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How to Earn Nx

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Well, People have often said that Surveys are a scam. I'm here to show you how to do them:

About me

Hello! I am Tips the creator of this guide. First off, I'd like to thank you for reading this. I created this guide originally on DNSource for those who needed NX when DN First came out. The Guide really seemed to grow popular so I decided to port it here due to requests from Guildies @ZeroStorm0. This is guide is NOT LEECHED unless you count leeching it from myself as a leech in which case @tips1660 full credits. I hope you have a successful read~ Disclaimer: This guide will draw away from the Nexon ToS, at no point do I support breaking away from nexon's rules of conduct, rather I believe that surveys should be done completely legitimately, this guide was requested at the behest of a friend and some parts may differ fromt he ToS, follow at your discretion

About the Guide

People who choose to do Phone Offers and Monetary Value Offers do so at their own Peril. This guide is for the guys who can't go buy nx and have no clue how to do the survey's on Nexon's Website. It's popular on a bunch of other Websites so I saw no reason not to port it to Basil as well. This Guide does Not support illegal activities.

NX Credit

What is it? Its the same thing as PrePaid except it cannot be used unless you are: Level 30+
It is NOT MTS'able or Giftable so it is essentially for your use. World Transfers cant be bought using it
So how do you profit? Purchase Cubes, cube things, and sell. Or buy Gacha, or maybe buy some NX Style and sell as I do.


1) They all make you pay money

This is not necessarily true. If you take a cell phone offer, your screwed. You can bypass those offers by following this video i found on another forum, all credits to the original creator:
[url=] This is the link [/url]

2) None of them give you nx
This is definitely not true. I have completed and earned 100k-250k nx in total from surveys.

The Tools

When completing surveys, most guides will tell you to download a few software for faster and efficient survey taking. I will give you the generic ones and then tell you what I use.


It fills out your form for you, It is quite useful for filling out surveys very fast.
[url=] Downloadable here [/url]

CC Cleaner

It deletes your cookies and cache. Extremely useful for filling out surveys rapidly and getting credited
[url=] Download here[/url]


Sandboxie is useful for download offers and preventing "malicious sites" from injecting viruses into your computer.
[url=] Download here [/url]

Fake Name Generator

This neat tool provides you with fake information that you can use to complete offers. It is found [] here [/url]

My Preference

Google Chrome
To me, Google Chrome is the best option out there for survey taking. Most of the providers have gotten their surveys compatible to Chrome. Chrome is better then Roboform and CC cleaner combined because:

1) It can load the surveys
2) It can clear cookies,history, and cache just as good as CC cleaner
3) Built in auto fill so its like Roboform.
Personally, My philosophy is that if you can get everything in one package with a smaller download size, why not go with it? It's up to you if you want to use Internet Explorer/Firefox
I recommend you download sandboxie still just for download offers.

The Survey Types

There are a few different Surveys on Nexon's Webpage. Here are the few survey types I've seen on Nexon's Survey Section.


Download surveys just require you to download a program and generally keep it for 1 minute to 2 weeks. They can be anything from video games like Flyff or frogger to Nielsen Translation Software.
Tip: Use Sandboxie


Quiz Surveys (such as quiz Jungle) All require you to generally just fill out a survey of usually ~13 questions. They might be titled things like: "What Star Wars Character Are You?" or "What Korean Pop Star Are You". They revolve around things that are current in the news. After the 13 questions they require you to fill out the rest of the survey (forms). I usually skip through them. I have found that these and download offers have the highest approval rate. Nowadays, these surveys require you to download something at the end. I usually just "start" the download and quickly cancel and just see what my survey result was.
RoboForm is very useful in this type of survey because it fills it all out very, very, fast and gets the survey done in 5 min top.
Tip: At the Yes/No Option Panes check "No" to all of them but two, at the next two pages then click No again. That cancels the two offers you said yes to but it tells the system that you aren't just checking No to everything
Which Gears of War Character Are you? Which Simpsons Character are You? Which Naruto Character are you? Which Family Guy Character are you?

The �survey�

The �Survey� asks a simple question such as "Do you think President Obama did a good job with the debt ceiling" Fill the offer for a free iPhone!. It'll ask you to answer the question and then ask you to fill out the address, first name, last name and generic info. After this the rest of it is just like the Quizzes mentioned above. After this, You get to a gold /silver/bronze rewards page. At this page i usually click 3 links and let them load. After that, let it sit and you should be credited soon. RoboForm is very useful in this type of survey because it fills it all out very, very, fast and gets the survey done in 5 min top.
Coca Cola or Pepsi? Win a 500$ Gift Card
Tip: Read the information on Quizzes, helps a TON when doing these offers as well

Auto insurance offers

Nexon/Insurance companies have caught onto these for the most part. They used to be a easy way to make money but now, well it isn't easy anymore. They require you to call them in order to get the nx so it really isn't worth the 2 or 3k nx. Lately I have found quite a few offers that credited easily without requiring me to contact any sale representatives, of course they were only worth 3k nx, but nx is nx.
Pretty self explanatory on how to do these, fill in with fake info.
Free Car Insurance Quote. Get Your Free Quote Today

Registration Offers

By FAR the easiest offers. All you do is enter your email, maybe answer some questions and your set. I usually find that if I don't screw up, they approve 100%
Register for Arca Max News. Register for ArcaMax Comics. Register for ArcaMax Letters. Register for Facebook

Video Offers

I lied! These are the easiest offers to complete. i just open multiple tabs of these. The only downside? only as much as 6000 nx a month from them. For more info visit this guide:
[url=] here [/url]
credits to the poster of that guide.

Prepaid Offers

In order to do these offers, i recommend getting a prepaid mastercard, american express, or visa card with 0 $$ on it. That way you can complete these offers without paying anything. It may be tricky, but these usually 100% pay off and you can earn A TON of nx off of them.

[header=header ]The Survey Walls
Survey Wall is defined as the portal from which you select and complete surveys. There are Tens if not Dozens out there such as Playspan, Super Rewards, Game Coins, Radium and more~

Super Rewards

Of the top of my head, this is the survey wall I think of first just cause of all the nx i've made off of it. In the good ol' days I made 200+ G coins on Ijji and 50k+ nx on Nexon with this.

Peanut Labs

Peanut Labs is a survey wall that contains the REAL surveys. Unlike the other so called " surveys" the surveys here are usually legitimate surveys distributed by legitimate survey companys i.e NPD. These offers take a bit to get used to just cause of the requirements, but when you can do it, its really easy nx.

Here are the usual statistics i put about myself when registering to take a survey:
Race: White
Age: 31
Birthday: 1/1/1980
Religion: Christian
Money: 125-149k
Single Home Owner (no Children no Spouse)
Money to invest: under 10k
(if you have more info let me know)

Game Coins

Game Coins are relatively easy to use. They are like Super rewards and Peanut Labs combined. I have made a easy 100k off of these in the past ( before they changed the offers). For the ampario surveys use the same information as I left above. Take note that Game Coins DOES have a limit on manual credits/day and they have a limit on manual credits for quiz jungle. Meaning after a certain amount of surveys, they stop manually crediting it by email.

How to Do Offers

Well, This what We've been waiting for! The final piece. Here's my generic/general steps to completing offers
1) Clear Cookies
2) Log into website and choose the offer
3) Make SURE you have read up on how to complete the type of offer you have selected in my guide, If the offer type isn't mentioned here, please quote me (@tips1660) and provide me with some info on the offer and I'll Look into it
4) Wait 15-20 minutes for credit
5) if it doesn't credit, take a picture and then check your email
6) Clear cookies and do another offer
Note: Try to keep the amount of offers you complete a day to a minimum i.e. 5 offers tops, if you do too much you can get banned
Note 2: Try to keep the manually credited offers i.e. you emailed the company to a minimum as well. Game Coins eventually stops crediting you (it has happened to me and it sucks D

Sites to Earn at

This section used to mention P2S, but after testing I've decided P2S is too strict towards their users and for us maplestoryers who like to fake info, this is not a good thing. Therefore, I recommend prebel once more, a link to PRebel can be found below
First of all: The Upside to them? They provide you with Prepaid NX which can be used at any level, and in the MTS.

Registration: [url=] here [/url]

Prebel generally follows along the same policies as Nexon towards surveys, making it the perfect substitute if you are currently banned from Nexon's own surveys. I'll work on getting some tutorials up soon

Q: Is it a good idea to get a USA VPN or proxy? Does this improve your results and gives your more offers to do?
A: Well I would recommend being in the U.S.A or having a U.S.A IP address. Most of the offers generally only work for the U.S.A. I can't really give a proxy (it might be illegal/against forum ToS) but I would recommend googling one
Q: I cannot connect due to Billing / Error 51?
A: Error 51 = Your perma banned

Q: what do you do if your banned?
A: use another website like points2shop.
Billing i.e you get a page that says cant connect to this link as
grovyle13: [url=]Apparently surveys dont work anymore[/url]

that just means your internet isn't working properly usually. YOU individually may be banned but surveys are far from over.
MathGoose: That happens to me when i go to radium one on chrome, switch to another browser and it should work.

Your Questions

LiteXBlade: tips1660 Help! Im doing the Which Men in black 3 character are You? and i got stuck on the phone verification page.

A: There is ALWAYS a skip button. check the top right, under the phone option, or all the way at the bottom of the page after you scroll.

cool123ter: if i were to do points 2 shop and get nx, will they send me that prepaid card to my house or just give me the code? cause i dont want them knowing my real address not matter how trustworthy they are. (parents too).]/quote]
A: P2S sends your codes to your email.

[quote=catdograt]For some reason, game coins wouldn't credit me for the surveys like "Which Gears of War character are you" or "Which Natuto Supervillain are you" unless I sent a ticket and screenshot and now I've reached the limit for manually credited offers. Do you know how to get the credits for the offers? Because I can't figure out why it won't be credited or marked as completed when I check the offer status. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A) I've come across these issues myself. Only help I can give is: Use CC Cleaner to clean your cookies, make sure nothing else is open, try a new /other browser i.e. IE 8
use a brand new email and keep the final page open for 15-20 minutes. If all else fails, try the other mentioned websites

ZeroStorm0: This shall be used today
During those never-ending survy types, what tricks should I use to avoid them and still get credit> ?

A: No way to really make them shorter. My Tip? In order to get them to credit more often, whenever you come across those bullet lists where you select YES-NO, pick 2 Yes rest no, then on the final page keep it open for a while. If you mean Survey as in Ampario, then just answer truthfully. Time is money, cant really lose the time and still make money =/
WiizDynasty: Wait, so whats the benefit of clearing cache and cookies? : O

A: Removes all your information that you've used in offers so crediting improves. Deletes all your old histories.
  1. When I do the quizjungle surveys after I put up my false info they take me to a survey place where they say above "Please wait while we see the results" < In a image and something like that shows up. Anyways, I do the surveys but after a few surveys I get taken to a blank white site. What does it mean and how can I fix it?

  1. Which survey list do you most recommend and get alot of NX from it. (Eg.GameCoins,SuperRewards,etc)

  1. Which survey(s) gets me alot of NX that can be accessed in all survey lists (Gamecoins,Superewards,etc)?

A: 1) You do not need to do the mini surveys after you finish the quiz. Just skip them and if you ever get a Yes-No Option press Yes on 2 and no on the rest. Then on the Yes say not interested or skip(later)

  1. Super Rewards/Game Coins works best for me. I've heard radium is really easy though (videos)

  1. Quiz Jungle, NetFlix, Auto Insurance (Various Types) and the "Survey" i discussed above. Actually, all of the Survey Walls (Besides Radium) keep the same types of offers for the most part just with different names.

tips1660: Saked you click run sandboxie then click run web browser sandboxed. now you can download anything and it'll be in the sandboxed. you'll know if your using a sandboxed browser if it has a # in the name. DO NOT allow downloads to exit your sandboxie if the option comes up. let me know if you need anymore help

Reader Tips

cheesemoo1: Clear cookies after each survey

ItzATrapp: You can also do the multiple credit card to Netflix offer. Make new emails and use different cards, or use online generators for cards (most sites do not work, some sites actually give you a legit virtual credit card, so make sure to use false info). Back when netflix offer was like 15-20k nx, I'd do one from each company and get an easy 50knx per account.

AmyTheDino: Choose Hispanics as your race. They get the most surveys on Peanut Labs.

bryanlatorre: sorry quoted wrong person ;A;3

I learned back from my Offer site days that if you do more than 2 quiz jungles a day. You get permabanned from their surveys. Be careful.

dcf611: good ones that give around 700 each are: MyView(just register and validate through email. Give bs info), MySurvey(same as myview except log in and complete one survey by clicking GO)

in case anyone wanted to know

jdfeather: Nice guide! When I put fake info in, I tend to say that I have a child in the house. xD I get a lot of surveys that children are meant to do, and imo they're really quick too.

tips1660: @Burritoful Generally The offers i've posted up in the guide have credited. I would recommend reading up on points2shop in their forums and the recently approved section of offers to get a general idea. Points2shop and a host of other websites do provide how many times a offer has credited/the approval rate.

anonymous: How come you don't mention reporting offers? Also, you can earn about 600+ points for Points2Shop really fast if you really need them by doing the surveys in the "profiles" tab in USAMP surveys. (You can say no to everything and finish them really quickly because they don't disqualify) BTW, P2S bans for having more than one account. I lost $60 worth of UGCs from getting banned over and over again.

nicepuppy9: For those offers, I just submitted a SS of the completion page to the company. Keep it to about 1 - 2 SS's per day otherwise, like @tips1660 said, they'll stop crediting you.


I've joined yesterday, and I've done a bunch of offers (uSamp profiles are the EASIEST along with their surveys) and I currently have about 800 points out of the 1000 points I need for a game card.

I can't really help you with that, but majority of the surveys with high amounts of NX credit don't credit. For the QuizJungle ones (Which _ are you?), you'll have to take a SS and submit it to the offer provider. Ampario Surveys are also really good, but they normally disqualify you. Also, VIDEOS! Videos are extremely easy and credit 100% of the time. I believe @tips1660 posted a section on videos in the guide. Even though they're just 30 - 50 NX credits, it's obviously better than nothing.

Video Repository

[url=]Credits to NicePuppy9[/url]

Conclusion That's the Guide for Now. I'll add more later If i find something else to add. Feel Free to leave comments, suggestions, questions, and rage! Let me know what offers work and I will add a list to this post with those offers. Reformatting under way. Original Guide (Created By Me) can be found at this link

[url=] here[/url] PLEASE leave me questions. If i can help, i'll try my best. I will port some other FAQ questions from the other thread soon