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Ghost Ship/Sea of Fog PQ GSPQ

Dread tidings from the Sea of Fog. Rumors swirl around. Unbelievable tales of a ship with rotten planks and tattered sails that swoop down on unwary vessels and plunder them. And the crew of this dread ship? Could it be that the dead have escaped from Davy Jones� Locker and are even now terrorizing the water of Maple World?

The call goes out for brave adventurers to find this strange apparition, battle its undead crew and destroy the ghost ship�s mysterious skipper to make the sea lanes safe once again. Do you have what it takes to battle against this watery terror?

Oh no! How can I help save the seas?

Use this handy-dandy guide to join hands with your crewmates and make the seas safe for us once again!


This is a guide for Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist PQ/Dual Race PQ/Ghost Ship PQ/Sea of Fog PQ/whatever you people call it these days. This is not a completed guide, I update this frequently with new information. Please PM me (link in the sidebar) if you find any mistakes, if you want to add something to the guide, if you find any spelling and grammar mistakes, if you would like to make a suggestion, or have a question.


This guide was written/put together entirely by me, @aloley of Basilmarket. This guide may not be reproduced in any fashion without the expressed written/typed consent of me, the author. Information was gathered through experience, Basilmarket, and off StrategyWiki.

So, without further ado, the Guide!

[url=]Video of Dual Race PQ. In this video, he enters through the Dolphin Taxi.[/url]
[url=]Post Big Bang Video.[/url]
[url=]Post Big Bang Video.[/url]

If you'd like to see more videos, check Youtube. There have been plenty of videos released since the Big Bang.

Glitches/Possible Glitches

  • In Stage 5, ONLY members of the Red Team are able to use skills such as [skill=Assassin=Haste], [skill=Hermit=Flash Jump], [skill=Dawn Warrior 2=Soul Rush], [skill=Gunslinger=Recoil Shot], [skill=Gunslinger=Wings], and [skill=Brawler=Corkscrew Blow].
  • There have been some disconnection problems in the PQ (particularly Stage 5).
  • At times, when you die, you get sent out to the exit screen.

Party Requirements

  • This is a 3v3 Competitive PQ.
  • You must have 3 people in your party. No more, no less.
  • All party members must be levels 60-80.
  • There are no prerequisites to this PQ.

Party Tips!

  • [Big Bang Update] The monsters in this PQ are unbelievably easy to kill now. Most people should 1-3Hit KO these monsters, including the First Officer.
  • As with other competitive party quests, there are TWs and FWs, as well as PQs with Dual Race PQ. (I�m going to call Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist, Dual Race PQ, because the former is way too long to type out every single time I want to refer to the name.)
  • To Clerics and Priests: [skill=Cleric=Heal] DOES work on ALL monsters in this PQ, including the boss.
  • F/P, 3rd job NWs, and 3rd job BWs are also recommended, because poison DOES WORK, and does SIGNIFICANT damage.
  • Mobility classes are highly recommended. GSPQ has turned into more of a speed PQ rather than a strength PQ.

Where the heck is Dual Race PQ?

Well, it�s conveniently located in the Dimensional Mirror!

Just click on the Sea of Fog Ghost Ship option.

This PQ is also available via the [url=]Dolphin Taxi, in the Herb Town Dock (may cause D/C problems for some) or the Aquarium.[/url]

To start off, if you�re the leader of the party, click on the �Enter Room� if another party is already in there, or �Start Room� if one is not.

Your beloved guide, Norrington, with all your options.

You will have 3 minutes for another party to enter if you started your own room.
The entry of another party is similar to Monster Carnival: Season 2 in the sense that you do NOT receive a notice asking if you wish to allow the party in. The other party simply enters.

When another party enters, there will be 10 seconds until the PQ starts. Click on Norrington if you do not wish to continue with this party.

Where�s the ACTUAL guide?

Oh fine, [url=]have it your way.[/url]

[url=]Top of your screen when you enter. This shows who's in the lead, and also tells you when the other team reaches the next stage.[/url]

Sea of Fog: Strategy Room 1

In this stage, you basically kill everything in the map. Nothing hard about it.

[url=]Seaman Recruit Ghost[/url]

Sea of Fog: Strategy Room 2

This stage is similar to Stage 1. Except, at the beginning of the stage, you will have to hit 7 wooden boxes to summon monsters.

[url=]Wooden Box[/url] (Not sure if it deserves to be called a monster, but eh, whatever. As far as I know, all skills work on these boxes.)
[url=]Seaman Apprentice Ghost[/url]

Sea of Fog: Strategy Room 3

[Big Bang Update] The First Officer should be very easy to kill now.

Niyame: The First Officer can summon the Seaman Apprentice Ghosts, Seaman Recruit Ghosts, and Lieutenant Ghosts.


[url=]First Officer[/url]

Sea of Fog: Strategy Room 4

This is another straightforward stage. The 1st Lieutenant Ghosts can make the entire map dark except for the area around you.


[url=]Lieutenant Ghost[/url]
[url=]1st Lieutenant Ghost[/url]

Sea of Fog: Strategy Room 5

This is a somewhat straightforward stage, but also the last monster massacre stage. Basically kill all the monsters. The Lieutenant Commander Ghosts are similar to the Destroyer hero in the alien event. They use Aran skills, and have that buff that makes you miss all the time! (The purpley thing! )
This is where it gets a little complicated. In order to cross to the other side of the lake, you must hit the little red lever with a normal attack. You then must rush to the spring, and jump on top of it. It will then take you to the other side.
When you reach the other side, you will find a 1st Lieutenant Ghost and a Lieutenant Commander Ghost. Kill them, and press up on the portal. If you fall into the water, it's okay. You'll just be taken to the entrance of Stage 5. You don't lose anything if you fall into the water.

PROTIP I recommend sending the weakest person over to the other side, so they can kill those while the stronger ones take on the larger mobs. Then, the weaker person can spam their up button when they�re done, so you don't have the delay of having all the party members leap over.
[Big Bang Update] This probably does not apply anymore, since the monsters are heavily weakened.

When you finish killing all the monsters, and press up on the portal, you will receive a message saying that you have reached the boss stage first and will be transported in 10 seconds.
If you get the message that the other team has reached the boss stage first, the monsters will disappear and you will be transported to the boss stage in 10 seconds.


[url=]1st Lieutenant Ghost[/url]
[url=]Lieutenant Commander Ghost[/url]

Boss Stage

There will be two HP bars. You are either Team RED or BLUE, depending on whether you started the room or entered the room.
Basically, you just attack the boss. Yeah. It's a boss, you.. attack it. He does around 200-300 damage after the Big Bang. He can also cast a buff that does not allow you to use potions. He has a skill that summons non-moving skeletons, which explode and bring your HP and MP to 1. He can cast a skill on you that deals you 330 damage if you do not move your character. He may also summon 2 Lieutenant Commander Skeletons when his HP is at around 25-50%

[Big Bang Update] The boss should be relatively similar to Pre-Big Bang, except for the fact that his damage is lower.

The first team who brings their respective HP bar down, wins.

Why does it matter that you finish the mob part first?

It matters, because you get a handicap at the boss stage!
The team that gets to the boss stage first gets a -5% handicap on the Captain�s HP!
Therefore, easier to win (:

I recommend an Aran, DB, Maurader/Brawler, Mechanic, or Battle Mage for this stage. They can KB the boss into enemy party members and hinder their ability to attack efficiently. (That is, if you're not TW/FWing.)


Boss: [url=]Ghost Ship Captain[/url]

[url=]Boss Stage[/url]

Monster/Boss Skills

Potion Seal (Cast by multiple monsters and the boss): You cannot use potions for a period of time.
Limited Vision (Cast by 1st Lieutenant Ghost): Everything is dark except for a little bubble around your character for a period of time.
Shadow of Darkness (Cast by boss): When you do not move, you receive steady damage.
Stun (Cast by multiple monsters and the boss: You cannot move for a period of time (you can however, use potions).
Suicide Skeletons (Cast by the boss): Non-moving skeletons appear, and explode after a few seconds. If your character is in the blast radius, your HP and MP will be brought down to 1.

How is EXP formulated?

Well, EXP in this PQ is based around POINTS.

The more monsters you kill, the more points you get. The FINAL BOSS counts for 1000 points.
If you get past the 3rd stage, you should have at least 1000 points.

Well, how much EXP do I get?

When you win, you should receive around 60k EXP.
Your EXP when you lose depends on how far you get in the first 5 stages.

What? I just got less EXP because I got kicked out 3 times earlier!

For whatever reason, this has been implemented. If ANY member of either of the parties leaves the party, leaves the PQ, or disconnects, all members of BOTH parties are kicked out. If you are kicked out 3 times, the next time you finish a PQ, the EXP you receive will be significantly lower.
However, the EXP returns to normal the next time you complete a PQ.

This PQ looks boring, why should I do it?

Because I told you so. And, because it�s great EXP! With the Big Bang monster nerf, this PQ only takes around 3 minutes! The new EXP curve, combined with the monster nerf, make this PQ great for leveling!
Note: This PQ is less popular now, with the Big Bang changing up how people train.

But.. what if i die?

If you die in the PQ, you SHOULD lose full exp. However, you will be sent to a respawn room, where you can enter the portal in the middle and continue on with the PQ.
If you die in the BOSS stage, you will NOT lose exp. You will be sent to the respawn room, and you can continue on fighting the boss.

If you die during the PQ, your team will LOSE 5 POINTS.

No other rewards?

Of course there are rewards!

Every monster has a CHANCE of dropping 30%/70% ACCESSORY SCROLLS!
Also, if you complete the PQ 30 and 50 times, you can receive Scarves!

Ensign Scarf
Level Req. 60
Weapon Defense +20
Magic Defense +20
Upgrades available: 6

Captain Scarf
Level Req. 70
Weapon Defense +20
Magic Defense +20
HP +20
MP +20
Upgrades available: 7

That�s right. 6 and 7. Not 5.

Trade Wins and Free Wins

Yup, these are possible.

As it is similar to CPQ and CPQ2 in the sense of being a competitive PQ, you can find two parties of 3, and basically trade wins. You can also do free wins with 3 mules.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: "Does the PQ give good EXP?"

A: Most definitely, yes. Each PQ takes about 5 minutes, and it's 60k EXP for a win.

Q: "Why can't I enter through the Dimensional Mirror? The option for GSPQ doesn't show up!"

A: Make sure you accept the lightbulb on top of your head.

Q: "I still can't find it in the Dimensional Mirror..."

A: Try going in from the Dolphin Taxi in Herb Town or the Aquarium.

Q: "Does Heal work on the monsters?"

A: Yes, heal does work on all monsters in the PQ.

Q: "D: Why did I just get an EXP penalization?"

A: You failed/left the PQ 3 times in a row. When that happens, you get a penalization for just the next time you complete a PQ.


I would like to give thanks to @EclipseSoulX and @BubblezFTW for assistance with screenshots.
I would also like to thank StrategyWiki for various pieces of information, and [url=]The MSUpdate Blog[/url]

Thanks to @Niyame for information about clerics, poisoning, OHKO, EXP, skills, and summonings.
Thanks to @10734 for information about sniper OHKO effects.
Thanks to @luckymolex3 for the first video.
Thanks to @bmouallem for Post-Big Bang information.
Thanks to @h0twontons for the second video.
Thanks to [url=]pmolikuj11 of Youtube[/url] for the third video.


This is not a completed guide. I am always open to suggestions and additions. On another note, I am not responsible for any suicides or attempted suicides that occur due to this guide.

Thank you for reading, and please, comment below! (: