Multipliers)

Your Raw Damage Range (if you're not a Xenon) is:

Weapon Multiplier x (4 x Primary Stat + Secondary Stat) x Attack / 100

If you are a Xenon:

Weapon Multiplier x 3.5 x Primary Stat x Attack / 100

List of Weapon Multipliers

Bows, Dual Bowguns1.30
1h Sword1.20
2h Sword1.34
Staff (Explorers)1.20
Staff (Non-Explorers)1.00
Soul Shooter1.7
Whip Blade1.50
Tamer Stick1.34
Long Sword (Alpha)1.34
Big Sword (Beta)1.49

Skill Damage%

Basically what your skill desciption says.

  • Normal Attack = 100%

  • Hurricane = 300%
  • Ishtar's Ring = 200% per line
  • Snipe = 4410%

Damage Reinforcements

Most Damage increasing skills including Hyper Skills belong to this category and are all additive to each other. Boss Damage% from your weapons and skills are also Damage Reinforcements that apply only to Boss monsters.

Kanna's link skill = +10%
Demon Avenger's link skill = +10%
Demon Slayer's link skill = +15% Boss
Hyper: Boss Rush = +10% Boss
Hyper: Reinforcements = +10%
Final Adventure = +10%

Total = 40% Total Damage, 25% Boss Damage

Your Damage reinforcement on non-bosses is 40%.
Your Damage reinforcement on bosses is 65%.

Individual Damage Multipliers

There are a few skills in MapleStory that do not increase your damage in the same way as other Damage Reinforcements. They simply multiply your damage in proportion to what your skill description says.

Some examples are:
  • Cross Surge (Dark Knight) - Increases total damage proportional to current HP ratio.
  • Armor Break (Bowmaster) - 10% chance and deals 100% of enemy's defense rate (PDR) as additional damage
  • Final Cut (Dual Blade) - Damage +60%

Critical Damage

At a 5% rate (base rate), you may deal amplified damage ranging from 1.2x(min) - 1.5x(max). The crtical rate, minimum and maximum critical damage/multipliers can be increased through skills and items.

In D%PS calculation critical damage is averaged as a multiplier with the following formula:
Critical Multiplier = Critical Rate x (Min Crit + Max Crit) / 2 + (1 - Crtitical Rate)

Summon Damage

Summons do not trigger crtical damage and is not affected by damage reinforcements. As such they allow approximate damage range calculation for capped players relatively easy.