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Gearing: Noob to Pro

An Encyclopedic and Utterly Thorough* Explanation and Guide on How to Gear, When to Gear, and in what Order. With Detailed Explanations and Reasoning Provided.

I'm aware that there are plenty...and useful...guides such as this out there, however my goal with this, which, I feel distinguished it from the others and is thus why I wrote it is first due to the lack of an encyclopedic attempt to answer everything in one place, all of it in relation to everything else, thus correctly emphasizing the things I find most important, as well as the smaller bits of info thrown in. This additional info is to help make sure the reader understands the whys and reasonings for each of my opinions and better prepares them to apply it to themselves, to fact check it as it applies to their characters, and come out feeling like you actually know what you're doing without even needing a guide as you move on.

Also, much of what I've put in here is the product of countless hours double checking it and verifying it at every level that I could find a way to do so. When I set out to gear my own characters much of the info I needed was contradicted depending on where I looked, lacked explanation for the reasoning behind each tip...and, as well, lacked a cohesive narrative structure that put everything together in its relative place along the path from noob to pro.

Unfortunately, most of what I've found also proved to be false when I fact checked it for myself before considering and acting on it.

There's also the uncomfortable notion that many things just aren't shared in a manner like this. I don't know the reasoning behind this...but the fact remains I'm able to find info much easier in my buddylist, from friends, or from my alliance, than I can find readily searchable starting at google.

It's that point which I wrote this to address, I wanted to have everything I've found, all the stuff I spent forever trying to find for myself earlier when I was getting started, etc, all in one place searchable from google.

NOTE: This is not intended in any manner to be complete, finished or final. I would love so much for anyone with anything they consider useful - any corrections or differences in opinion - whatever it is...I'd love to hear it and I'd love to add it to this guide. As I have with everyone else, I will cite you as the source and make it clear that the words are yours.

Again, feel free to add tips and responses/corrections/thought on anything I say. These are not meant as definitive, they're just the way I see and approach things as a Dex based pirate that wants to teach everyone else this crap since, imho, a lot of it is left unsaid, unclear, etc for 2 reasons: a) people don't really know the right stuff themselves. This is so much more common than you would like to believe. People throw thousands of dollars into gear that they don't need, cube it incorrectly and scroll it even worse...or just dumbly wasting all of their money for something flashy and pro that gives them a 100 point boost to their range when the same money, better spent, could've net them 2-3+ mil points. ( ) b) this one's the worst someone who sees this stuff so often in the alliance chat of high end guilds or in bl chat between 'pros'...yet can't find it anywhere with google - gives me no option but to be suspicious that the info is held back to propagate the pro crowd at the expense of 'lesser' f(riggin)g casuals. lol. By intentionally being vague and treating others as if they're too stupid to be pro if they have to ask 'what does it even mean to scroll something perfectly....and how on earth do I do it right?

Final Note - I am clueless about mages. The information in this guide, as applied to mages, is exceeding light to non existent - in fact, if any of this does apply correctly to mages it does so only by coincidence. lol. I just have no practice in that area and therefore have avoided it entirely.


  • Where to start.
  • Acquiring your first gear. What, when, why.
  • Cubing. When? In what order?
  • Summary of Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon & Emblem.
  • Equivalencies, points of interest, generic goals.
  • ATK & %ATK as applied to your damage & range.
  • Summary of potentials for all remaining items.
  • Scrolling - when, what, how and why.
  • Enhancing.
  • Perfectly Priming your Weapon & Heart
  • Nebs
  • Tyrant Gloves. When. Why not? How to best cube.
  • Other items to make/acquire.
  • PDR too low? Crit Rate too low? --- Acquiring hard to get base stats
  • Dojo Considerations
  • Understanding In Game Stats and how they Apply to Calculating your Range, Damage, and other Important Concepts
  • Quick tips about funding. <-- L> for more contributions regarding this section in particular...
  • Info that I find important and relevant as you develop your plan to gear up*

Where to start.

Rely on TOTs for your gear UNTIL you're at least 15x.

Some of the first things to do aside from gathering a random set of temporary gear to get you by, is to work on those things that give you a boost at the cost of only time invested.

For codex, make both the Leafre Set and the Henesys Ruin's set. In general use the Leafre Set. At dojo remember that dojo bosses don't require any pdr. Use the Henesys Ruin's set that gives you a 3%atk boost for them. Use Henesys Ruin's set while you're training, too.

Make the following link skills, get them to level 120.

Kanna - 10% total dmg
Demon Slayer - 15% boss dmg
Demon Avenger - 10% total dmg
Xenon - 10% all stats
Jett - you can get a core with 34atk easily
Phantom - 15% critical chance
Luminous - 15% pdr

Beyond that, organize your character cards. Try for three sets all containing only cards over lvl 100. This will give you 3% boss dmg and some atk...for each set, so 3 times.
Having three lvl 100 pirates in one set will also give you 6% pdr
The cards for Hayato give you, iirc, 6% max crit dmg, shade gives you both 3% min and max crit dmg...the cards for Kanna give you 3% boss dmg, demon avenger gives 3% boss dmg. Angelic Buster gives a massive boost to dex. At lvl 200+ I receive 80 dex from it.

Use the Card System. Here's what I use and think works best for me currently. (Rmbr that I am a dex based pirate w/ 100% critical chance.)

  • First set: lvl 121 Xenon (+20 to str/dex/luk), lvl 211 Angelic Buster (+80 dex), lvl 200 Jett (summon duration)
  • Second set: lvl 121 Kanna (3% boss dmg), lvl 120 Beast Tamer (6% pdr), lvl 100 Sniper (3% crit chance)
  • Third Set: lvl 100 Hayato (6% min crit dmg), lvl 124 Demon Avenger (3% boss dmg), lvl 100 Shade (+3 to both min & max crit dmg)

The above sets give me the following set boosts as indicated in the 'effects' window to their right.
Unique deck effect 'Pirate's Way(S)
  • 6% pdr
Three times in a row: 'Deck effect 'Warrior's Feat(S)
  • Max HP +700, Max MP +700, ATK/M.ATK +3, +3% boss dmg.

Here's an image I SS'd of it in my game for reference.

Acquiring your first gear. What, when, why.

Beyond that make sure you have a complete set of superior gollux gear. The tip/trick I'd advise you to use here is to buy a second pendant slot from cash shop. This allows you to equip 2 superior gollux pendants at one time which completes the gear set, giving you 30% boss dmg and like 35 atk, all without having to use the belt. This is important because the Tyrant Belt is incredible once you get it up above 7+ stars.

Make sure you have an entire CRA set and that you're getting the set effect.

DO NOT SCROLL YOUR GEAR YET. Doing so at this point is a waste of your money. You're much better off, in terms of investment times potential benefit to your range, funneling all free money at the beginning into cubing your gear. Don't do that yet, I'll outline when and at what step below.

Edit: It was brought up to me by another reader who mentioned that they thought cubing without scrolling would negate the benefit since the lack of base stats would seriously limit the improvement the lines of potential would ever give you. This is simply not true. It's a fair question but do not worry about this.

I first want to make clear that if you're simply excited and in a huge rush...don't feel bad about getting yourself a set of passable gear. It won't hurt anything that much. Remember though - You do not need it. You can easily hit the level necessary to equip your end game gear with just the free stuff you get from the TOT's quests. You can even easily hit 200+ with straight up TOT's gear and drops you collect while training if you have the patience. However, your end game gear, the gear you're investing in, you need to do correctly. Beyond that - the stats we're primarily concerned about as we get started are the stats for the 3 primary items you cube first: your weapon, your secondary weapon and your emblem. The boost you will see to your range with these specific lines of potential and all clean gear will still be stunning. Your lines of potential need only hinge on set effects and character stats/link skills without -any- scrolling having been done. You will still see an exponential increase in your range. lol..I promise. This is the way I did it and it worked perfect.

It's just simply a fact that the benefit you gain from cubing your gear to the extent I reference, even gear outside those 3 items, will be FAR more rewarding than the money you invest in scrolling your items. Note:I'm not saying to finish cubing everything - I'm saying get started cubing and get started saving up for scrolls, etc. To be clear: the reason you need to focus first on cubing and second on scrolling is simple: The limiting reactant in the process of you scrolling is not the money you have to spare - it's the presence of the scrolls you actually need even being in the fm. There's no point worrying and wasting time running around, compensating for all that just to assure that you get the negligible boost you would otherwise get from scrolling things BEFORE cubing them in theory. It's just a strategic way to approach it and strategically this path is both cheaper, gets you started faster and saves you time getting out there ready to boss.

After completing your clean set of CRA gear, acquire a sweet-water tattoo, a pair(pair as in correct grammar, lol. It's just one) of sweet-water glasses. Then collect your tyrant gear slowly over time.
Two key points regarding your Tyrant gear: 1) you don't need it before proceeding to the cubing + scrolling steps. and 2) DO NOT BUY A FRIGGIN TYRANT GLUFF (your dojo glove, no matter which one it is, will invariably out dmg any tyrant glove until exceedingly late in the game and after a massive dump of cash cubing and enhancing it. We're talking 6 star, high %primary stat cubed tyrant < weakest dojo glove. You will never need a Tyrant Glove as maple stands currently. In fact, so long as you can get a Dojo Glove - you will never need an end game glove, period. The -ONLY- time and reason to move forward on preparing a Tyrant Glove is at that point where essentially every piece of your gear is finished, entirely cubed, entirely scrolled and Neb'd. Till that moment there will never be a point in time where working on a Tyrant Glove will be even remotely close to the next best step you can make. The Tyrant Glove will be, as things stand currently (mid 2015), the single most expensive piece of gear you have worked on - and, even when done to perfection, will gain you only a marginal boost in your range compared to the weakest Dojo Glove. Don't do it. Not now.

Once you have your CRA gear(particularly the weapon), you Emblem and your secondary weapon together, you can begin working on those three items.

Cubing. When? In what order?

You may be wondering which gear to cube first...the answer is easy and this will make a massive difference in how quickly you boost your range. Do not cube any of the gear (read: items like top/bottom/cape/etc) yet. The order you cube at this point is exceedingly important. Start with your primary weapon, your secondary weapon and your emblem. Personally I'd advise you to begin cubing these straight off, before scrolling them. When you do scroll them you will want to do so perfectly and to do so perfectly will require not just a ton of money - it will require a large amount Prime Scrolls, Protection scrolls, etc. The limiting factor with regards to scrolling your weapon is not money, it will almost always be the presence in the FM of the number of scrolls you need to do it perfectly. Therefore cubing is the step I'd advise working on first.

When you commence cubing, as I've mentioned over and over now, the only items to consider in your mind are your Primary Weapon, your Secondary Weapon and your Emblem.

Now that you're ready to cube those three items, for the best cost efficency to range boost ratio, cube your primary weapon and your secondary weapon FIRST. Even before you scroll a single thing - scrolling can wait till later when you have the money to do it perfectly with the best scrolls, aae's and no booms...and NX to do it safely. To say it again: the limiting factor when scrolling your weapon is not money. You cannot typically throw money at it to make it happen. You will need to spend time scouring the FM for all of the Prime Scrolls and the Prot Scrolls, etc, that you will need. This will almost always be the factor holding your scrolling up. Avoid the stress and cube first instead. Your Primary and Secondary Weapon will net you far and away the best lines of potential you can possibly get on any item, with the exception of the Emblem, which is why I group the three of them together here. On your primary and secondary weapon, in so far as end game and finishing this to best effect, hit Legendary on both regular and bonus potential. As you work, however, pay less attention to tier...and more to what you specifically have after each cube. These three items net you the chance for lines of %boss dmg, %atk, %pdr and % total dmg. You can also get %primary stat...but this is best to get on your other items later since lines like %boss, %atk, %pdr will get you a MASSIVELY better boost to range and damage at bosses than any amount of %primary stat will ever get. There is no comparison between success in cubing your primary weapon compared to success in cubing an item such as a Gollux Pendant.

It's hard to screw up when cubing and bonus cubing these three items, but there are some small but noteworthy strategies you can use to maximize both the boost to your range, the boost to your damage at bosses and the amount of money thrown into doing it all.

A key difference between these three items is the fact that Emblems CANNOT receieve a %boss dmg as a potential as a rule. They can get everything else - but will never get %boss. This is on both regular and bonus potential. The net effect of this for you to consider is that this emphasizes 2 a small variations in how you approach an end goals and how you perceive degrees of success or failure.

Preliminary tip.

On your Emblem take advantage of its relatively lower potential towards boosting your range. Remember, you cannot receive %boss damage here so try to focus your Emblem for use as a PDR sink. You will need roughly 85-90%+ PDR as shown in your stat window to maximize the range you have in the damage applied to bosses. Further impacted, tho to a signficantly lesser degree, is the effect on your Emblem that its inability to receive %boss dmg has on the relative value of a given line of %total dmg. Many people consider lines of %total dmg to be a waste of a line on these three items, however for the above reason, and one more I'll mention momentarily, a line of %total dmg is less of a 'failure' here than on your primary/secondary weapon. That second factor is one I base on my personal experience. I've noticed after investing thousands upon thousands of NX cubing these three items that the Emblem is by far the harder of the three to cube. That's for both regular and bonus potential. It's actually a massive difference and well worth considering when you approach which item is strategically more worth risking your cubes on. For this reason, if you get a set of lines such as %30pdr/ 12% total dmg/ and a crap third line -- I'd strongly advise you to NOT reroll. In fact, holding with that potential would be well worth your money while you finalize regular and bonus potentials on your primary and secondary weapons first. It is so difficult to get a truly good set of 2 lines on either section of your emblem that at any point where you get 1 ideal and 1 ok (read: %total dmg) - stick there.

Since you're investing your Emblem as a %pdr sink, try, though to a lesser degree, to favourlines of %boss dmg and %atk at the expense of lines of %pdr on your primary and secondary weapon.
Just as I've noticed a huge uptick in the difficulty and rarity of getting 2+ ideal lines on the Emblem, I've also noticed that the primary weapon, for both regular and bonus potential lines, is exceedingly easier to achieve success. I've seen collections of 3 lines like %40 boss dmg/ %9 atk/ %30 boss dmg multiple times. This point is well worth considering as you weigh your options on where to place your next cubes.

In my opinion there's a final point of contention regarding cubing these three items. This is relatively controversial but I feel so strong about this that I consider it one of the best strategic approaches to take while cubing. That point is that %atk is overrated. This has next to nothing to do with its impact on range. The benefit is there and it's typically the best possible stat. However, in my experience, receiving 2 or more lines of %atk is exponentially rarer than receiving 2 or more ideal lines of %boss, %pdr or any combination of the 3 (%atk included.) The advice I have to this end is to aim for that mixture of ideal lines. Like %40 boss, 12% atk, 30% boss. Aiming for %atk is both a waste of money and a waste of range. So many people would throw away something like 30% boss, 9%atk, 30% boss in the hopes of getting even just 2 lines of %atk (such as 12% atk, 9%atk, crap third.) Again, this is a waste. The cliche of aiming for a balance of stats rather than disproportionately for any given one is obvious and true.

My final, and, in my opinion, both the most important point & the point most commonly overlooked - resulting in the waste of $100s of the USD on NX. Please trust me. Do not...don't EVER...approach your cubing with the mindset of, 'ok, I'm going to finish my...' No. NEVER.

Cubing can easily transcend the stupid odds given to you by Nexon. It can honestly become significantly closer to rewarding strategy and talent...than rewarding gambling and throwing money at itwithout respect to the fact that you're lucky in this world to have the ability to have that money. You should respect it to the extent that you can. I'm not saying don't spend it - just don't spend it like its meaningless. It isn't. Weigh the pros and cons of every single path you can take with your cubes. Due to the fact that you will have numerous pathways to take at any given time, with tons ofvariables up in the air -- the difference between success is not a matter of gambling, it's a matter of being strategic and cubing the slots in the same way you would approach a move in chess or playa game of tetris. Talent, intelligence and strategy ARE important and they are VASTLY better rewarded than mindlessly gambling your money into Nexon's pockets. If anyone tells you there's nothingto it beyond pay2win - odds are they either screwed up themselves and are too naive and arrogant to think things through - or they're just trying to make you feel bad for whatever reason people in this game decide to hate people who have good gear and dare to 'mention' it or feel 'proud.'

And For GODS SAKE - DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY OBSESSING ON PERFECTING ONE LINE. I promise you theres almost a 100% chance that money would be better spent somewhere elsethan on perfecting that 1 line in the hopes of getting a boost of friggin 3% for the items.

I believe this about %atk so much so that if you were to ever hit the lottery and somehow come out with 3 lines of %atk, such as 12% atk, 9% atk, 9% atk -- do NOT keep it. Turn around and sell this item. Any benefit such a combination might give you over a combination like 40% boss dmg, 9% atk, 30% boss...will be negligible and the profit you would get selling that 30% atk items will not only likely fund the completion of the weapon again - it'll leave you with plenty of money towards items you would other leave untouched or uncompleted. You need to be strategic and you need to weigh every path, every potential path, ad nauseum - and then come to a decision.

Summary of Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon & Emblem.

Primary Weapon

Regular/Bonus Tiers = Legendary

  • Regular Potential (stats in relative order of importance)
  • Lines 1 thru 3: 2 to 3 simultaenous ideal lines. (ideal = lines of %atk, %boss dmg & %PDR)

Bonus Potential

  • Lines 1 &2: 1-2 lines of %atk.
  • remaining line <1 okay line (%total dmg, %boss dmg)

Secondary Weapon

Regular/Bonus Tiers = Legendary

  • Regular Potential
  • Lines 1 & 2: 1-2+ simultaneous ideal lines. (Ideal = lines of %atk & %boss dmg)

Bonus Potential

  • Lines 1 & 2: 1-2 lines of %atk.
  • 3rd line:1 okay line if only 1 line of %atk.


Regular/Bonus Tier = Legendary

  • Regular Potential:
  • Lines 1 & 2 2 ideal lines. Preferably 2 lines of %PDR, though %Atk is always good.

Bonus Potential

  • Lines 1 & 2:1+ line of %atk
  • 1 okay line (%total dmg, primary/all stat)
  • You should hit Legendary for every tier - however it isn't necessary. For example, the bonus potential on my Secondary Weapon is still Unique, tho w/ 9%atk/6%atk/6%atk (21%atk total)

Between all three of these key items, attempt to acquire:
Regular Potentials:
5-6 Ideal lines. (at least 2 lines of PDR, the remaining should be a mixture of %atk, %boss dmg)

Bonus Potentials:
3-4+ ideal lines (%atk)
2-3 okay lines (%total dmg, %boss dmg, %all/primary stat)

Some examples I've made with my friends of this type of gear (primary/secondary wep & emblem)...I consider these all ideal.

In the above you have a great example of where aiming for 3 good lines vs 2 perfect lines & 1 crap line is not feasible or sensible. Don't try for it. If you ever, on any of your three big items, get 21% atk - stop and stay with there every time. Don't do anything. You will -not- get better than that and you will likely never end up with 21% atk in the reasonably foreseeable future. Unless you're @doudy and have a rich mommy. j/k doudy!

  • I still do not have an emblem I consider done or correct. Here's an example

The above are merely examples of items that I have personally made or helped to make. If you have any item you consider representative of what we're looking for here, please don't hesitate to share it with me and I will gladly add it to the following section:

Equivalencies, points of interest, generic goals.

Some relatively rough, read: potentially false depending on your constellation of stats, rules of thumb as they apply to the rarities of various lines of potential and their equivalence between stats is this. Based on Legendary tier results:

12% atk = 12% total dmg = 40% boss dmg = 40% pdr = 12% primary stat
9% atk = 9% total dmg = 305 boss dmg = 30% pdr = 12% primary stat

For bonus potentials, the max %boss dmg lines you will get is between 12% boss dmg and 18% boss dmg. Therefore %atk will be your best bet for these lines. PDR will rarely go above 4% - worthless here.

As an end goal for each stat, a decent rule of thumb would be:

250% - 280% boss dmg (not as in your stat window, take your stant window and add all sources of %total dmg to it as well. Remember: %total dmg and %boss dmg is introduced into the range equation like this: (%boss dmg + %total dmg) thus they're equal in their effect. %total dmg is pretty distinguised only by being applied to your dmg on regular mobs as well as bosses.

50% - 70%+ atk, all combined.

85% - 90%+ pdr (as seen in your stat window.)

ATK & %ATK as applied to your damage & range.

Another misconception of note, tho of little practical application. ATK % is often favoured bc people claiming that it is not subject to the law of diminishing returns. This is false. %atk is like any other %stat. I explain this in detail below.

It's very easy to get carried away with ATK as a stat...especially the incorrect application of rules surrounding atk as a pure stat vs atk such as % atk.

The formula contains the following line: (atk/100)

Necessarily that means that atk, and, by extension, %atk, are multipliers. This is because the atk is used to multiply a stat which is then used to multiply everything else in the equation.

Following this, you can see how %atk is susceptible to the law of diminishing returns. Think of it like this: a boost from 0%atk to 9%atk gives a multiplier expressed as 1.09x. However, if you're alreadydecked out in godly gear, a gain from 70% atk to 79% atk has a multiplier expressed thru: 179/170= ~1.05. Thus the multiplier going into your stats is now 1.05x. That same 9% boost in atk is now expressed ~0.04 less when starting from 70% vs starting from 0%

THEREFORE THE COMMON ASSUMPTION THAT ATK is hands down, UNIVERSALLY BETTER because %atk 'isn't effected by the law of diminishing returns' is -wrong- because it is based on a false premise. Note: This is true even though the false premise that %atk isn't effected by the law of diminishing returns both SOUNDS smart AND scientific. That doesn't mean it's right.

"If you come to a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong." - Ayn Rand.

Rule of Thumb : Don't just assume something is right because it sounds scientific...or worse, because 'someone on a Maplestory Forum said so'...I cannot tell you how often I have proven to myself how wrong the people I trust and look up to actually are...about everything. Find everything out for yourself. You need to know 'why' it is what it's the only smart way to do this, especially when you're spending your money on all this - not theirs.

I include this section despite its relative lack of practical application for 2 reasons, 1) to dwell a bit on the %atk stat for a bit before I really nail in my feelings about it later, and 2) to show you that what sounds smart, what is recited like fact on forums and in game, can always be, and often is, WRONG. You need to learn to question everything and apply it to yourself and make sure it really works for you - not that you're just doing what people tell you. Further, the difference between 2 paths that, in the end, benefit your range the same is NOT moot. One path may cost you $300 dollars. The other may cost you $25 dollars. Always be strategic and way the cost/benefits from every angle before doing anything. This is where the game truly bucks the pay2win label and you can transcend any notion of 'gambling.' By weighing every option you will invariably find a chaotic path with numerous choices and as you go this route you will, sooner or later, find that the path you take matters more than the money you spend when it comes to success.

A friend of mine, with lower range than myself - despite spending far more than me - is a great example of this. They had me check out their gear and see what they should do next. I noticed that every item he had was legendary, even with bad stats, in the regular potential lines - and often the bonus potential lines were still useless and rare. Compared to me, every item I have betrays a history of being occasionally cubed, both regular and bonus. This is because at any given point I felt that the best use of my money may not be tiering up that one item or going for 21% - 30% dex when I alrdy had 18% dex...LOOK FOR THE PATH THAT WILL REWARD YOU BEST AT THE CHEAPEST COST. Literally EVERYONE overlooks this simple approach. Even after ranting at my friend I had to forcibly argue him that he needed to stop regular cubing and move on to bonus cubes since the odds of getting a betterregular line were astronimically lower than the odds of him throwing some random bonus cubes and grabbing a 10atk line or 4% prim stat.

After these three items...try to slowly boost your other gear so that each piece has like 9% primary stat at first, then maybe 12% and then 15%. Once you get your remaining gear a reasonable amount of stat% bonus pot everything and first make the effort to get at least 1 line that is 10-14 atk. NOT buy yourself Tyrant Gloves now. Buy every other Tyrant as soon as you can, but do not worry about Tyrant Gloves until much, much later...I'll explain and outline the process involved with them further down...

Summary of potentials for all remaining items.

Regular Potentials (for all):
all lines combined: >15% primary stat

Bonus Potentials (for all):
1 line of 2-7%primary/all stat
1 line of 10+ atk

Once you've got your CRA gear, your Sweet-water Glasses and Tattoo up to at least 12-15% primary stat and at least one decent line for Bonus Pot(ie, 10+ atk or 4+ primary stat), as well having at least some decent lines on your primary weapon, your secondary weapon and your Emblem, then you're ready for the next step. That would be scrolling.

Scrolling - when, what, how and why.

In general most people will tell you that the only real way to scroll your weapons is with Primes. In my opinion this is far from true and a serious waste of time and money. I personally would scroll anything other than your primary weapon and your Heart with whatever you feel like. The key at this point is just to make sure that you do it perfectly, which means pass every single slot, hammer it twice and pass the scrolls there as well. A decent route to take for some gear would be a few chaos scrolls of goodness. But to this end and towards being careful...if you don't gain at least 3 atk with the first COG/ICOG...then innocence the item and try again. Once you're working with some decent atk boosts, -->or if you just want to get it done quick and cheap with 30% or 70% StarForce <--, which is perfectly fine and likely will never, not ever, never ever never ever never ever be noticed by anyone including yourself. To make things all pass, if this is something you the following:

Use the scroll, whichever you choose, if it fails, go to fm and owl for 10% clean slate scrolls. Once you find a store, normally there are a bunch selling them cheap and in bulk, stand beside the store and just go one after another till you regain the spot you lost. Once you have the slot back, try again to pass the scroll. Do this over and over till you've perfectly scrolled every single slot, including hammered slots, and succeeded on EVERY slot. At this point you can work on enhancing. In general I would suggest you work first to enhance your tyrant gear and your weapon. With tyrants this is where their benefit really starts to shine. For example my tyrant boot started with just 30 attack. However, I've enhanced it to 12 stars. This added a further 88 attack to the boot. It now has 118 attack...



How this works is that for the first 5 stars I would suggest strongly that you buy a 5star enhancement scroll. (Here on Basil, @Emplex suggests the following: With Scanian NX rates, guardian+5 starring is more expensive than star forcing tyrant items to 5 stars, unless your star forcing luck is really bad. Guardians are like 6k (6*120=720m), 5 stars AEEs are around 900m, That's AT LEAST 1620m and likely a lot more since the 5 star AEEs are 30%. If you regular AEE the first star every time your tyrant hits 0 stars and just try star forcing it to 5 stars, it should be a lot cheaper.)

You do this at the VERY beginning before you've enhanced the item AT ALL. Go to cash shop and purchase a Guardian Scroll. Click this and then attach it to your 5 star scroll...these scrolls are fairly expensive so you don't want to have to buy one over and over as you fail them. This item will cause the scroll to be saved and it will not disappear when you fail it. Use the Guardian Scroll on the 5 star scroll over and over until you successfully pass it. You will now have 5 stars on your item. Now, go to cash shop and buy a Superior Shielding Ward. Use this by double clicking it and then applying it to the Tyrant you're working on. Now, buy a few regular enhancement scrolls, the kind that blow up when failed. They're cheap enough that you don't need to protect them with a Guardian Scroll.

So, once you have the enhancement scroll and the Superior Shielding Ward successfully on your item(it will be listed on the item that it's there) try to pass the enhancement scroll. Each time you fail the scroll you will need to go to cash shop and get another Superior Shielding Ward to protect your item. Just repeat this process until you have passed the enhancement scroll and have 6 stars. Now, repeat this process again just as described above and do it until you have 7 stars on your Tyrant. For me this process, and I've done it more than 5 times, never took more than 25k nx per item brought to 7 stars. At this point things get'll need a large amount of mesos saved. Buy as many cheap No Boom Enhancement scrolls. These will be over 1 bil mesos each, typically.

Note: Before you click buy, double check that the scroll you're buying actually describes in its description that it WILL NOT blow up the item on failure. A lot of disgusting people in the FM try to trick people buy selling a bunch of real No Boom Scrolls...and immediately beside them they'll put up a few regular Enhancement scrolls that DO blow up your item. Make sure you're not falling for that each time. Read the description. Now, once you have the No Boom and have at least 7 stars on your item, go to cash shop and purchase a Guardian Scroll to attach to your No Boom Scroll. This will prevent the scroll from disappearing when you fail it...and you will be failing it a LOT. Now, try to pass the scroll. Repeat this process, buying a Guardian Scroll to use on EVERY attempt, and always read your item to make sure it has the protections you have listed as active on them. Eventually you'll pass the No Boom and have 8 stars. If you're serious about capping you'll want to get every Tyrant that you have up to at least 10-11 stars. At that point most people slack off and just try to work on them periodically. As you get up to 9 or 10 stars things will get seriously hard. The success rate drops below 20% pass rate and then down to 10 and then won't be a stretch to say that you'll be spending 50k nx trying to enhance successfully just 1 star at this point. It gets insane.

Now, once you have your Tyrants dealt with, buy primes for your Heart and your Weapon.

@ArchM0onL, thoughts on primes: If you want to go to the extent of prime scrolling, prime them first then cube them so that you can save one protection scroll on the first slot.
From my point of view, prime scrolls are not efficient except for xenons and android heart, but just a small tip lol.
Protection scrolls should be used only when the item is already decently scrolled (primed), or the clean item is expensive (Tyrants, Android hearts from marvel)
However there are some cases when protection scrolls can not be applied. We are forced to use no boom aee + guardians (7+ star Tyrants, 12+ star Ryude's Sword) //end

Perfectly Priming your Weapon & Heart

To perfectly Prime Scroll an item, this is the process: Buy The primes. These will be very expensive unless you gained some via events. Protect the Prime Scroll with a Guardian Scroll from CS, then go through FM and buy Protection Scrolls. Take the Protection Scroll and attach it to the piece of gear you're Priming. This will now protect your scroll from failling and protect your gear from being destroyed on failure. Of only need to do this if you're dealing with an expensive Heart such as a Superior Lidium Heart or a Titanium Heart. Now, when you have the Prime protected with a Guardian and the Heart or the Weapon protected with a prot scroll, attempt to pass the Prime on your item. These are difficult for a lot of people and the success rate seems to be incredibly random. Sometimes you'll pass 5 Primes in a row, first try...other times I find myself buying Guardians and prots 4-5 times in an effort to pass just ONE Prime Scroll...surprising since the success rate listed on the Prime says its 40%. Doesn't feel like it fairly often in my experience. You do this process over and over until your Heart is perfect and until your Weapon is perfectly Primed. At this point you'll move to Enhancing. The Heart is a simple process, but the weapon gets a bit difficult at times. You'll want to get it to 15 stars and the last stars will be very hard. The difference between this and Tyrants is that you'll be best off just doing this via the StarForce Window. Once you get to the higher numbers you'll likely blow your weapon up. At this point you'll receive a Weapon, go to FM and rebuy a perfectly clean version of the weapon you just boomed. When you get it, go to enhance the weapon. It'll flash the option to use the weapon trace, do this and it'll suddenly restore your weapon back as it was before you boomed it, minus the Stars you had gotten. You'll have all the stats from scrolling back as well as all the lines of potential. It even returns the item tag if your item had one before. Try again and again until you pass all 15 Stars...the boost for each star is meaningful enough to justify the frustration.

At this point you'll be in the position to just go at your own pace with regards to finalizing your items at the point that you're happy with them. Things left at this point are limited mostly to trying to get your items at the % primary stat that you want them at. Weapons and Emblem you'll be working towards getting as many lines of %atk and %Boss Dmg, combined with %pdr(you'll want your PDR, as listed in the stat window, to be at or above 90% if you have any intention to try Chaos Vellum or other high level bosses. Your damage will likely be extremely, read: EXTREMELY limited and diminished by a boss like CVellum if your PDR isn't high it's necessary to get a few lines.


For NEBs, the first move you need to make is to buy two 25% boss dmg nebs. If you can't find these, a 20% boss neb will likely be your only option. Put one on your weapon and the other on your Secondary Weapon. Your Emblem is different, even though the potential lines were the same...for Emblem just try your best to get a 3-4% Primary Sta/All Stat neb and attach it. You'll also want to pass 3-4% primary stat or all stat nebs on all of your other gear as well. The reason you'll likely avoid 4% Nebs is because the price for them is typically insanely high whereas nebs specific to you primary stat, with the small compromise of maybe 3% instead of 4% will be far more easy to find and afford. For me I mostly tried for 4% All Stat nebs just on items that I really prized, such as my Tyrants, Superior Gollux Ring, Pendants and Earring, Lightning God Ring, etc. Work at it the way that fits your mood, no one is likely to ever notice that you have a 3% luk neb instead of a 4% all stat neb on an item.

  • Primary Weapon = 20% or 25% Boss Neb
  • Secondary Weapon = 20% or 25% Boss Neb
  • Emblem = 3% or 4% primary/all stat.
  • Glove = SE Neb. (Except when prevented by class. Eg: Angelic Buster has an incredible skill, Star Gazer, which is necessary for them - however it negates Sharp Eyes. Instead, use 3% to 4% primary/all stat neb.

NOTE: No one is going to notice or care if you have a 20% Neb instead of a 25% Neb. For that matter, no one will care if your other Nebs are 2% primary stat or 3% primary stat instead of the massively more expensive (and, due to largely having been duped en masse, likely to get removed in a patch by Nexon.)

Don't friggin give in to the perfectionist elitist crap you see being accepted everywhere with proclamations of 'omg, I would never settle for that...' or 'wow, I would never buy that - it's tagged by someone.'

I shouldn't have to tell you how dumb that is. But I'll go ahead and do it. its friggin dumb[I/]
And you should know better.

Tyrant Gloves. When. Why not? How to best cube.

EDIT: IMPORTANT CHANGE COMING this section is outdated due to recent changes in dojo. This change makes the acquisition of your own glove a more pressing matter than it had been before. But not that much more. lol.

I still maintain that sweet-water gloves, and basically cubing (I can't argue cubing with free boss drop cubes, tho. Nothing wrong with that. Just don't waste your real NX) any glove other than a Tyrant a waste. Yes, Sweet-water and High Dimension can be nice mid range - but it's not like you're going to be handicapping yourself by saving your money and your nx first and continuing to use it on items, such as your primary/secondary weapon and emblem, and/or enhancing your tyrants for that all important transition from 50atk to 100+atk, and eventually just putting aside any leftovers for your future Tyrant Glove. It's smarter in the end to hold off and think strategically. It's not like you're going to break your character for good if you think first, calm down and don't rush. lol.

Beyond that, as you work for that Tyrant can easily quietly scroll a passable High Dimension Glove on the side, then throw boss drop cubes on it and hope for 9% prim stat. I made my shoulder this same way...ended up getting 21% dex unique on it so I never wasted time on another. Save the real NX for your actual gear...but this way you're not out of a glove while you wait...and you're still positioning yourself to get your end game glove. Note: investing in a sweet-water glove would be a large mistake. Don't do it. You'll invest a ton of money in that and in the end the same amount of money that it would take you to get that Sweet-Water Glove to 54atk and some 'nice' potential lines would likely be the same amount of money it would take you to get that Tyrant Gluff from from 15atk clean to 100+atk with lines ranking it higher than Rank 1 Dojo Glove. No. Don't do it. You can easily get by with a clumsily scrolled 30atk High Dimension Glove(or even regular Dimension...and rmbr, Pensalir would also work fine for this.) Then do some occasional bosses for cube drops with your free time and you'll eventually come away with a free 9+% primary stat 30atk glove which is more than enough till you're ready for that Tyrant Gluff.
//end edit. I'll adjust the remainder of this section later. Feel free to contribute yourself if you feel like helping. =)

Tyrant Gloves. Semi kidding asideThese are something you do not worry about until you're finalizing your gear. In general Dojo gloves are extremely good and relatively easy to acquire as needed. Once you get your gear to the point where it's virtually done and finished, purchase a clean Tyrant Glove. Cube it until Legendary. It needs to be Legendary because, in order to compete and surpass the Dojo gloves, you will need at least one line of 15% max crit or 15% min crit dmg. Try your best to get this line in combination with at least one other useful line. Then for bonus potential you'll also be aiming for Legendary as you can get another max/min crit line. However you're fine with just trying to get a decent amount of atk, such as 14, and two lines like 4% primary stat, 4% primary stat. Once you're at this point, follow the same process used to scroll your other Tyrant items. You'll want do this as best as possible and then get your Tyrant Glove to at least 11 stars. This is why you wait till so late in the gearing process to do this. It's insanely expensive, especially when you realize that in the end the glove will still be only slightly better than the Dojo gloves you've been using. Vaguely, Hero Glove is equivalent to a Glove with the potentials I outlined combined with 8-10 stars.

A common bit of confusion relating to your Tyrant Glove is whether or not %max crit dmg is as good as %min crit dmg. In short - no. Min Crit Dmg is ideal. This is because %max crit dmg is applied to your highest line of dmg. Now, should you do cap damage anywhere, by definition this boost to % max crit will be wasted. You can't boost a line of dmg beyond cap...and as such focusing on %min crit works best. While your highest numbers are capping, that boost to you %min crit will keep helping to boost your weakest lines of dmg.

Other items to make/acquire.

Decent items. You'll also most likely be interested in acquiring some items intentionally scrolled to allow you the option to cast various decent skills like Speed Infusion, Adv Blessing, etc. To this end, you'll be best off using:

Adv Blessed - Use Chaos PB Helm, the lvl 135 one. Cube the helm until it hits Legendary Tier. Now keep cubing and if you get lucky, you'll eventually get the line for Advanced Bless.

Speed Infusion - Cube a high level glove, such as Pensalir or High Quality Dimension Glove. Get the item to Legendary and keep going. This one took me quite a lot of time to finally get the Decent Speed Infusion Line but I did get it eventually.

Combat Orders - Any shoe that you can equip above level 100. Pensalir is an easy option to find in fm. Cube till Legendary and like the others it'll happen eventually. I found this skill to be fairly easy and I've seen it many times on other boots I was working with.

Sharp Eyes, Hyper Body skill can be acquired as Nebs. In general HB isn't a very common skill to get.

That virtually covers everything about making your gear that i can think of. Try for at least 250-280% boss dmg, perhaps 80%+ atk, 90% pdr and 100% crit. You'll want to work at your Inner Ability the way that best works for your class as it changes completely from class to class.

PDR too low? Crit Rate too low? --- Acquiring hard to get base stats

Critical Chance: Additional sources of this can be lvl 120 Phantom Link (15%critical chance), Inner Ability = 30% Critical Chance (at Legendary), lvl 120 Beast Tamer (includes 7% critical chance), lvl 100+ Marksman Character Card = 3% Critical Chance.

Also, making/buying Exceptional Concentration Potion is fairly cheap/easy. It boosts you 10% critical chance for 2 hours. (Note: It does so at the expense of 1 cast potion slot using Adv Boss Rush/Great Hero type potions.)

Atk Speed Boost: Inner ability (Legendary = +1 atk speed), Green MPE Potions. Fight in Master Park Extreme on various mules(must be same account as main). When Boss is ready, summon it and it'll drop a variety of useful potions including the Green Speed Potion.

lvl 120 Luminous mule (15% pdr), Leafre Codex Set (30% pdr), lvl 100 Beast Tamer Character Card (6% pdr), 3 pirate character card set, Xenon counts (6% pdr), Level 100 Character Traits (10% pdr), Adv Penetration Boost Potion (20% pdr)

Dojo Considerations

There are numerous factors and intricacies that will help to better your times at Dojo. Approaching that concisely would be a guide in and of itself. Howeever, Here are some quick tips on things to bring along, ideas to consider, potential skill adjustments and even readying your computer:
Potions: adv boss rush or adv great hero mpe, ginger bread, witchs stew, legendary hero potion (only works if you use the boss rush pot instead of the adv hero potion), crit pots, guild potion, guild skills, ht/pb buffs, green speed, all combined with soul weapon summon + familiar (like empress or skull reaper, decent skill gear, echo...and also remembering to cast soul summon at the beginning and at the can get past the first (i forget how many now...been a while since I dojo'd since I made my tyrant gluffs)'s quite a few bosses that your summon will instant kill in one that taking your time to attack manually is a waste and adds crucial seconds to your time...on and on. Again, summons will always attack faster than you can attack and as such maximizing the point where they can 1hk various Dojo Bosses will give you a significant boost.
Again, I'm only familiar with being a dex based half melee/ half ranged pirate. Each class has its own intricacies and tricks that will trim seconds off your time on their own.
It's really tedious but once you figure it all out, work out a timing that works for you...u just need to memorize it all and go thru dojo by rote memory. Always reboot before heading in and people have told me, and I have no reason to disagree, that setting your graphics settings in game as low as possible and going full screen...all contributes to a faster run.

Remember that PDR means nothing in dojo so don't use your leafre set -- henesys ruins is best. THAT POINT IS IMPORTANT. So many people go into Dojo with their Leafre set on. Dojo does NOT reward a well rounded player. They reward a player funded for pure %atk and %boss. USE HENESYS RUINS CODEX SET = 3% atk. It's so worth having. If you need help getting it, ask your friends. If you're in Scania, ask me if I'm around - I'd be glad to help. Further down that same road: If you're focused on typical bosses more than CVellum, etc...don't waste too many lines on PDR, instead aim first for 250% boss range (not as indicated in the window...instead take the window stat and add all forms of %total dmg that you have to it for a final number around 250ish%. Then aim for %atk...thats all obvious and common knowledge but most people overlook the fact that trying to balance %boss dmg and %atk is not only cheaper and easier to get when ur cubing (if only because you're aiming for 2 potential lines instead of just 1 rare stat)....but, its surprisingly common for people to mass cube for %atk when %boss would actually give them a significantly better boost to their range, esp when bosses are concerned.

Understanding In Game Stats and how they Apply to Calculating your Range, Damage, and other Important Concepts

Knowing the math behind your range is easily dismissed and glossed over because of the various layers of in depth Math, complicated exponentially by the various manners in which it all plays off of itself and made even worse by the way it interacts with obscure game mechanics. The tactic I recommend to familiarize yourself with the math relating to your range/dmg is to first start small. Figure out how each item and its stats will contribute to your existing stats. Do this by deriving a multiplier for each item. Since you're going to want to make sure you're doing this all right a good tool to use is to try to utilize the range listed in your stat window as a control. If you can predict the impact equipping a various item will have mathematically before even equipping it...then you will know that you're doing something right. Getting there, though, is a bit tedious and annoying but totally possible.

The approach I'm most familiar with and which worked best for me is to start by deriving the relevant multiplier for each item you're considering. Once you have the multiplier that you think is relevant to what you want to know, you need to know in which formula to use it, in what order, and make sure you're always keeping in mind everything you're doing that might somehow impact your stats or range. Knowing what to look for isn't as hard as you'd expect, you don't need to keep a huge list and take notes per se...rather, read each formula and familiarize yourself with it. Pay attention to every factor that alters or impacts anything. Then when you're getting started doing it all on your own you hopefully won't get as overwhelmed.

The thing is...being able to calculate your range, if only vaguely, and understanding each of the important formulas is a lot more than just vanity and obsessing on damage. The most important reason, imo, to learn and familiarize yourself with this whole subject is because this will be the best way to strategically plan out your gear and what stats you want to aim for. This will help you to decide whether %atk or %boss dmg will benefit you more - and, most importantly, by how much. This is crucial as having slightly subpar lines of one stat compared to another stat when considered in relation to your final total range is a lot more complex than simply yes/no or right/wrong. For example, if you have a primary weapon and its regular potential has the lines 40% boss, 30% boss, 30% pdr you'll likely know of the top of your head that you'd do better with at least one line of %atk in there. However, being able to loosely calculate and anticipate the impact stats will have on your final range might tell you that, be that as it may, the cost of rerolling the potential on the item and aiming for that ideal set of lines is totally not worth it. These situations where people just assume that because something is 'universally better' that it's worth plowing tons of money towards are so often massive wastes of time and money. Being able to get a rough estimate that your range will only boost from 600,000 to 640,000 might be all you need to realize that 40k boost is NOT worth the potential 100k+ NX you'll invest rerolling for the dream stats.

Sorry for droning on about that, I just feel that it's a very important consideration...yet very few people seem to ever even consider it. They just blindly throw money to get the %atk lines because everyone tells them to. No, work it out for yourself and see if it's worth the money. You'd be shocked how often you'd be exponentially better off staying where you are and cubing something else altogether. This is how you elevate gearing beyond simple gambling and transcend the odds Nexon gives you for each item and each cube. Once you get a ton of items in play...picking what to cube next and what to aim for and where to stay and not reroll becomes far more rewarding in terms of your range than just blindly throwing money at cubing things at random.

Now, back to the math. Use your stat window as a control. Take every piece of gear off and add each piece back on individually while checking its effects in your stat window. Each piece of gear will boost your differently compared to what you have equipped at any given time. The way to standardize this, however, so that you can keep everything relevant to everything else in such a way that you can predict the change to your Stat window range without even equipping it will take several steps. First, however, you will need to derive a multiplier for each item. Remember, the multiplier won't always be the you will need to derive the multiplier from the equip and stat set up you intend to consider it in relation to. Even when you're already well above the soft cap of 2mil - 2mil for your stat window you can still use it as a control to make sure you know what you're doing. Simply unequip as many items as it takes to drop below the soft cap and then work from there as before.
When you have an item you want to check out, keep in mind the stats you're considering aiming for. Then, start by filling in the equations for the item being considered. Figure out the various options you have for stats to aim for on that item and apply them where they belong. Then, as best as you can, fill out the rest of the formula relating to the total of each relevant stat you have already equipped. Solving for that will give you your multiplier which you can then multiply into whichever relevant range equation you feel best fits. Look over all of them before jumping in and make sure you find the one of best fit.

Getting a bit ahead of myself, there, tho, so first about multipliers. The following are some paths to take towards deriving the correct and relevant multipliers before applying them to equations elsewhere. I need help here...if anyone could correct these if I have them wrong or add ones that I forgot. I'm doing this almost entirely off the top of my head from memory.

Note: I'm writing %Total Damage as %TD to save time.

stat (dex/str/int/luk) multiplier: (1 + (prim stat)/total primary stat)
%stat multiplier: (1 + (%prim stat on item)/(%crit chance + %prim stat))
atk multiplier: (1 + atk on item/total base atk)
%atk multiplier: (1 + (%atk on item)/%crit chance + total %atk))
crit multiplier: ((%crit chance + .5(%total min crit dmg + any %min crit dmg on the given item + % total max crit dmg)) / (%crit chance + .5(%total min crit dmg - any %min crit dmg from item + %total max crit dmg)))
%Total Damage + %boss multiplier: (1 + %boss or %TD on item/(%total boss dmg + %TD + 100) )

Now, one you have the multiplier you think is correct, you need to apply it to the range/damage equation, depending on what information you're trying to figure out.
Below I will list some of the more important equations to consider. Figure out the one relevant to your question, apply it, solve for it and then cross check it as best as you can by using your stat window range as a control. You'll likely be wrong very often, and not just because you're doing math wrong - more often than not you'll get wrong answer after wrong answer until you suddenly realize you forgot to account for some random stat somewhere.
Equations along the way towards your Range or your Dmg, etc.
I'm really pushing my memory here and very please don't hesitate to correct these or add ones I forgot. I'm tired and not at all in the mood to look this stuff up, rofl.

Very simplified

Range Equation. Note: %atk and %TD must be written down in decimal form (and %boss if you do it, tho technically %TD should or could acct for %boss by just arriving at your total %TD by combing %boss dmg from your stat window + any sources of %td = your final total for %TD. However, if you're only concerned about clean range or dmg on regular mobs...exclude %boss dmg entirely and you'll be left with stats relevant only to regular mobs.) This means 115%TD = 1.15, 230% boss dmg + %td = 2.30 %TD+%BOSS

(weapon multiplier x (4 x main stat + secondary stat) x (total calculated atk / 100) x (1 + %atk or matk. rmbr to use decimal form for this) x (1 + %TD, rmbr, also in decimal form)

As an Angelic Buster, Crit Dmg is hugely important to me character and as such I wanted to figure out a way to quantify the effect %min/max crit dmg has, with %crit chance considered, on your effective range. Here's the formula I worked out to try to account for it. I don't include this for any realistic, meaningful use...I'm including it to show how you can mess with all of these equations and by keeping them organized in your mind, you can figure out ways to get answers you're looking for without having to cut and paste an equation from someone else. (Applying crit to range may seem useful since it makes such a game changing difference for Angelic Busters...but in actuality every job has a variety of stats they're biased towards and get a disproportionate boost from. Quanitfying those factors has minimal to know use beyond curiosity so don't get too worried.)

%crit chance x (min crit + max crit)/2 + (1 x %crit chance)

That'll give you a multiplier for Crit that you can factor into the various range equations and figure out what you want to know.

More equations:

applying skills n stuff: [([base dex x(1 + mw%)]+ extra dex)x(1 + dex% + all stat%) + ability dex + char card dex]

total combined atk: (base atk) x (1 + %atk / 100) + IA atk + char card atk

total combined primary stat: (replace dex with any primary stat) [([base dex x(1 + mw%)]+ extra prim stat)x(1 + dex% + all stat%) + ability dex + char card dex]

max dmg range: 0.01 x weapon multiplier x (prim. stat x 4 + secondary stat) x atk x (1+TD%)+ boost from like warrior deck set, IA, etc.

min dmg range: max dmg (the number from the above equation) x mastery

mastery is quantified depending on attack style. Melee = 20% + skill mastery; Ranged = 15% + skill mastery; Mage = 25% + skill mastery (this varies a lot more than this tho. some skills even
give mastery to consider...and jobs like Zero, Hayato, Kanna and Evan [and more I'm sure] have their own unique points to consider when accounting for mastery.)

normal dmg range: 0.01 x wep multiplier x (prim. stat x 4 + secondary stat) x atk

Calculating effective 'PDR' (what shows in your stat window) First, it's not PDR. It's %def ignore. However, everyone abbreviates this to PDR and it doesn't really matter. If you're curious, pdr is actually what