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How to Make Mesos

## Introduction

Money, money, money, money!
Let me ask you this: What runs our world? The answer is simple, money. You can try to deny it, but our world and any world will run on money. Our world's events in history are based on money, its wars are based on money, everything that has to do with the world is somewhat related to money. Whether its who gets it, who wants it, or how do I get more, its money. Money is a good, good thing, but it can be complicated.
But sadly, Maplestory isn't a whole world yet. (you never know, Nexon might have a trick up their sleeve) In Maplestory, the currency we go off by is cute name called: Mesos. This guide will explain to you, and to you the reader, the ways to earn mesos.

How this Guide will Work

This guide will work. It will help you earn mesos. But we need a basis for a guide; organization is key in life.
First of all I'll state the basics. Things that you'll want to know and master before you get started. They're very helpful, I suggest you read all of it.
I'll then lay down multiple ways to earn mesos. I find it useless to tell someone the ONLY way to earn mesos when they have X amount of money, as some people can't
do everything one person can. It also gives variety. Variety is a good thing. If everyone did the same thing, everyone would be Merchanting work gloves. That would be hell.
Next, I'll specifically tell what types of things are good to have when you have X mesos.
I will also be adding additional sections which I think are important. Things such as how to not waste your mesos, tips on being a friendly merchant, things like that.


NPC - Non-Playable Character
NLC - New Leaf City
AFK � away from keyboard
GFA 60%- Scroll for Glove For Attack 60%
SCG- StormCaster Gloves
BWG- Brown Work Glove
GM- Gamemaster
ATT- Attack
WG- Work Glove

The Basics.

Before I dive into specific ways and ideas on how to make mesos I need to lay down a foundation. How the very, very basic of mesos work.
Supply and demand. Know this concept closely, its what causes inflation, deflation, ostensibly the way you are going to make mesos.

Supply - the amount of any given item.
Demand - how much the society wants the item.

The four basic laws of supply and demand are:
If demand increases and supply remains unchanged, then it leads to higher price and quantity.
If demand decreases and supply remains unchanged, then it leads to lower price and quantity.
If supply increases and demand remains unchanged, then it leads to lower price and higher quantity.
If supply decreases and demand remains unchanged, then it leads to higher price and lower quantity.

I'm not going to go any deeper into this matter, as the maple economy is very simple. Know these facts and you should be settled.

Before I go on you'll need to have one characteristic in order to succeed in making mesos: Patience. This doesn't only apply to Maplestory but to life. When you sell an item you will have to wait until you decide that's the price that will net you the most profit. Many people think its easy to earn mesos but its not. Unless you want to spend real money then it's gonna take time.

Getting Started

This is the one section where I'm going to tell you the ONLY thing you will have to do.
If you are below the meso count of 5 million, you are going to have to this quest.

Quest: Subani's Legacy

~Directions: Kerning City > Subway > New Leaf City > Big Ben Tower > Arrive at NPC Jack Barricade.
~Objective: Kill 50 Killer Bees, 40 Fire Tusks, and 30 Mighty Maple Eaters.
~Reward: (1) Scroll for Glove for ATT. 60%
~Pre Requirements: None, must be Lv36.

If you are inexperienced, when you arrive at NLC leave the subway. Arrive left where you meet a fluffy teddy bear and go up the tower. Once In get to the bottom by pressing up on various things: Green Portals and the middle of two pillars. Jack is waiting for you at the bottom.

This is the fastest, easiest way to earn 10-15 million mesos in 20 minutes. This will boost your meso range to around 15million. You're on your way to becoming a pokemon master...... Oooh wait. Wrong game.

The Most Important Item for Earning Mesos

This is the first main section of the guide. It is the MOST important single item someone can have.

As most of you know, having a store permit is almost 100% needed to successfully merchant. It will speed up the process a TON, which is what all people want. You don't have to spam in the FM all the time, and it reduces tax in half, which can save a LOT of mesos over time. The best thing is that its easy and simple- just leave it overnight.

There are two main types of permits.

The Mushy House- Which is more expensive. 9.9k NX for 2 weeks.
And the Regular Permit- Which is cheap, costing 1.8k NX for 3 months

The main difference in between, is that with the regular permit, you actually have to AFK sitting there in the FM. With the mushy house, you can select a spot, and go grind on some 4x, talk to guildies, boss, or even go offline, and the mushy house will do its work for you. Also, the mushy house lasts 1-14days depending on which mushie you get, and the regular permit lasts 3 months.

I recommended the regular for beginners in merching, once you get richer get the mushy, it REALLY helps.
Note: There are different types of mushiess. There�s indeed a 1.8kNX one, but it lasts a day. I think they come in a day, a week, and two weeks.

The easiest way of course to get a permit, is slap a NX code on the website, and walah! You have XXk Nx. Just press buy, and you�re done.
But if you don't have the money of just don't want to, don't worry, it shouldn't be too hard to rack up 1.8k NX. There are two ways to do it:

Ask friends to gift you and you pay them the correct ratio..Which is probably the fastest and most reliable way to do it.

Get 5-6 GFA 60% or a 8Att Wg, and put them in the MTS for 1.8kNX. This might take a few hours unless you�re selling with 3. It just depending on the MTS buyer.

Note: You must be Lv16 to use a permit. (Sorry Lv10 Mules)

Is it Completely Necessary to get a Permit?

No it is not. But like I've said its the MOST IMPORTANT item a merchant can have. It is much harder to manage without a shop permit, but if you must you could go permitless until 200 million. Until that point you MUST get a permit. Not only will it speed your process there and you can easily afford one, you'll look like a fool without one. Trust me.

When Do I expand to a Mushy?

First of all, when you buy a Mushy make sure you get the 2 week one (9.9k NX). It's pricey, but neverless has the best deal. When you first buy a mushy make sure you have AT LEAST 750 million mesos. Even then it might not be worth it- 9.9k NX is easily around 400 million. The NX ratio is crazy right?

The benefits of mushy are obvious and not. The most obvious reason is that you don't have to be in that store- just set it up and go away! The other main benefits are more with the line of RECOGNITION. I cover the topic down below, but I'll give a few parts of it. When you have a mushy it makes you seem "pro". Especially when set up in FM1 or FM2, your shop will be recognized more easily and you'll be stood out more as a merchant. It feels good to have a mushy than rather a permit, trust me! Also, many very rich guilds use mushys. It's always a good thing to use a guild FM, such as CH9 FM1 or something of that sort and set a mushy there.

The Price is Right! Or is it?

Some guides will tell you that you'll want to create a spreadsheet or write down the prices of things. They'll have you go in every FM store, write every important item, write where you found it, it really gets to the point where its plain old useless. The best and simplest way is to rely on MEMORY. For one, its easy. Second, when you memorize prices you'll know the economy better than if you have to rely on a "cheat sheet". And third, if you have your prices memorized you can automatically know when there's a good deal and when there's a bad deal. You don't have to memorize everything in a day, take your time.

~What should I look for?~

If you know nothing or little of prices, the first things to look at are scrolls. Generally the 60% since they are the easiest to sell, but 30% are decent too. Don't touch 10% or 100% scrolls-yet..... The only equips you'll be looking at are Attack Work Gloves. (Att Wgs) These are one of the easiest things to buy, AND sell. Depending on funding, 6-10Att Wgs should be your goal. But I'm going to stress, you are not limited to only looking for these items. They are the EASIEST and most common way to earn mesos. If you find something different that's a good deal take it!

If you are inexperienced to this game or somewhat new to the maple economy this step is key.

Go through EVERY Fm room. Look at the prices. Know them with your heart and soul. The problem with this is that it could be a store that has bundles of items trying to rip people off. The only way you can know the prices are accurate is that if the item is SOLD. When an item sold, most of time it is because it is a reasonable price.

Do not trust prices in FM1-2. These prices will always be overpriced. Why? Because desperate people will go into here and buy whatever they need. Any other FM with the exception of maybe 3-4 should have good prices.

Once you have gotten the good idea of the common items, go out in the spamming FM. Look at what people are spamming. This will be your new home. Get used to the surroundings. Generally when people are spamming, the price is either just right or below the normal price. And that's when you take advantage.

To price your price your item's right make sure your items at the normal value or just BELOW normal value. Remember, to make mesos you'll need to sell fast. Overpricing is another way of making mesos, but I'll go over that later.

One more thing. You don't have to price under everything in the FM to sell fast. It really depends on which FM you are in. Before you set up a store check the stores around yourself. If you see someone selling an item for 250 million, sell yours for 249 million. It's not as important in higher priced things and rare equips since your not gonna find a second one anytime soon. For cheap things like scrolls, this is important.

How to Open your Shop

You may be thinking, I know how to open a shop! Just find an empty space and click it in my inventory. True, that is HOW you open your permit. But this section will go in depth on certain techniques and tips on opening a permit.

  • Look Anywhere in Channel 1. Honestly it doesn't matter, but some spots ARE better than others. You'll want any of the following:

Ch 1 Fm1-6
Ch 1 Fm7-9
Ch 1 Fm13
Ch 1 Fm18-22
Ch 2 Fm1 -this really depends on the server you're in. If you're in a populated server multiple Chs with FM1 are good. If you're in a small server like me few Chs have FM1 filled.
A door spot!

A door spot is absolutely a huge bonus. Not only does it give easy to access for a buyer to access your store, but you will get recognized better. Another short and simple tip is to price your items ending with "999,999". It makes the item look cheaper when you have "9,999,999" than "10,000,000".

How to be Recognized!

Recognition is a concept that takes months and sometimes years to master. It takes patience, dedication, and strategy to succeed. For some rich maplers they never got recognized. This step is completely up to you- but if you're someone like me and wants attention I suggest you read on.

What is getting recognized in Maple? It is when the society around you starts to know your name and shop. They continuously go to your shop and purchase items there because they know your prices and know you'll have the items. Although all of that sounds great because it is, its nearly impossible to be successful. For one, a typical mapler earning mesos will sell a variety of things. Remember how I said variety is good? Well I lied. If you sell a variety of things, one day someone walks in and likes a item. (S)he buys it, and decides to look for it again. He comes by your store again in a few days, and you don't have it or anything similar to it around. You won't be recognized buy this.

So how are you going to get recognized if you choose to? You'll need a lot of motivation and grit, but the following are key:

~A store NAME. A catchy, short, fun name that makes people remember the name of your store. Do not by all means type useless messages like: I like pie, L>BF, stuff like that. You don't see Walmart saying that. If you can find a short phrase or catch phrase to you that'd be fine, but this is not necessary.

~A set list of items. This is where you're going to choose what items your gonna sell. Whether its scrolls, attack gloves, equips, or anything else, its gotta be constant. This does not by all means mean if you are going for scrolls and see a cheap work glove, you ignore it. Grab it, sell it in your shop as well. But put it at the bottom spots of the permit, it gives the impression that its a leftover thing and your main focus are your scrolls.

~A set store SPOT. Yup. You're gonna own a Fm spot. For you to be recognized you're gonna have to set up a store where people remember where you are. Since you're gonna be doing this, FM1-6 will be extremely hard to fulfill. I recommend FM7-9, 13, or 18-22 door spots. These are good spots for people to check on you and it feels good to own them.

An example. In my world Mardia there is a person. Lets call him John. John decided to sell plates, ores, and other etc items players would want. (Orbis Rock Scrolls, 10Dex bathrobes, Monster Crystals stuff like that) John decided to set up camp in FM7. And he named his shop: Clubby Store. His store was a success. Everyday he would
get a huge profit for selling these items. But there was one thing that made John richer than others. He OVERPRICED his items. But how? You can't overprice the items at first. He started off normal, but when his store became more and more popular he raised the price slowly. By the time he decided to raise his items 25-50% the price normally he was RECOGNIZED. Everyone throughout Mardia knew what he had and they could walk in and grab it. It was expensive, but it was fast. People are desperate, which is why his store worked.

Once again, it may sound easy but it's not. John did it with ores and etc items, items most people don't rely on. But it worked. Selling scrolls is a good idea, but it will be hard since everyone does it. You probably won't be able to overprice scrolls and work gloves unless you have a FM1/2 spot. One more thing. John had MULTIPLE permits. He had what he called "Agents". He had 4-5 stores all the time. He Owned FM7. The first things you were see were: Clubby Store, Clubby Store.

My point being getting recognized is a good thing, but its challenging. If you want to do it, go for it. It'll take time and motivation.

Professions! Let's go Mine!

Finally, the first main section on I'll be describing a method of earning mesos. This section is all about earning mesos with your PROFESSIONS. It's about the easiest way to earn mesos with low money, and with little effort as well.

~Requirements: Mining Mule(s)
~Prime Location: Profession Place.
~Daily Profit: Every mule will get you 10-15m.
~Time Taken: Every mule will take you 10 minutes.
~Difficulty: 2/10
~Risk Level: 1/10

First of all you'll need to be Lv30 to earn a Profession Skill(s). Once you are, go to the funky cool portal in every town. Accept whatever quests the old man gives you to the left (by talking) and go down to the Mining Master. Learn mining and crafting. Do his first few quests, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. Once you finish and are given freedom, go to Nack. He sells some of the items you'll be needing. Grab some Intermediate Mining Tickets for 10k a piece and some Intermediate Abrasives. I suggest getting several 100 of the Abrasives, it'll last you awhile. Go to the bottom left portal and enter the Intermediate field. Once in, you'll be given 10 minutes to mine. Ignore the Blue ones, go for the Brown Veins. You'll be cracking at these like there's no tomorrow. They drop ADAMANTIUM and BRONZE ores, as well as ore fragments. Pick up all of them. If done properly, you should have around 25-30 of each ore. (You might have 35/15, its just luck) Now this is when you can change it up. You can either:

A. If you are on your MAIN go ahead and forge the Ores into plates. It takes 3 Ores and a Intermediate Abrasive to forge.
B. If you are on your MULE. You have two options:
  • Forge them on your mule.
  • Transfer them to your MAIN and have your main fuse. (Or just let him hold them)

The reasons for part B are as the following. You'll want to forge plates on your main because he's your main. Forging levels up your mining, no point in having a high mining level on a mule. On the other hand your main might have 100 Fatigue which is really annoying. Its up to you whether you want your mule to forge them so you have the plates immediately, or just transfer them to your main for later use.

Once you have your supply of plates its time to sell! You should know the prices of plates by now, but if you don't they're currently around 500k-750k. By mining you should have around 20 plates in total, which brings to a easy 10-15m. Remember you can only enter the Intermediate one once a day. Don't bother with the Basic, the ores they drop aren't worth the time. You'll want to sell these plates in your permit, people are desperate for Bronze and Adam Plates. HOWEVER, you should take note that Bronze Plates are more in demand. Take this to your personal knowledge and raise or keep the price you are currently selling them for.

Other Recommendations:

My recommendations are simple. You want at least 3 mining mules. It TRIPLES your profit per day. It only takes 30 minutes anyway.
Also, once you collect 100 Ore Fragments you can talk to the Mining guy and he'll give you a Mineral Pouch. The stuff is just ores, but might as well take it.
For selling, try to have a large sum of plates in your shop before you sell. Have at least 50 of each kind, it gives the impression to people you have a lot. No one wants to buy just a few. I suggest you start doing this EVERYDAY on multiple mules until you have 400-500 million mesos.


The only problem with this is that it might not be the best way to earn mesos in the long run. The reason why this works is because people need Bronze and Adamantium plates in desperation when forging things. If more and more people start to do this, then the prices will drop. It'll work for now, but in a few months it might change.

Professions! Fusing anyone?

Fusing is a risky money making move. It's on the same risk level as scrolling, so unless you have some mesos to spare or are just lucky I wouldn't heavily rely on this. But on the other hand, I think its a fun way to earn mesos. But recently, I've noticed quite a few people doing this. I started and I'm actually doing this often, its fun and will probably earn you mesos.

~Requirements: Mining and Crafting Level 4. Bronze Plates and Intermediate Monster Crystals. An Alchemist Lv3 mule or an Alchemist friend.
~Prime Location: Profession Place.
~Daily Profit: 10m-1b.
~Difficulty: 3/10
~Time Taken: Varies.
~Risk Level: 6/10

For this to work you should read the above section: Professions! Let's go mine! It'll give you a general idea on how to get the Bronze Plates needed for this. However, if you have a decent amount of mesos you can buy the bronze plates. You'll be fusing and crafting "Half Earrings".

Half Earrings:

3 Bronze Plates
2 Intermediate Monster Crystals (disassemble Lv70-100 equips (?) to retrieve these, or buy them for 50-100k ea)
1 Intermediate Abrasive

As you can see it's pretty simple to make them, but after time the money starts to add up. It's approximately 2MILLION mesos for each earring, if you are buying the plates. Patience is good here, you can just get your mining mules and get some 20-30 Bronze Plates. Once you have a decent amount of plates (At least 15) start crafting!
You'll have two types of earrings: Ones with no potential (white lettering) and ones with hidden potential (red lettering). Don't worry if you have few or little hidden potential earrings, its normal. After using up all your plates or having max fatigue, buy some magnifying glasses from Nack. (32k ea) This is where the luck begins....

You'll get one of the three levels of potential. Rare, Epic, and Unique. Do not expect to get Unique on your first try, it's extremely rare. (Surprisingly, I started fusing for fun 2 days ago. I got a Unique one 2 lined with bad stats ) Here you'll be aiming for Good Rare Stat items and any Epic Earrings.

-CRAFTING: When you craft your earrings a few may come out to be Hidden Potential. This is what we are aiming for! Unravel all your earrings with hidden potential. The one's that you'll be selling will be Rare with 3% of any Primary Stat. (Str, Dex, Int, and Luk). You'll be able to sell these guys for around 5-10m each, maybe 15 if you get lucky. If you manage to get Epic Earrings then you'll be able to sell them for 50-100m. (depending on the stat) When you finish crafting all your earrings an unraveling the one with Hidden Potential move down to Fusing.

-FUSING: Transfer all your Bad potential earrings and non potential earrings to an Alchemist Mule. (He'll need to be Lv3) First of all, fusing is when you combine two of the same item together to try to form ONE better form of the item. In this case we're trying to make two Non-Potential into One Potential Earring. To fuse go to your inventory. They're should be 4 blue icons at the bottom, the 2nd one allows you to fuse. You'll be fusing:

Non Potential with Non Potential Earrings (low chance of getting potential, around 20-30%)
Bad Potential with Bad Potential Earrings (this should give a very high chance to get a hidden potential earrings)

Basically in fusing we're aiming for Good Potential Stat Half Earrings. (3% of a Primary Stat, sometimes even 6 if you get Epic) Make sure you fuse Half Earrings since their the easiest 3RD TIER earring to make. I wouldn't rely on this method too much to make money, it's more of a fun way to put your luck to the test. But actually, it is a good idea. Most of the time you will get profit, its just a small risk to take. I've made 1.2b from this. My other recommendation is not to buy the bronze plates but to mine them, since the earrings take 2 million mesos in materials to make. Have fun fusing!

Merchanting! The O' Classic.

Ahhhh merchanting. I expect all of you maplers to have already heard this term, some of you might be sick of hearing it. But let's face it. Merchanting is the best long term way of making mesos. It's what you're gonna do some point if you wanna become rich.

The concept of merchanting is SIMPLE. It can't get any more basic than the four words you're gonna hear for the rest of your life:


This concept is the key in economics everywhere. You're gonna buy an item low, and sell it high. It's what merchanting is. But although "Buy Low, Sell High" is self-explanatory, you need to understand SUPPLY AND DEMAND. If you have not already understood the basic of it, go up a few sections and read that part of the guide.
In this section I'll be pointing out key points of what to do when you merchant. I'll also give out suggestions on what to merch on with whatever money you have.

To start merchanting you'll need a few things:

A Store Permit.
At least around 30 million mesos.
A precise knowledge of the price of most items.

The 3rd and 4th thing are the most important things. Without a knowledge of prices you cannot merchant. A successful merchant will know when to grab a price within a heartbeat. This quality can be the difference in earning hundreds of millions of mesos. Who ever trades the seller first is gonna get the money. And don't expect merching to be easy because its not. Sure anyone can buy a scroll for 8 million and sell it for 10, but is that really a true merchant?

The first thing we need to settle is what character is going to be your merchant. Ever see those Lv16 mules? Those are guaranteed to be merchants. Lv16 is the first level when you can trade more than 5 million mesos. So the question we first establish is are you going to make a mule? I've set up a Pro and Cons Table for you of making a mule:


  • No one will know your true identity. (your main)


  • Most people will know you're a merchant.

It's a pretty simple but debatable question. Generally merchants have bad reputations, so if you decided to merch on your main you be disrespected. Like most of the Maple World, I recommend using a mule. Not only does it give you privacy, its kinda cool to look like and be a merch. It goes along with the Recognition Topic above, you'll be well known which can be a good thing.

Since we've covered who's going to be your merchant, we need to cover what type of merchant you're going to be. I classify merchants into two groups:

~The "Go All In, Never Stop" Merchant. (Gains Merchant)~

This is probably the more popular type of merchant. These are the annoying (subjective but a popular opinion) people that spam B>ATT WG B>TUNA B>MASK B>CAPE. Stuff like that. It probably gets on your nerves because it gets on mine as well. I give it it's name because it spams constantly when not in a trade. They'll spam the same thing for hours. The good thing about this type of merchant is because it's TELLING the FM what they want. In-experienced people are most likely to be lured into this type of merchant, not knowing they're gonna rip you off. The biggest problem with this type is that the more experienced, everyday mapler knows you're gonna rip them off and won't bother to trade you.

The "Stealthy and Quiet" Merchant

This merchant is the one I typically use. I call it "Stealthy and Quiet" because that's exactly what you are- a ninja. You'll have to snag deals fast, more like extremely fast when the person starts to spam. You'll also tend to be more on tend to be more on the quiet side which isn't hard- just don't spam. By being this type of merchant it allows you to merchant on your main. It's completely fine and probably BETTER for a high leveled person with real equips to offer money than a person that looks like a FM merch. The advantage should be clear now: this type of merchant shouldn't look like a merchant since your not spamming. Just trade the seller and talk normally.

NOTE: I give credit to clubby8, a user down below. He commented on page 6. His personal opinion is to take pride in his "mules". But for that reason, he calls them agents. He doesn't make them Lv16, but a Lv30-40. He believes that taking pride in whatever he builds is important. I agree on this partly, that pride in characters or life is important. After all, the mules are making you you're mesos. But I will continue to call them "mules"-its a habit I can't change.

Now that I've covered what your merchant is going to do and be, you need to know what a merchant is going to do. Like I said, it's a very simple process. With whatever amount of mesos you have, you're going to buy everything that can resell for profit. For example with 10 million you would buy a scroll for 5 million when you can sell it for 8 million. All though the 3 million seems like little, it'll add up.

The things and Incidents when you WON'T Merch

There are times when you shouldn't merchant in Maple, specifically when you are low on mesos. You should always keep a pocket of cash with you IN CASE. I always keep a stash of 10% of my mesos in my storage, I recommend you do the same. This prevents you from using that money and gives you a back-u source if you've spent everything and find someone selling something for a good deal. Normally if you are below your 25-30% meso range, I'd stop and sell a few things. It's much faster this way anyway, who wants to merch with little mesos? There are cases in which you should ignore this, such as when you have 2b-3b. Having 500m is a decent amount, you can continue if you wish.

The above are some techniques and tips on merchanting. I might have forgotten a few important things, so please comment below if I have. I'll make a minimal suggestion on what to merchant on, but you should NOT solely go off by this. Remember, you can merchant anything .

Another very, very important factor in merchanting and when NOT to merchant is the TIME it takes an item to sell. If you have 10 million and find something for 5 million that can later sell for 15, but it takes DAYS or WEEKS to sell it's not worth it. These usually include scrolled equips, rare scrolls, etc drops, stuff like that. Of course if you are earning a very large amount of profit, by all means wait the while. Do NOT wait if the profit is minimal- its not worth it. HOWEVER (I've felt like I've said that a lot), this is assuming you have a Single item. But what if you buy the items in QUANTITIES?

Buying items in quantities is an important factor that I should cover. Normally this does not apply to SCROLLED or RARE EQUIPS, but more as scrolls and COMMON equips.
When you have a number of scrolls instead of just 1, you can sell them for a slightly higher price. For example, if you have 1 Knuckler Scroll for 5 million it seems like its just 1, it might not be good to buy it. However if you have TWENTY Knuckler Scrolls for 5,200,000 million each a buyer can trust the price and can buy multiple at once.

~50 million mesos ~6ATT Work Gloves, GFA 60%, Common Scrolls, 3% Items, Deputy Stars, Ilbis+Hwabis, Refined Plates, Other Equips.

~150 million mesos ~6-8ATT Work Gloves, GFA 60%, Common Scrolls, 3%-6% Items, Deputy Stars, White Scrolls, Chaos Scrolls, Ilbis+Hwabis, Refined Plates, Other Equips.

~250 million mesos ~8-10ATT Work Gloves, Common Scrolls, 50% Pink Scrolls, GM Scrolls, 6% Items, Deputy Stars, White Scrolls, Chaos Scrolls, Refined Plates, Other Equips.

~400 million mesos ~10+ATT Work Gloves, Common Scrolls, 50% Pink Scrolls, GM Scrolls, 6-9% Items, White Scrolls, Scrolled Equips.

~650 million mesos ~10+ATT Work Gloves, SCGs, BWGs, Mask, Common Scrolls, 50% Pink Scrolls, GM Scrolls, 6-9% Items, Decently Scrolled Equips

~1 billion mesos ~10ATT+ Work Gloves, SCGs, BWGs, Specs, Mask 50% Pink Scrolls, GM Scrolls, High Selling Scrolls (Shield ATT 60%), 6+% Items, Decently Scrolled Equips

~2.1 billion mesos PLUS ~10ATT+ Work Gloves, SCGs, BWGs, Specs, Mask, RARE Items (Rat mouth, etc.) GM Scrolls, 12%+ Items, Unique Items, Decently Scrolled Equips.

Remember! This is only a GUIDELINE. If you find something not on this list that you can resell for higher and is worth it , take it! These are the things you will most likely be finding to be successful and EASY to come across! At 2.1 billion mesos you might not even be merching, doing other things such as Bossing, and things involving services and guilds. These sections should be coming soon!

The last little thing I'm going to mention in this section is Learning by Experience You ARE going to mess up when you merchant, it's just human that you make mistakes. Whether its you get ripped off, get scammed, or mispriced an item by accident you're going to somehow lose mesos. Saying this, you should learn from your mistakes! Its important for a merchant not to lose mesos, but to gain them. In a section below I will cover how not to lose mesos as frequently.

Lets get Social and have Fun! Guilds and Bossing.

This section will be one of the most fun ways to earn mesos in my opinion. You get to socialize with guild members and friends and even show off your damage too.

~Requirements: A good attacking 4th Jobber.
~Prime Location: Zakum Altar, Horntail's Cave, Scarlion and Targa, Chaos Zakum, Chaos Horntail, Pink Bean.
~Daily Profit: Varies.
~Difficulty: Varies.
~Time Taken: Varies.
~Risk Factor: 1/10

You'll be BOSSING in this method. The reasons why difficulty varies is because it depends how fast you can kill the boss, and how many connections you have with other people that boss.

Before you Boss...

Friends, guildies, and connections. These are very, very important for the following methods. Most bosses require a party of high levels to kill it (exception of Zakum, a decent funded person can solo) If you want to boss efficiently to earn money, you'll need friends to do it with you. The connections you have with these people are very important, you need to have communication. Specific times, dates, prices, who gets what, all of that is important and should be discussed. Once you have all this figured out you need to determine which bosses can you kill? The one's I recommend revolve around Horntail and Chaos Zakum. Zakum is used to charge for Helmets while the others are mostly too hard. Horntail and Chaos Zak are just right. MAKE SURE YOU CAN KILL THEM EASILY. By easily I don't mean within a few minutes, but within a good amount of time and that you won't die and fail.

The ways to earn money from this can be divided into two categories. I'll describe the most common way first:

Picking up dem Loot

This method revolves around Horntail and Chaos Zakum. They drop mastery books and equipment, the most valuable ones known as Horntail Pendant and Chaos Zakum Helmet. When karmaed, these bad boys can fetch a easy 250m. (Karma costs 120mish) You need to establish with your friends or guild who gets what. Be fair- don't just loot everything, it makes you very disrespected. You'll also most likely lose friends and your guild. When you have completed your run and collected what you and your buddies decided to get, its time to sell!

Selling: Common drops from bosses are skill books, zakum helms, and Horntail Pendants. All of these things are UNTRADEBABLE without the use of Scissors of Karma. These require 3K NX each to buy as they allow the item to be traded once. Remember, 3k NX is currently 120-150m, so don't karma useless things. You'll be karmaing a good portion of your items. For SKILL BOOKS, do NOT karma them unless you know it will get sold fast . Some skill books don't sell fast, but people will still buy because they need it, others will sell fast. (Phantom Blow 10 is an example) Find a buyer first, then karma so you will know that someone will buy. For things like Zakum Helms, Scarlion/Targa Helms, and HTPs, feel free to karma these as they will sell. Note that Zakum and Scar produce very minimal profit.

Selling RUNS!

This second way is probably not effective, but can be just as fun. This is when you sell RUNS to people, which means you bring the person along to loot an item or sometimes leech EXP for a certain price. For example, if you run an active high leveled guild, you can charge lower guildies, alliances, or other people to loot a Zak Helm if you go Zaking. However, this usually does not turn into HUGE profit, as you sometimes will have to share with attackers. The initial price for a run is about 25m anyway, though you can vary your price depending on the guild. (This is typically selling zak, scar, targa helms)

SUMMARY: There's a few things you need to know if you are going to do this method. For one, this can be a "sub-method". A lot of people I know can merchant but boss for fun, as bossing can produce an extra bonus. However, this can be an extremely good method to earn money. It really depends on yourself, your friends, and your connections with people. If you're a Level 189 Hero you're going to have a much easier time bossing than a Level 123 Buccaneer.

A few pointers I should remind you again:

  • Take note of the price of Karma. If you can only sell a item for 100m million, and the NX ratio is 1:40, that means karma is 120m. Not extremely smart to sell it then.
  • Connections! You'll need to make friends of high level or join a guild. Unless you can effectively solo, get some friends. And in the meantime get a life....
  • Onyx Apples! Sometimes it can be good to use these steroids. However it's pricey, so use them wisely.
  • Bossing is FUN. I enjoy it the MOST in mapling, besides making money generally

Let's Merchant Off...... NPCs?

I've talked about how to merchant off other, real people. (well, some are pretty weird) In this section I'll be talking about how to merchant off NPCs.

This is one of times where a store permit gives much much better results. Saying


/work in progress

Spending your Money WISELY

/work in progress

Ways to LOSE your Mesos

This section is one of the most important that will be discussed. What is the point of investing mesos if you can't save them? If you earn 200 million a day and spend 150m million your profit is decreasing by 75%. We don't want that too happen- the point of this guide is to make mesos, not lose them.

Spending money

The days over and you feel good, after all you Merchanted 200mill. You now want to take a break from Merchanting, maybe train a little or chill with friends. You
head out to the FM to talk to some people, while you glance around and see someone spamming : S>Glove for Att 60% 5M. You think, hey, it�s just the right price, I got plenty of money why don't I scroll something? You tell to yourself, just 5, hoping for a 10Att Wg. You scroll a wg, and it turns out to be an 6Att. Not bad, but you lost profit. You want to scroll more. You buy more scrolls after another, sometimes 10m just for 1 because you�re inpatient. You realize you have 50m now left, 3 6Att Wgs, 1 8Att Wg and 4 4Att Wgs. You lost about 115m.

This is what I call getting Scroll Addicted. You want to scroll more and more so you buy more and more stuff. Personally, I've probably lost over 500m because I blow up or fail scrolled an item. I regret it now.
This may not be the case for some of you, some other variations can be buying random crap, being impatient and buying something twice its value so you can use it, and just keep spending and spending your money.

There are many, many variations of these things. Some include:
  • Blowing up an item and wanting to make another one, with blowing the new one up again.
  • Potential Scrolls. Use Advanced Potential, please?
  • Equip Enhancement Scrolls. I really wouldn't trust these- go for the Advanced if you insist.
  • Cubing. This is probably the cause of most rich people's loss of meso's. Buy NX with mesos, cube X amount of times, bad stats, repeat. Easy way to lose mesos.

The summary of ways to lose mesos is basically: 1. You are losing mesos because you are hoping in what you will create will earn you mesos, but the opposite happens.
  1. You are losing mesos because you want to become stronger.

DON'T DO IT. It's simple. Here are good tips to stop spending money.
  • Don't go to the FM. It's pretty simple, stop looking at stuff to buy. Unless you are merchanting or buying something you REALLY need, don't buy anything!
  • When you are buying something you need, don't pay an overpriced price. Better yet, try to buy that item cheap.
  • Scrolling is luck. Don't expect to get a godly item every time. You might get something good once, and never scroll something again. My tip on scrolling, only scroll if you are heavily rich, and you can afford to lose out on money. Also, scroll your end game equips. Don't scroll crap. Scrolling your Reverse Lampion and Work Glove is fine, but scrolling your clean sauna for fun is not.
  • If you can't stop buying stuff, put it on a mule account and leave yourself 5m. This will be your traveling money, pot money, and etc. Having such low mesos will make you stop buying stuff. Don't touch the mule until you are sure you can control yourself.


Scamming. Don't do it, and don't fall for it. There�s a exceptionally well written guide here on basil, here�s the link.

There are a few misconceptions about scamming. First of all, if you are selling your 30Dex Bathrobe and someone offers 200m and you say sure, realizing after that you got ripped off, is not scamming. Its merching, he just took advantage of your knowledge of prices and earned a good profit. Let�s admit, about all of us would do the same thing if we were the buyer.

Another thing, don't buy NX on strangers. They scam, probably about 95% of the time. If you insist to buy, check the person�s:
  • Fame. The higher will probably mean the more reliable.
  • Level. Self-Explanatory. Will you trust a Lv130 or a Lv20?
  • Clothes. If he/she has NX clothes, it�s possible they are telling the truth.

Zruns, and any run. Ask people of they are reliable. There tons of great sites, including Sleepywood and of course Basil.
Don't pay first unless 100% certain of them not scamming.


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